20Apr 2023
BDSM Playspace Amanita Studio

Gorgeous, New Kink venue in London for Hire: BDSM Playspace Amanita Studio

If you feel like you want a change from the traditional dungeon aesthetic found in most bdsm playspaces in London and you are interested in exploring your kink and fetishes. Then look no further, here is a London playspace that has been carefully designed and curated to a high standard. Come and visit the beautiful Amanita Studio.

Amanita Studio is a BDSM sanctuary away from the outside world and is located in Walthamstow. It is a cosy sumptuous venue in London where you can come and explore your kinky desires. Amanita Studio has been purpose built from scratch to a high specification, with bespoke BDSM furniture, a fully curatable smart lighting system, fitted bluetooth sound system, high quality equipment and stylish attention to detail in fittings and furnishings. There’s a beautifully decorated shower and separate toilet, a sofa bed as well as a kitchen area.

Amanita Studio welcomes both professionals and careful public to hire out the space for play, sessions and content creation. They even offer discounts  for regular users of the space and those from marginalised communities, making Amanita studio one of the most inclusive and welcoming kink spaces in London.

Equipment at Amanita Studio

Some of the equipment available at Amanita Studio include a beautiful bespoke bed and cage, which has been made from elm and Croatian Ash with reinforced copper piping underneath. It has stocks at either end for heads, wrists and ankles. There is also a gold shibari / rope bondage suspension cube ideal for experienced rope players.



Amanita Studio is named after a genus of mushroom. There are many different species of Amanita fungi,  some which have the possibility of healing and others the anticipation of danger. Amanita mushrooms are magical, intoxicating and experts in transformation. Therefore book this gorgeous new BDSM playspace, Amanita Studio, for your own magical and intoxicating kink experience!

16Jun 2021

Make Your Fantasy Come to Life with Fetish Escorts in London


Fetishes can be a healthy part of your sex life. From bondage to role-play, fetishes are more common than you realise. However, learning about them often feels intimidating, especially for the inexperienced. 

That’s where fetish escorts come in. 

Highly experienced and professional, fetish escorts in London can help you uncover your raunchiest sexual desires or live out your fantasies in a safe and consensual environment that is free from any judgment. They are well versed in a wide array of kinks and fetishes. 

If you want to dive into this world, here are some of the most common fetishes that you should absolutely know about.



Roleplaying in fetishism involves acting out a fantasy while engaging in sexual activity. Each person usually plays a different persona. Although roleplaying covers a wide range of sexual scenarios and activities, it mostly involves power play, such as boss-and-employee or doctor-and-patient scenes.

Depending on your desires, costumes can be a part of role-play as they make the scenarios seem more lifelike. 

In real life, you probably don’t want to get sexy with your doctor because that is unprofessional and strange. But in a fantasy scenario, that taboo heightens the eroticism. Dressed up as a doctor, a fetish escort can indulge in your fantasy in a consensual way.

Other role-play scenarios might feel more taboo. The classic professor-and-student scenario is one such example.



BDSM is short for Bondage, Discipline, Submission and Masochism. It can be a more intense form of roleplaying, involving pain, humiliation, advanced bondage and more.

One partner takes on a dominant role and has control over bonding, whipping or spanking. The other partner takes on a more submissive role. 

Fetish escorts in London can take on either role, depending on their partner or the sexual scenario. You just have to express your desire in detail. Since BDSM can get quite intense, it’s important to find a partner or partners who respect your limits. 

Hiring a fetish escort can help you explore your sexual desires in your own terms. Whether through a formal contract or verbal agreement prior to the act, a professional escort can make you feel pleasure without threatening your safety. 



Strap-on sex is a common fetish enjoyed by men who identify as the submissive in the BDSM world. A fetish escort not only has the know-how but the tools to help you explore new sensations like anal pleasure.

A lot of men who love strap-on sex find accessories and activities that aren’t associated with conventional sex enormously appealing. For others, the pain and vulnerability that they feel in these scenarios are the most arousing.

