25Feb 2017

(c) Christine KesslerHibernation season is almost over, so we’re ready to become intimate with the outside world by dolling ourselves up and head out into the amazing fetish night life scene here in London…

Here’s a selection of upcoming munches, workshops and other fun nights out that we think you’d enjoy – and if you meet a friend or two, don’t forget you can hire out The Serpent Rooms for just £80 for 2 hours. Email


28 February

Pub Quiz Munch
£2, The Lukin, 4 Conway Street, London W1T 6BB

Meet likeminded kinksters in the relaxed and informal setting of a pub quiz, where there’ll be informal drinks from 8pm, plenty of chilling out and a chance for you to show off your trivial knowledge. Remember, it’s strictly vanilla wear.  The winner of the quiz will win a prize of £50 and the best quiz name will be put forward to the Glory Hole of Fame for a big prize at the end of the year.

More information

2 March

Linger London’s 3rd Birthday Party
£6, The Backstreet Club, Wentworth Mews, London, E3 4UA

London lingerie night for masculine men into wearing stockings, tights, lingerie Linger, is holding its third birthday party near Mile End. Admirers are also welcome.

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3 March

Club Antichrist
£25, Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens St, London EC1V 1NQ

Club Antichrist is back again with another huge night out for those who can’t get enough kinky fun. The theme this time around is Twisted Fairytales so make sure you’ve got your costume ready. With 8 rooms of fun, including the Theatre of Sin, Purefuckingindustrial and the Devil’s Playroom, there’ll be plenty to keep you busy…

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4 March

Club Slapstick
£20-£45, Murder Mile Studio, 38 Theydon Rd, London , E5 9GT 

The Slap Stick Club bills itself as ‘London’s most puckish fetish club,’ and mixes play socialising with entertainment, bringing it to their favourite perverts with the help of some dungeon accoutrements, good music and great people. A light hearted night to embrace your naughtier side.

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5 March

London Alternative Market 
£4-£10,  Revolution Bar, 140 – 144 Leadenhall, City of London, EC3v 4QT

If you want to stock up on new toys, restraints, or just about anything else you might need for what goes on behind closed doors, get on down to LAM, London’s biggest alternative market, and the place to go to buy filth. Plus, there’ll be workshops, drinks afterwards, and a prize draw to win £20 LAM cash.

More information

Photo: The London Alternative Market (c) KashR Photography 2015


15Feb 2017

As you may have guessed from our Twitter, we’ve been extra-busy lately filming all kinds of clips and videos down in our private dungeon. You can see them all on House of Serpent, which is dedicated to showcasing the custom, specialist clips that we produce with some of the best and most powerful Mistresses in London.

Some the things we really like doing include

  • Tickle torture
  • Foot worship
  • Trampling
  • Caning
  • Forced facesitting
  • Female domination
  • Wrestling
  • Bondage
  • Ball busting

…and quite a lot more. We’ve listed some of our most popular recent below.

Want to request a custom video?

The Ticklish Slave Girl

Watch Mistress Pip putting one of her slave girls through an intense tickle torture session. The slave girl’s arms are securely restrained above her head with suspension cuffs, and her legs are restrained with a spreader bar and so she is unable to offer any resistance, as Mistress Pip seeks out the most sensitive, ticklish spots. And just as you think it can’t get any more intense, Mistress Pip changes tactics to use a feather instead.

There is an initial look of fear in the Slave Girl’s eyes as she squirms and tries to pull away from the feather, but there’s no escape and she soon erupts into laughter again as Mistress Pip continues the tickle torture with the feather. If you’re a fan of tickling, or simply a fan of the beautiful Mistress Pip, you’ll love this.


Amazonian Killpussy takes on Andy in a Topless Mixed Wrestling match. Killpussy really is a force to be reckoned with. Standing 5ft 10 inches tall (177cm) and tipping the scales at 175 lbs (79Kg), and with many years of wrestling experience behind her, it’s only brave men who take her on. But Andy rises to the challenge and so they take to the mats.

It really isn’t much of a contest. Andy gets thrown around like a rag doll at times and is forced to submit on numerous occasions (so many that we lost count). Killpussy uses her powerful thighs to inflict as much pain as possible on Andy. There are numerous body scissors and headscissors throughout, and Killpussy also pins, chokes, squashes and squeezes Andy for most of the match. Killpussy also expertly applies Rear Naked Chokes, a Camel Clutch, Sleeper Holds, and of course some good old fashioned Schoolgirl Pins and Facesitting to subdue Andy.

