02Dec 2016

This week, we’ve got another lovely guest blog, this time from our friends at The Submission Room, who’re putting on an extra-festive wrestling event for your pleasure. It’ll be on 10 December at The Resistance Gallery in London. Don’t miss out. 

Come to our live wrestling Christmas event

That wonderful festive time of year is approaching again, which means another Submission Room christmas event, including drinks and mince pies of course!

We will be back at The Resistance Gallery, 265 St Poyser, London E2 9RF for this event. We had our very first live wrestling event here back in June 2015. You can buy the clips from all our previous events here.

So this will be The Submission Room’s 5th Live Wrestling Event and this line up is scorching hot, even on the coldest of winter’s days!

Email me to book your tickets

They are £50 in advance or £60 on the door.

This is also an excuse to get everyone together, girls and guys, for a christmas drink. The bar at the Resistance Gallery will be open for your pleasure throughout the event. After the event The Submission Room ladies are having our Christmas “staff party” so expect to see many of the other wrestlers, not just the ones taking place in the event line up.

The event will kick off promptly at 1pm so please arrive by 12.45pm. There will be six fantastic matches with six amazing wrestlers, who you can see below and these will last until around 3.30/4pm. There will then be around an hour for you to have some mini matches with any of the wrestlers taking part. So bring your shorts and t shirt and some extra cash, to support the wrestlers that really put all their effort in at these events. Mini matches are £20 for ten minutes and £10 for 5 minutes.

Sahara Knite

Sahara Knite is a blue in BJJ and I am really excited to see her in action on mats. Her style has been described as competitive and confident. In her own words:

“I train regularly in BJJ. I am a (bluebelt). I also train in no gi grappling so I am used to grappling. Also have boxing experience. As well as grappling I do crossfit and olympic lifting, so am physically fit.

I have competed in various BJJ/NO GI competitions over the years and have medaled a few times in both.”

Sahara Knite

Sahara Knite

Sahara Knite












The Submission Room star, Blaze, would have just returned from two months yoga training in India. She gets back and makes another appearance at our live event even more fit and flexible than before. This will be her third Submission Room event.

Blaze is very well known for her amazing calves. For a real treat and a must for all Blaze fans check out this video of her here. Blaze shows her creative talents in this 15 minute video against Pete. It starts as a normal wrestling session and as a trained wrestler, Blaze easily overpowers her opponent. But then Blaze decides to use the submissions as a way of making Pete do whatever she wants and it would appear that her calves and feet are in need of some TLC. Blaze alternates between submission wrestling (to remind Pete who is in charge), and forced foot and calf worship. At the end of the match, Pete is completely subdued and forced to admit that Blaze really does have the best calves he has ever seen.















The very popular Jade has been to one previous event and despite not listed on The Submission Room site, she is available for wrestling sessions through myself or though her directly. She is available for competitive, semi competitive, fantasy and domination sessions.

If you haven’t already wrestled this lovely lady then what are you waiting for? Follow her on twitter also.















The stunning and strong Karmen joins us again for another Live Wrestling Event. Last time she took on Jade and unfortunately had to rush off after her first match, leaving us all wanting more of course! So, she’s back to take on two new opponents so come along and watch her in action. See what happened in her match against Jade here.

Karmen doesn’t live in London so she’s travelling down especially, so make sure you get a mini match in with her. She’s also The Submission Room’s resident guest wrestler so keep an eye on our guest wrestler page for her next dates. If you can’t wait for her next date, then she will travel down for a minimum of a two hour session plus travel (total cost £350).














Sativa is one of the newer additions to The Submission Room but she’s becoming increasingly popular and I know she will be a huge session wrestling star soon. She absolutely loves session wrestling and is very happy to have found it. She has just joined twitter so please follow her here.

She has some serious skills for anyone into karate, then this is your lady. With the grace and elegance of a dancer and the deadly skills of a black belt in karate, what more could you ask for? I can also speak very highly of her wrestling and grappling skills so come and support her at her first ever live wrestling event.














I have been trying desperately to get Cobra to the last few events, but unfortunately a Saturday job meant that it’s been impossible, until now! Yes, that’s right, her wrestling career is going so well that she ditched her Saturday job. Which is great news for us, as we get to enjoy her wonderful presence at this live event.

Cobra is tall and dominant and open minded as she enjoys a range of sessions from domination to semi competitive. She also enjoys foot fetish.












So that wraps up the line up for our event on December 10th 1pm.