High-end escorts can help you explore different fantasies without disrespecting your boundaries. Trust is important in strap-on sex as it places the submissive in a very vulnerable position. This is also why it’s such a popular fetish in the world of BDSM.


Foot Fetish

Second only to genitalia, the feet are the most commonly fetishized body part. Foot fetish, also known as podophilia, is suprisingly common as other types of fetishes. 

It refers to sexual interest in feet, ankles or legs. Some might get aroused by nails or jewellery. Others might find stockings, high heels and accessories that cover these areas sexually appealing.

Depending on your type of foot fetish, an escort could wear the garments that you find the most arousing. She could also engage in foot play – whether it be tickling, rubbing or massaging. 


Dominance and submission

A person can have several fetishes, which sometimes overlap. Take dominance and submission for example. It can overlap with role-playing, strap-on sex, foot fetish or spanking. No matter what the scene is, one person usually has power over the other. The submissive follows the orders and is the recipient of the sensations.

If you like dominance, feet could be part of that scenario. You might find it arousing when a sexual partner worships you at your feet.

If you have a foot fetish and you’re into submission, it might be the other way around. You might like it more when you kneel at your partner’s feet.

Dominance and submission can involve accessories and toys for binding or spanking. It can also involve kinky acts like slapping or humiliation. 

An escort who is well versed in fetishism can help you figure out your deepest desires by exploring different erotic scenarios. 

At London Prive, you’ll find gorgeous and seductive fetish escorts in London that you can trust with your deepest and kinkiest secrets. These escorts can help you learn how to embrace your erotic desires and feel comfortable with your fetishes in a safe way.

04Mar 2019

The Sorceress Devin


The Sorceress Devin

Alright, buckle up. Here’s the deal: I’m an intense kinkster from San Francisco, and a recent transplant to London for university. You could call me somewhat of an SF stereotype; ethically non-monogamous, sapiosexual, queer, listens to Donovan, drinks lots of oat milk… Mostly, I prefer to be the Mistress. I take some mixed martial arts, am built like a brick shithouse, and tend not to take shit from anyone, so it works out rather nicely. However, I do enjoy switching here and there. Entertainment, specifically of the companionship variety is a lot of fun for me.

I do enjoy (and often expect) being wined and dined. I’m sensuous, sometimes sadistic, but most of all… very much into human connection. Some of my kinks include erotic hypnosis, pegging, cuckold, ASMR, predicament bondage, feminization, role play, and plenty more… As a well-rounded pervert, I do enjoy a nice snuggle nearly as much as I enjoy beating the tar out of someone. I’ve been around the scene since 2006, and have been playing as a “pro” since 2016. Check out my website for details: Twitter and Instagram: @SorceressDevin

Why not book a session with The Sorceress Devin at The Serpent Rooms.

To get a taste of this seductive sorceress in action, go to our clipstore. Sorceress Devin has made her debut appearance on the House of Serpent Clips4sale store.

Check her out in this clip where her slave is captured, bound to a chair and he is forced to worship her armpits and pussy and then she uses him as a human dildo. It’s too good to be missed!

13Feb 2019
Chastity Device

A beginner’s guide to male Chastity play  

Chastity Device

Have you imagined yourself bound to someone where they literally have your sexual pleasure in their hands? Love the idea of giving control away and having your orgasms be at the will of someone other than yourself? If you have, you might like the idea of chastity play.  While it is referred to as play, it is quite a commitment to look your genitalia up and only be released when your key holder decides, but that is also part of the allure for many. Here are a few helpful guidelines before you jump right in to locking up your junk and giving away the key.

Have you tried to abstain from orgasm for a period of time? No, not the few hours you may be at work or visiting a family member. Actually abstaining for a week or more? If you cannot stop touching yourself or engaging in sex for a week at a time, you may find it very difficult to be confined to a chastity device for this long. Practice self control for a week or two until you are confident that you can abstain before you go ahead with chastity play.