If the holds aren’t enough, then don’t forget that this is topless wrestling and maybe this distracted Andy too much from fighting back. But the reality is that he wouldn’t have stood a chance even if Killpussy wasn’t topless. If you like to see a true Amazon dominating a smaller guy then you’ll love this video.

  • Download
03Feb 2017

While we love to party, and we love to meet new people we also love learning new skills to play with behind closed doors, especially ones that we can use with our friends in The Serpent Rooms..

Here are some workshops in London that are worth a visit.

Sensory deprivation, London Alternative Market

After you’re done shopping for costumes, toys and other delightful kink items, you can stop into one of LAM’s workshops. This time around at 2pm, they’ll be investigating sensory deprivation, how and why to use it and the practical and safety factors. 5 Feb, £10 (or £5 when bought with market entrance), Bank

Impact play workshop, Club Rub


If you’re interested in impact play, this is the place to go. Promising a journey through all forms of CP (corporal punishment), this will be an excellent primer for those who want make their impact play more intense. 8 Feb, £50, Hackney 

Beginner’s rope jam, Anatomie

Get to grips with the basics of Shibari at this beginner’s rope jam from Anatomie, who’ll be leading an introductory 1.5 hour lesson in their gorgeous studio. 9 Feb, £7, Peckham

Latex workshop, Club Rub

This is a one-on-one workshop all about the joys of latex, and it’l include making your own eye patch, collar, lower face mask and apron. You’ll also learn how to mend and repair your latex, and other crafting skills, but this isn’t for beginners, and you’ll need to have quite a bit of kit already. Available during the week, email for details. £140, email to book


27Jan 2017

Spanking has got to be one the most versatile and fun kinks to play with… you can keep it simple at home bent over a knee, or go more extreme, shackled to a wall, strapped to a St Andrews cross or in even more devious device bondage.

A good, sharp smack can increase blood flow to the area making it extra-sensitive, and more receptive to touch, boosting endorphins and stimulating nerve endings (which can feel wonderful). It can also be more than that – punishment for subs and pain sluts that need to be put in their place, and can be great fun for dominants too.

But it can be more complicated than simply smacking someone’s buttocks, if you prefer. There’s all kinds of different pressures, rhythms and games that can turn spanking into a delicious game that can last all night. Different positions can change things dramatically too – we particularly like spanking someone who’s helplessly trapped in stocks…

House of Serpent spanking clips

In this clip, Mistress Pussy Willow dishing out some brutal, over-the-knee spanking to her sub in Topless Facesit Wrestle

In The Lashing, Mistress Pussy Willow is so displeased with her sub that she decides the only treatment is a hard spanking, followed by a caning.

Spanking resources

If you’d like to learn more about spanking, here are some resources

Uberkinky – The beginner’s guide to spanking

  • Detailed run down of the practical elements of spanking, including lots of important advice on safety. Remember – never hit the coccyx, the spine, or anywhere near the kidneys.

Your Tango – Spanking for beginners

  • A good overview of why people love spanking and how to introduce it to your relationship

Best Slave Training – How to spank your slave

  • Plenty of good ideas on different positions, with many you can do around the house

A Kinkster’s Guide – Places to Hit, Spank, Bite, and Where Not To!

  • A highly informative post that also covers biting, pinching and other forms of impact play.
20Jan 2017

It’s always nice to make new friends to play with, especially when they’re of the same mindset as you. And while fetish parties are fun, they can be too loud to talk, or come with a charged atmosphere that can make it difficult to break the ice.

If you’d like to meet new people, book yourself into one of these events designed to bring lovers of fetish, BDSM and all things kinky together…

Club Rub Fetish Speed Dating

February 6, Free

If you’re serious about finding a kinky partner, Club Rub’s fetish speed dating night is for you. More or less the same setup as regular speed dating, on the night three or five fun minutes, you’ll get to have a mini-date with other people at the night. Then the bell rings, and you’ll be on to the next person. The only difference is, you’ve all got something fun in common…

It’s free to attend and you’ll need to book in advance, but Club Rub advises there’s always spots for ladies.

Under-35s Munch

11 February, free

We’ve already covered munches on The Serpent Rooms in this blog post. If you’re under-35 and want to have a drink and get to know your fellow kinksters, going along to a munch is a nice, vanilla way to ease yourself into the scene with a friendly drink, and no pressure to take things any further at a later date – that is, unless you want to! The Under-35s Munch (and the age is very much a guideline!) is a super friendly meet up perfect for beginners, and takes place in the Cittie of Yorke.