See more

22Nov 2016

It’s gotten extra-chilly outside, and we’re being forced to do all kinds of things to stay nice and warm up in our private dungeon-for-hire. But when we go out, we like to explore some of the fabulous, filthy fetish nights that London can provide. 

Have a look at our pick of the top 5 fetish events in London this December.

Club Rub Christmas Bling
9pm – 2am, 17 December, £18
The Garage, Highbury & Islington, N5 1RD

Club Rub are back once again with their sexy, outrageously fun club nights. Their Christmas event on 17 December will be taking place once again in the Garage,, where Miss Kim and Mistress Silk will pin the balls to the tree – the only question is, who’s lucky enough to be the tree this year? Put on your most festive fetishwear, and join fetishists, TV, trannies, drag queens, sexual deviants, perverts and hedonists.


Domina Parties London Kinky Dinner Party
6pm – 4am, 21 December, £100, registration in advance only
Secret location, North London

Get into the spirit of giving this December by serving the stunning mistresses down at Domina Parties while they dine, and if you’re lucky you’ll be awarded some points. If you perform up to their exacting standards, then you can redeem your points after the dinner for some play, or maybe a round or two of ‘Cards against Humanity’, or a new game just for the night ‘Subs Adopt Humility’.

Hitchin’ Bitches AFTER DARK Xmas Party, SUNDAY 11th December 2016

2pm-6pm, after party 6pm – 11pm, 11 December, £10/12
The Flying Dutchman, Camberwell, SE5

This female-only rope jam is a relaxed space designed to empower women with an interest in rope play. It’s the ideal space to learn and practise with rope, with technical classes, exercises and practise time. They’ll have mats and suspension points, plus rope, shears, blindfolds and a little coconut rope for you to borrow if you wish. It’s open to absolute beginners, or more experienced riggers. Do note it’s a rope-only event, no other kinds of play – thought a little bit of tickling, pinching and toying with tied up bunnies is very much welcomed. 

Bi-Kink Club
9pm-3am 23 December, £30 on the door for annual membership
Murder Mile Studios, 38 Theydon Road, London E5 9NA

A self-described full on orgy, activity is explicitly encouraged at this adult party for bisexual or bi-curious kinky fetishists. Upstairs, there’ll be a dungeon, medical room and prison cell with all kinds of devious devices to put attendees in powerless positions, including a St Andrews Cross, a four poster bondage bed with cage underneath, a spanking bench, and a huge amount more…couples welcome, as well as those looking for bisexual playmates. 


Wagging Tails, Wet Noses
7pm – 9.30pm, 4 November, free
The Flying Dutchman, Camberwell, SE5

If pet play is your thing, head down to the Coffee Cake and Kink on Warren Street, where you can get your ears ruffled and please your master. Wet Noses, Wagging Tails will be a relaxed evening, where all human pets are welcome to receive strokes, cuddles and eat cake from their handlers.

This is a non-nudity event, but collars, tails, harnesses, mask and collars are allowed over vanilla clothing.


17Nov 2016

This post about Kidnap Mistresses was written for The Serpent Rooms by the inimitable Mistress Kali

Ever dreamt of being plucked out of your comfort zone entirely?

You are standing in a strange place where you’ve been told to wait, with just a couple of simple instructions to follow. It is dark, maybe there are people around, or maybe there is nobody to be seen. You have on you just your simplest belongings, because you have no idea who’s going to capture you.

Suddenly, you are taken from behind, hooded, gagged and tied up.

Mistress Kali holds handcuffsYou are in the back of a stranger’s vehicle, the only familiarity you have is the winding of the roads, the speed bumps, the traffic sounds. How long have you been here? Who are they? Where are you? Why are you here?

A powerful voice is talking to you, she is strict and unfamiliar but you feel compelled to follow her orders. Maybe they will play with you, with your body and mind. Are there other voices? Who might they be? What is reality anymore? You lose track of time, space, you are beholden to the present moment.

Then, you find yourself in stillness, and you are senseless and powerless.

Here you are stripped of everything that is yours, you are at your most vulnerable and ‘they’ are in complete control for the coming hours. You see your captors, maybe towering above you, maybe for small glimpses of face, flesh, smell. They are striking and stunning and strong. They are the Kidnap Mistresses and you have no choice but to do what they demand.

Being kidnapped is the ultimate surrender into the world of submission and the unknown. Many people fantasise about this, but are unsure how to make it a reality. Come and play.