Another extremely important aspect is getting a device that fits well.  To start off with you should look at a device that can be customized to fit. Cages that come with a variety of rings are the best options as that you can find a back ring that will fit you well. If the ring is too tight it can cut off circulation and cause harm. If the ring is too loose, it can rub and chafe and even slip off, which defeats the whole object. The more versatile and high quality device you can purchase the better.  You may eventually want to purchase a custom made device which is made to fit your exact specifications, but this is quite costly and not necessary when you are first starting out with chastity play.

There are a few different styles available as well from cages, to tubes to full belts of various designs and shapes. Make sure you stick to products that are body safe, easy to clean and disinfect and that will last you for a period of time while you are getting used to wearing chastity devices. For people that travel often and do not want to have to explain themselves when going through the checkpoints, they may want to wear a non-metal device or carry the metal device with them, along with a time delay lock or similar to cage up when they reach their destination. Dated, numbered locks work quite well for this instance as well. Where possible, purchase the best quality device you can which will end up saving you money in the long run as well. No device is 100% secure and will not prevent orgasm for someone who is determined enough to try and achieve one, so there is still a measure of discipline and plenty honesty required for chastity play.  

Make sure you groom well (cut short, not necessarily shaved or waxed) before the device is fitted and lube up while fitting to ensure everything goes in smoothly. Some people use the stocking method to put everything where it belongs and then remove the stocking through the urination hole. You can try a few different methods to figure out what works for you. Start off with only wearing the device for an hour or two to start with, moving up to a full day including sleeping in the device and all other activities you usually partake in. Then move up to two days, gradually increasing to a week at a time. This will also allow you to get used to urination and cleaning properly while wearing the device. You may also want to ensure your bladder is empty and even achieve orgasm (if allowed) before fitting and wearing the device for the first time and especially for the first time sleeping in the device as this will make it a bit easier for the first go.

Once you have bought a device, fitted it and worn it for a few days at a time without too much issue, you can try going a week wearing the device permanently before removing it so that you can have a good clean up and disinfect the device as well.  After doing this for a couple of weeks, you may then be ready to hand over the keys and the control of your jewels to a key holder. Choosing a key holder is not a task to be taken lightly. You can choose to be your own key holder, posting yourself the key once a week or use time delay locks. You can look for an online key holder and build up some trust before handing over the keys. You can pay a dominatrix to hold your keys. Or if you have a partner, make sure you have the conversation around chastity play long before you lock yourself up and hand over the keys, just in case this is really not the kind of kink she would enjoy.  As with any kink or fetish, consent is key! Keep it safe, sane and consensual at all times!

Check out the wide range of chastity devices available at toys4naughtyboys.

02Oct 2017

We’d like to kick off this week by announcing some excellent news – The Serpent Rooms has been awarded a spot in the top 10 dungeons for hire in London by the prestigious

We’re joined by the likes of Hackney’s Murder Mile, The Blue Door Dungeon in Islington and the classy Hoxton Dungeon Suite. Here’s what had to say…

“The Serpent Rooms in north London is one of the best fetish dungeons around. It is a clean, well-equipped, welcoming play space where you can get down and dirty with your partner (or partners!). Multiple rooms offer different experiences and exclusive use of the entire building ensures total privacy and discretion. If whips and chains excite you, you won’t be disappointed at this London sex dungeon.” Read more >

Plus, new for autumn 2017, we’ve just purchased this mindblowing new BDSM chair, which we think would be excellent for a spot of interrogation. So if you’ve been putting off visiting, now’s the time to get in touch. Our prices are extremely reasonable, starting from £80 for a two-hour hire, all the way through to an overnight stay. That includes a mini-kitchen, shower, off-road parking – everything you could need for a marvellous, memorable stay for you and your partner.

Not convinced? Have a look at some of the things our delighted fans had to say.

What do you think? Have you visited the Serpent Rooms and would like to share your story? We’d love to hear about the details of your visit…

Get in touch to share your feedback, or to make a booking.