Camden Crunch

17 February, free/£5 for the club

If you like the sound of a munch, but you’d like to stay out later, then head to the Camden Crunch, where after the initial meet up, there’ll be lots of music, dancing and drinking at the Crowndale Club. Fetishwear is more acceptable at the Crunch than other munches, and it costs £5 on the door.

13Jan 2017

We thought we’d treat you to a little sneak preview of what goes on behind the scenes down here at the Serpent Rooms – have a look…

We’ve just re-upholstered our inversion table – so much fun to be had with this one…. When you tie up a sub, it’s always best to sit on their face so they know their place.
Our suspension swing is always popular, and it’s one of our personal favourites. Getting ready for some tickle torture with some exquisite toe bondage…
Forced Facesitting – one of our clips. Please do take a look. If you’ve been misbehaving, our floggers will know best how to punish you…
Our incredible Japanese nipple clamps have been causing all kinds of delightful pain lately. Slaves will be punished for misbehaving…



05Jan 2017

Did you have a good New Year’s Eve? You better believe us when we say we most certainly did, and now we’re off to an amazing start for 2017, looking forward to all the utterly filthy events that lie ahead of us. Here’s our pick of what’s coming up in January that you should keep your eyes peeled for.

Fetish nights in London, January 2017

Club Antichrist, Not NYE Party

8pm – 6am, 7 January, Sold out but some tickets on the door if you reserve in advance
Electrowerkz, Angel

Europe’s Largest alt/fet crossover event is now in its 10th year, and it’s coming back to Electrowerkz for it’s Not NYE Party. There’ll be plenty of music to choose from to vibrate your body to next to some other sinful souls on the dancefloor, from heavy techno in the Purefuckingindustrial room to anarchist anthems in the Hellfire Room. A dress code is strictly enforced, and there’ll be plenty of eye watering shows to take in meaning it’s guaranteed to be a wholly memorable evening out.

More information

Kinbaku After Dark @ Anatomie Studio

7pm – 1am, 14 January, £10
Anatomie, Peckham

If you’ve got the basics down on your rope skills, and want to learn a little more while rubbing shoulders with similarly-minded rope fans, then head to Kinbaku After Dark (formerly known as ‘Sensations and Sememawa Jam’), a monthly rope play event. Kinbaku will be providing amazing 5 meter high ceilings, with a whopping 20 suspension points including bamboo. It’s guaranteed to be a feast for the eyes and senses.

More information

The London Alternative Market

12pm – 6pm, 13 January, £10
Revolution Bar, The City

All those who are kinky of heart need a few toys, blindfolds, and more in their ammunition – and there’s no better place to go to shopping than the monthly London Alternative Market. Not only is it a great place to stock up, but also to  find out about alternative lifestyles, to meet and socialise with those with similar interests. Doors open at 12pm, selling their “high quality pervery” until 6pm. There’ll be a workshop at around 3pm, and there’s the afterparty, which is always plenty of fun. Tickets are available at the front desk for £5 each before 5.30pm, then £10 each after 5.30pm.
More information


Club Rub, Alice in Wonderland

9pm – 4am, 21 January, £18
Folklore, Hackney

Club Rub’s theme for January is Alice in Wonderland, so head on down with your best kinky gladrags on to get down and dirty on the dancefloor. Keep your eyes peeled for the Resident Dungeon Mistresses, Goddess Cleo, Miss Scorpion and Governess Painless,  who will be whipping up a frenzy or slowly teasing a lucky guest. There is a cute dungeon with six pieces of equipment, including their famous grope box (with plenty of seating nearby to watch, if that takes your fancy.) A great place for first timers.

More information


23Dec 2016


To all our guests, friends, Dommes and more,

We hope you have a kinky Christmas and a naughty New Year, and make the most of all the time off over the holidays (we certainly intend to…)

If you’d like to make a booking for 2017, don’t hesitate to get in touch. It’s just £80 for 2 hours, and you’ll get the whole place to yourself, including our range of toys and equipment. We’ve just reupholstered our inversion table, so it’s even nicer to be left locked up on for long, long stretches of time, our harrowing metal sensory deprivation helmet (which is more popular than ever…), and not to forget, our new latex whips and floggers.

Keep in touch

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, where we can tease you with sneak previews of our clips, and give you a taste of what you’re missing, as well as keep you updated with essential news and information about The Serpent Rooms, House of Serpent and The Submission Rooms. 

