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You cannot see, you cannot hear, and you have no idea what touch your increasingly sensitive skin will feel next, nor where you on your body…time becomes distorted, and the more things intensify, the more helpless you realise you are.

Sensory deprivation can range from a simple blindfold and earplugs, to a full on sensory deprivation helmets and suits, bondage mitts and other gear.

Have a look at these resources for exploring the delightful world of sensory deprivation, and when you’re done, why not book a visit to at the Serpent Rooms – we have some outstanding pieces of kit to help you play with all your senses, including our extremely popular metal helmet, our rubber hood and leather blindfolds…

  • Sensory deprivation – a beginner’s guide
    A complete introduction to sensory deprivation for those who are relatively new to the world of kink, including discussion boundaries, safewords, and how to slowly taper off a scene.
  • Sensory deprivation – the ultimate mindfuck
    A short write up detailing how this Dom sets the scene to play with his sub, and the implements he uses to heighten the scene. A good place to get ideas.
  • Some Enlightenment About Darkness And Loss of Good Sense
    This page from KinkToyChest details each of the senses, and creative ways for you to interfere with them – don’t forget to use a gag to deaden your Sub’s sense of taste…
  • Audio to play during a sensory deprivation scene
    If you like to music during your scenes, this thread contains some good starting point advice and suggestions, from hypnotic cello pieces to lull your sub into a trance, to binaural beats and music in a foreign language.
  • M is for Mummification 

    A practical how to guide on mummification, which can be paired with more extreme sensory deprivation scenes. This guide includes tips on how to start and a description of how wonderful it feels to be completely immobile….

Come play with our toys

Want to give it a go? Come to the Serpent Rooms. We’ve got lots of wonderful fun toys that work a treat with sensory deprivation. Get in touch to book – it’s only £80 for 2 hours, with £30 an hour after that…

Restraining table
Spanking/whipping bench
Standing metal cage
Under table cages
Metal sensory Deprivation helmet
Leather hanging trap cage
2 suspension winches
Seated suspension harness
4 point harness
Ankle/wrist shackles
Back stock
Metal restraints
Sleep sacks
Straight jackets
Leather suspension mits
Bondage/cbt chair
Inversion table
Rubber hoods (inflatable)
Gas mask/funnel mask
Massage table
Hospital restraints
Folding double bed
Pussy/anal hook
Canes, whips, floggers
Latex gloves
Ropes, chains, cuffs
Spreader bars
Gags (jennings, inflatable, bits, ball)