Email us at

21Jul 2017

It’s no secret we just love facesitting, breast smothering… and every other kind of technique that allows a powerful woman to renders a poor sub into silent submission!

That’s why we’ve now got a new clip for you that’s all about breath denying, mixed wrestling and smothering.

Smothered into Submission from House of Serpent

In our latest clip from House of Serpent, we see Amazonian Chloe Davis take on Bert in a Mixed Wrestling and Smothering match. It’s really not a fair contest. Chloe Davis stands 6ft 3in tall (over 1.9metres) and well, Bert doesn’t. She towers over him. She’s bigger, she’s stronger and she’s also a pretty good wrestler, so Bert was always going to be in for a tough match.

But there is a twist to this match.

Chloe’s preferred means of making Bert submit is to smother him, either by using her very large breasts or by facesitting / reverse facesitting him. She is way too strong for him and there is nothing he can do to prevent Chloe from using her body to submit him whenever she wants and however she wants.

There are a couple of more traditional wrestling moves thrown in, such as body scissors (another submission) and head scissors (yet another submission), but it’s mainly breastsmothers and facesitting that rack up the score. At one point, she literally picks him off the mats, drops him down and sits on him.

She then ignores his futile struggles to push her off and she gets her breasts out and smothers him with an inescapable topless breastsmother. There is simply nothing Bert can do to prevent the onslaught.

Want to watch? Click here. 

If you’d like to see more videos with smothering in them, then have a look at Tormenting Wilfried, Forced Facesitting and A Crush on Angel – or get in touch with us to request a unique clip that’s suited to your special tastes. We’d love to hear from you, just email

02May 2017

London is home to some of the most beautiful and powerful Mistresses and Dommes in the whole world, many of whom we’re lucky enough to have worked with down in our private dungeon for hire.

If you’d like to keep up with many of these extraordinarily powerful, merciless women, including when and where they’re taking bookings, as well as what they’re up to (and how you can best please them), make sure you have a look at their Twitter pages, and follow them.

This is just part 1, so check back later for more…and don’t forget to follow The Serpent Rooms on Twitter as well.

Mistress Pip / @MistressPip

“I love to clamp my slaves helplessly between my powerful thighs as I torture and tease them. I will have you grovelling at my beautiful feet and worshiping whatever I demand.”


Mistress Kali / @KaliDomina

“I am a sensual, ruthless and experienced Dominatrix born and bred in London. I will have you under my thumb in seconds. ”



Mistress Hera / @MistressHeraUK

“Strikingly beautiful, North East London Mistress Hera will tower elegantly over you. She brings a creative imagination to her sessions and her enjoyment in humiliating men will quickly become apparent.”


Lady Carla / @TheLadyCarla

“Beyond my enchanting blue eyes and luscious blonde hair, I am a sadistic and talented London Dominatrix. As your London Mistress I will entice you into my world with my clever charm and have you following my every command.”


Mistress Pussy Willow / @Ms_Pussy_Willow

“Being dominant comes naturally to me, I have been taking charge for as long as I remember. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing my toys completely at my mercy on their knees, with that glazed look in their eyes… What bliss!”



18Apr 2017

While silence can sometimes be a powerful tool during a scene, it can be fun, creative and very atmospheric to use music to set the scene when preparing for a session.

Not sure what to choose? Remember to pick something that’s consistent in rhythm – it can be jarring if something swaps from slow to fast, and can really break the mood in the scene!

Also, try to bear in mind the overall tempo. A slow scene that’s intended to drag on for a long time will be better with lower BPM albums, while intense scenes could benefit from faster music. And remember, don’t make it too loud! Unless you’re deliberately trying to stop your sub from hearing what’s going on …. 😉

White noise

For longer scenes, or ones that involve elements of sensory deprivation, consider static, white noise, or binaural beats to create a disarming and confusing mood. Or try music that has lyrics in a foreign language. If that’s not quite enough, or you’d like to make it even more erotic, you can also layer audio from porn over the top for an extra element.