Frequently asked questions about the Kidnap Mistresses

  • Will I be safe?
    We know what we are doing. You will be safe.
  • What if we get caught?
    Leave this for us to deal with. What we are doing is an agreement, it is not illegal. If we ask you to speak up, then speak up and be honest about the arrangement.
  • But if I know what is going to happen, will it be as exciting as it sounds?
    Yes. Trust us. Every kidnap is different. There is only so much that can be controlled and the reality of the situation, the uncertainties, the risks are always revealing themselves. Even for us. This is why people come back and do them again and again, sometimes tens of times. Every time is different, every time is exhilarating, and your imagination cannot beat the real experience.
  • How long is it for?
    Mistress Pip with a victim
    The entire time from the snatch to discharging you can be 6 or 12 hours. Different lengths of time can be negotiated, and it can be shorter, but we ask for a minimum tribute for 6 hours standard due to the preparation and planning that goes into each one.
  • Where will we end up? How do I get home?
    In one of a few dungeons in North London. That is all you need to know. We can book a taxi for you at the end to get home, or if you live outside London you can get a hotel or sleep at the dungeon until the first trains.
  • Will I get hurt?
    We will agree on your likes and dislikes, and a safe word via email before the kidnap. This goes for in and outside the dungeon part. If you request no pain, we will respect this throughout the kidnap.
  • What if I have health problems or I am disabled?
    You must make us aware of anything before the kidnap. ESPECIALLY heart problems, breathing problems or physical pain/injury. We have kidnapped people of all ages and physical abilities and we will take this into account and plan accordingly. If you are in a wheelchair this is not a problem. We have found some of the most enriching kidnaps and sessions to be with non-able bodied people, it is truly an exciting experience that can be hugely liberating.
  • Can I organise one for a friend or my partner? Can I be there?
    Yes, this is also a lot of fun. We welcome couples, and if this is a surprise for your partner we can include you in the scenario as much as you like. We advise of course that the person being ‘snatched’ is familiar with kink practices, use of a safe word, and has a strong heart (because the fear factor may be heightened!)
  • Do you offer kidnaps for all genders and sexualities?
    Yes, some people assume these experiences are mainly for men. It is true that cis men make up the majority of our sessions and kidnaps, but we welcome and encourage (and are familiar with) females, trans people, and anybody on the gender spectrum. Please let us know by email before how you would like your body to be treated and how you identify, or would like to identify in this context.
  • If I have a particular role play or scenario in mind, can you accommodate?
    Of course! We can play out particular scenarios, who we might be, why you are there, what has led up to you being snatched from your reality. You can outline this in our correspondence beforehand. We will have ours and your safety in mind, so there are some limitations, but theatre is full of possibility.
  • How do I secure the kidnap and what can I expect beforehand?
    Once you have told us your interests and we have decided on a date and time, we will ask you for a deposit. This is simply because this takes a lot of planning and preparation and expenses to arrange. There are many timewasters out there who only intend to talk at length about their fantasies, and either never secure the booking or do not show up. When you have made the deposit we can talk more about any specific requests. Remember though, we know what we are doing and mystery is a lot of fun. Try not to control too much of the situation, especially for your first time(s), and leave it up to us to work our magic….
03Nov 2016

This week, with our Halloween costumes fresh in our minds from the weekend, we’re thinking about latex – and specifically, rubber whips…

Have a look at the above collection of brand new arrivals to The Serpent Rooms! Latex and rubber whips of many sizes (plus a cat-o-four-tails…)

We just love our rubber and latex whips – they can sting when you need them to, or tease when you want to drag it out… you can give a good, sharp smack, without the risk of real damage.

The gorgeous Pussy Willow posing with a rubber whipThey’re perfect for beginners, or for those who want to expand their experience. Rubber can even give more of a sting than leather – and comes with the added bonus of being able to trail it over your partner’s body, before surprising them by changing to flicks and spanks…

We’ve got latex whips galore at The Serpent Room, which are yours to play with when you hire out the space. Maybe you can warm up with those, before moving onto something more intense.

Other toys for your pleasure… 

Our range of kit is something to be truly reckoned with. Just take a look.


  • Restraining table
  • Spanking/whipping bench
  • Standing metal cage
  • Under table cages
  • Metal sensory deprivation helmet
  • Leather hanging trap cage
  • 2 suspension winches
  • Seated suspension harness
  • 4 point harness
  • Ankle/wrist shackles
  • Back stock
  • Metal restraints
  • Sleep sacks
  • Straight jackets
  • Leather suspension mitts
  • Bondage/cbt chair
  • Inversion table
  • Throne
  • Violet wand
  • Rubber hoods (inflatable)
  • Gas mask/funnel mask
  • Massage table
  • Hospital restraints
  • Folding double bed
  • Pussy/anal hook
  • Canes, whips, floggers
  • Latex gloves
  • Ropes, chains, cuffs
  • Spreader bars
  • Gags (jennings, inflatable, bits, ball)

Want to hire out the Serpent Rooms? Get in touch, or have a look at the Mistresses.