– The Serpent Rooms  xxx

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16Dec 2016

We do have a lot of fun down at The Serpent Rooms, it can’t be denied.

This weekend, we saw some plenty of delicious, agonising tickle torture sessions, where our willing slaves were dragged to within an inch of madness before being brought back over and over again – just look at this double session between Mistress Pip and Mistress Kali!

Unsurprisingly, our beautiful dommes took effortless control of the helpless subs, sometimes all at once, with the help of our outstanding collection of erotic toys, restraints, harnesses and floggers.

And even though The Serpent Rooms likes to make sure all its guests are very well taken care of, we also like to give a taste of to those who can’t be there in person, so they know just what they’re missing, over on our House of Serpent clip store…

As it’s nearly Christmas, and we’re in such a good mood after our weekend of depravity, we thought we’d treat you all to a preview of our latest clip-for-download from House of Serpent, Topless Thong Beatdown.

Topless Thong Beatdown

In this clip, Mistress Pussy Willow is rather displeased with Andy. It seems that Andy owes her some money and she has arranged to meet with him to recover the debt.

She is initially surprised that he bothered to show up, although if he hadn’t she makes it clear that she would have simply gone round to his house with a few of her “friends”. But he’s here and unfortunately, he still hasn’t brought any money with him.

So she vents her anger by giving him a good kicking instead. At least she believes that will make her feel better. Pussy Willow is topless and wears a black thong while she delivers a barrage of hard punches and kicks on her now ex-friend.

At the end, and as a final humiliation, she gets him into a sleeper hold and puts him to sleep, before leaving him on the mats and exiting the room.



08Dec 2016

Those who love Shibari understand the allure of entwining their subjects in a series of intricate knots and ties. With your partner utterly helpless, maybe wrapped in a blindfold, maybe even with others watching, you can enjoy hearing their breathing quicken and watching their enjoyment, as you push the rules of submission and dominance to their limits.

Shibari is the sensuous, traditional Japanese art of rope bondage. When your subject is tied up, decorated with beautiful knots, suspended in midair, and unable to move an inch..well, it’s not hard to see why we love it so.
Shibari is also a popular form of bondage for lots of reasons – it requires relatively simple, inexpensive kit, it’s highly aesthetic, and not least of all you can try it at home.
But where to start?

Beginners rope bondage events in London

One of the best ways to learn Shibari is to get yourself (and your partner, if you like) along to a rope jam and learn in person, while meeting likeminded rope lovers. A guaranteed fun evening out…  

If you live in London, you’re spoiled for choice. There are plenty of ‘rope jams’ for you to visit where you’ll be able to learn basic knots, the theory and how to safely practice shibari. There’ll often be the chance to watch more complicated, artistic knots as well on a willing member of the audience.
  • BOUND UK – Regular rope performance nights, usually held in a south London pub. Very casual, and great for those who are feeling a bit nervous about going to their first jam.
  • Hitchin’ Bitches – a women-only Shibari night designed to inspire and empower
  • Anatomie studios – The UK’s first full time rope studio holding regular events

Websites about Shibari for beginners

The internet is brimming with advice on Shibari and rope bondage (not to mention many beautiful and erotic photos and videos).

  • EsinEm – 200+ photos, videos and tutorials for your enjoyment…
  • The Dutchy – An easy way to learn your first knots, with step-by-step, clear photos from basics up to hog ties and more.
  • ShibariShamster on Youtube – A comprehensive collection of all kinds of Shibari videos, from basic ties to much more advanced styles (though learning purely from YouTube can be a little risky, please always be careful.)
  • Bones and Rope – Erotic, beautifully shot and highly stylised photos depicting the art of Shibari
  • Shibasics  – A great history lesson, examples of different kinds of ropes, helpful how-to graphics and more from rope enthusiasts in the Reddit community
  • Go Get Knotted on Tumblr – GGK’s blog covers all kinds of essential information for those who are serious about learning Shibari, from basic knots and gravity cuffs to detailed breakdowns of the risks of nerve damage and how to practice together safely.

Books about Shibari for beginners

Books are helpful to have, particularly within in arms reach at a moment’s notice during those more kinky nights at home…we’ve been building a bit of a collection.

Here at the Serpent Rooms, which you can hire for 2 hours for £80 (or for longer, or even overnight, for those who want to really enjoy pushing their boundaries to the limit), we have plenty of rope and ways for you to play with your new-found skills…. get in touch about hiring us.