If you prefer, you can go for something more traditional, like one of these albums and songs that come highly praised for scene-setting from around the web. Click through to see more recommendations.

The Vetinari Clock

Finally, we’ve heard good things about the evil-sounding Vetinari Clock….

The clock in Lord Vetinari’s anteroom didn’t tick right. Sometimes the tick was just a fraction late, sometimes the tock was early. Occasionally, one or the other didn’t happen at all. This wasn’t really noticeable until you’d been in there for five minutes, by which time small but significant parts of the brain were going crazy.

11Apr 2017

It’s no secret that we’re very proud of our dungeon equipment down here at The Serpent Rooms. Not only do we have one of the best ranges of toys and restraints for miles around, but many of them are one-off, custom made pieces…which means that when you hire us out, you’re getting a unique experience.

Here’s a few brand new shots of some of our recent favourites…

Which one can you imagine in your hand, or on your skin? We’d love to know… follow us on Twitter @SerpentRooms or on Facebook The Serpent Rooms


Leather bondage mitts

Our leather bondage mitts will leave you utterly helpless….

Violet wand

Think of all the fun you could have with these electrical play tools… we absolutely love our violet wand kit.


Handcuffs, ball gags, and leather restraints…..

Smother box

Our rather wonderful custom smotherbox – a great piece to have an extended play with…

Metal sensory deprivation helmet

We can’t help sharing another picture of this mental sensory deprivation helmet. When you’re inside, time and sound become incredibly distorted, disorientating and confusing…


19Mar 2017

(c) Restricted

You cannot see, you cannot hear, and you have no idea what touch your increasingly sensitive skin will feel next, nor where you on your body…time becomes distorted, and the more things intensify, the more helpless you realise you are.

Sensory deprivation can range from a simple blindfold and earplugs, to a full on sensory deprivation helmets and suits, bondage mitts and other gear.

Have a look at these resources for exploring the delightful world of sensory deprivation, and when you’re done, why not book a visit to at the Serpent Rooms – we have some outstanding pieces of kit to help you play with all your senses, including our extremely popular metal helmet, our rubber hood and leather blindfolds…

  • Sensory deprivation – a beginner’s guide
    A complete introduction to sensory deprivation for those who are relatively new to the world of kink, including discussion boundaries, safewords, and how to slowly taper off a scene.
  • Sensory deprivation – the ultimate mindfuck
    A short write up detailing how this Dom sets the scene to play with his sub, and the implements he uses to heighten the scene. A good place to get ideas.
  • Some Enlightenment About Darkness And Loss of Good Sense
    This page from KinkToyChest details each of the senses, and creative ways for you to interfere with them – don’t forget to use a gag to deaden your Sub’s sense of taste…
  • Audio to play during a sensory deprivation scene
    If you like to music during your scenes, this thread contains some good starting point advice and suggestions, from hypnotic cello pieces to lull your sub into a trance, to binaural beats and music in a foreign language.
  • M is for Mummification 

    A practical how to guide on mummification, which can be paired with more extreme sensory deprivation scenes. This guide includes tips on how to start and a description of how wonderful it feels to be completely immobile….

Come play with our toys

Want to give it a go? Come to the Serpent Rooms. We’ve got lots of wonderful fun toys that work a treat with sensory deprivation. Get in touch to book – it’s only £80 for 2 hours, with £30 an hour after that…

Restraining table
Spanking/whipping bench
Standing metal cage
Under table cages
Metal sensory Deprivation helmet
Leather hanging trap cage
2 suspension winches
Seated suspension harness
4 point harness
Ankle/wrist shackles
Back stock
Metal restraints
Sleep sacks
Straight jackets
Leather suspension mits
Bondage/cbt chair
Inversion table
Rubber hoods (inflatable)
Gas mask/funnel mask
Massage table
Hospital restraints
Folding double bed
Pussy/anal hook
Canes, whips, floggers
Latex gloves
Ropes, chains, cuffs
Spreader bars
Gags (jennings, inflatable, bits, ball)