 Follow us on social media! 
@theserpentrooms / The Serpent Rooms

(Pic: The marvellous Pussy Willow)


26Oct 2016

As October draws to a close, we’re looking forward to November and all its kinky, alternative markets. Here’s where to go to be tempted to part with your hard earned cash, take in some workshops and let off steam at the after party. 

London Alternative Market


£5/£6, Aldgate, 12pm – 6pm, after party 7pm

Up first is the London Alternative Market on 6 November. Based in Aldgate, in the east of the capital, the London Alternative market is much more than a place to shop – though of course, it’s great for that too!

If you decide to head down, make sure you’ve brought some spending money, as there’ll be plenty of kinky treats to tempt you to part from your cash. On the day, you’ll able to take home and enjoy strap ons, latex, erotic art commissions, sex toys, restraints and everything else – the range of vendors covers all tastes! They include:

  • Bondatrix – Made-to-measure award winning fetishwear, including restraints, collars and hoods in leather, suede and more.
  • Perlesque – Toys designed to push your experience to its limit, ideal for couples as well as individuals.
  • Fudge Builds – Metal dildos, steel spreader bars, and other unique toys and equipment made in high quality metal and wood.
  • Van Sandler Creative – Erotic photography, fine art and life casting sculpture both for galleries and as commissions.
  • That PositionStrap on and anal sex toy specialists with a delightful range of quality strap on, including ones for beginners. 
  • Ectomorph – Get your hands on some premium latex from these rubber specialists.

After you’re done shopping, there’ll also be workshops at 2 and 4pm, and of course, the after party, which “offers a mixture of play and socialising with plenty of opportunities to try out those new toys you purchased during the day or your existing favourites.”

Not enough for you? Check out these other alternative markets in November 


19Oct 2016

Halloween is a lovely time of year, don’t you think? The nights are longer, darker and just a shade more sinister… So it’s no surprise there’s plenty of extravagant kinky events for you to choose from.  

Have a look at our pick of the top 5 fetish events in London, so you can make sure that when the clocks go back, you know you’ve taken advantage of that extra hour

Torture Garden Halloween Ball
10pm – 6am, 5 November, £42 (Sold out) 
The Coronet, Elephant and Castle, SE1

The inimitable Torture Garden is back once again with it’s guaranteed-to-impress host of shows to 2,500 devious souls. With nine fantasy-themed rooms across three floors, there’s bound to be something for everyone, from the horror hospital (one of our favourites) to the Betty Page boudoir.

Music will be playing throughout the night, so indulge with some dubstep and breakbeats to ritualistic dark erotica soundscapes in the satanic dungeon….

Naturally, there’ll be no entry or refunds without full costumes. The event is thoroughly sold out, but it’s a two-parter, so do investigate the follow up event on November 5.

Club SubversionClub Subversion
10pm – 5am, 28 October, £15-25
Crystals, Whitehorse Lane, SE25

With a trample cage, a separate medical area and a kabuki-theatre theme this year around, Club Subversion’s October 28th event promises to thrill lovers of the exotic, particularly those with an interest in the beautiful art of shibari. If you’re a fan of latex, you’ll be able to get polished up at one of their shine stations.

Club Domina’s The Facility
From 12pm on 3 November, from £50 per hour (min 2 hrs.)
Secret London location

If you’re based in north London (which is striking distance of the Serpent Rooms!), Club Domina events are one to watch. Although it’s strictly members only, everyone is welcome, especially newbies, and for a limited time right now they’re offering free membership to curious souls.

This autumn, Club Domnia are bringing back their overnight incarceration delight, The Facility at a special secret location in London –  where participants will be imprisoned by the three duty wardens, including Goddess Cleo. You best behave, otherwise you could end up hogtied on the floor, tied up in a straight jacket or strapped down to the bed with hospital grade restraints. 

BOUND Rope Jam
7pm, 4 November, £16.50
The Flying Dutchman, Camberwell, SE5

The Flying Dutchman will be hosting another great night from BOUND, London’s leading Shibari performance night. On November 4, attendees will be able to take in tutorials, shows and enjoy the opportunity to get to know fellow rope lovers.

