The Sorceress Devin


The Sorceress Devin

Alright, buckle up. Here’s the deal: I’m an intense kinkster from San Francisco, and a recent transplant to London for university. You could call me somewhat of an SF stereotype; ethically non-monogamous, sapiosexual, queer, listens to Donovan, drinks lots of oat milk… Mostly, I prefer to be the Mistress. I take some mixed martial arts, am built like a brick shithouse, and tend not to take shit from anyone, so it works out rather nicely. However, I do enjoy switching here and there. Entertainment, specifically of the companionship variety is a lot of fun for me.

I do enjoy (and often expect) being wined and dined. I’m sensuous, sometimes sadistic, but most of all… very much into human connection. Some of my kinks include erotic hypnosis, pegging, cuckold, ASMR, predicament bondage, feminization, role play, and plenty more… As a well-rounded pervert, I do enjoy a nice snuggle nearly as much as I enjoy beating the tar out of someone. I’ve been around the scene since 2006, and have been playing as a “pro” since 2016. Check out my website for details: Twitter and Instagram: @SorceressDevin

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