And special for this month, there’ll be an appearance from rope-lover Clover, who’s also a model and photographer. She’ll be talking about bondage from a bottom’s point of view, and answering questions.

The Toppers Club
8pm-4am, 30 October, £25-30
The Flying Dutchman, Camberwell, SE5

If you’re new to the BDSM scene, the Toppers Club offers a warm and friendly atmosphere alongside a very well equipped dungeon. Meet the Toppers Club’s in-house Mistresses and Dommes, and if they’re not busy, they might play with you – as long as you ask politely. If public play is your vice, this is a great place to watch and soak up the experience.  


11Oct 2016

You haven’t heard from us in a little while, so we thought we’d say hello and remind of you all the delicious treats we have on offer for our newer fans…

dungeon-wifeThe Serpent Rooms is the friendliest dungeon-for-hire in north London.

We’re a young run space, with an astounding collection of filthy kit that we’re very proud of.

All our rooms are clean and atmospheric, and if you’re staying a little longer, we’ve got a shower and a comfortable bed.

Hire the Serpent Rooms

Hire us out and you’ll enjoy a completely private experience, left to your own devices to discover what we’ve got. There’s our padded room, inversion tables, spreader bars, our violet wand and the unforgiving leather hanging strap cage – not to mention our many, many other devious items. Just take a look.

We’re open for couples or groups up to three for standard bookings. Get in touch with us if you’d like to organise a larger group. We are all ears.

A two hour booking for all the rooms is £80, with each additional hour costing £30 – so three hours is £110, four is £140… but if you want to really push your boundaries, an all-day booking of 8 hours costs £200. A 12 hour overnight booking costs £150 in the week, while on the weekend it’s £170. But get in touch to discuss if you want a longer booking.


06Oct 2016

Mistress Red at last year's FemdomBall

The Femdom Ball is back this Saturday! We’re so excited, we thought we might give you a little preview…

“You have always known that your place is to serve the superior female. You crave to be down on your knees, a collar placed around your neck, owned and waiting instruction.”

For those lucky enough to have reserved a ticket in advance, you can join mistresses, couples and submissive men from all over the world to join in a filthy celebration of female supremacy, in a venue fit for a queen.

Taking place in an exclusive private members club in London in a secret location, the Femdom Ball Gala attendees are invited to soak up the extravagant atmosphere and the stunning mistresses to enjoy a night of kinky fun, dancing, play and prizes. Last year saw over 180 guests, including world famous dominatrixes dressed in gorgeous latex, lace and leather gowns, with slaves in tow.

Slaves will be required to wear their collar and leash at all times, and masks – until given permission to remove them. Of course, slaves will not be allowed on the furniture at any time, and may only speak when spoken to.

Ladies will be welcomed with a glass of champagne, and guests are invited to warm up with a performance from the wonderful Japanese dominatrix Mistress Amrita.  Maids will be selling tickets for the charity human raffle from one of the maids – prizes include slave tickets for Club Blackwhip, a fetish webmistress photoshoot worth £3,000 and leather whips from Essentia Whips. Maybe we’ll see you there…

Femdom Ball, 8 October 2016, 6pm – late. Tickets £25, sold out. Secret location. More information
(Picture: Mistress Red at the 2015 FemdomBall, by bobette)
09Jan 2016

Happy New Year Kinksters! 


This week’s blog is a bit of a news update as I have made few changes to the hire and booking process for 2016.

Hire Prices

Two hour bookings are preferred and the cost for two hours for hire of all the rooms is £80. Each additional hour is £30 per hour. So three hours is £110, four hours is £140, five hours is £170. An all day booking (8 hours, 9am -5pm) can be arranged for £200 for the day. Longer bookings can be negotiated.

If you wish to book or enquire about availability please email

Once your date requested has been accepted I will require a £50 deposit paid via Paypal or bank transfer. You are then requested to pay the full amount for your booking in cash on arrival. Once I have checked the venue and the inventory after your booking, I will return the £50 deposit. This is a new rule enforced due to a few disrespectful customers and some items going missing.

Please be punctual for your booking. If you are late and there is another booking afterwards you will not be able to stay for your full time. If I am away and I am paying someone to let you in and show you around then unfortunately I will have to charge you extra if you are late. If you are more than 20 minutes late you will have to pay an extra £10 and if you are more than 40 minutes late you will have to pay an extra £20.

When arriving and leaving the venue please be very discrete. I do not want any attention drawn to us and want to avoid the neighbours having something to moan about. Therefore do not arrive in fetish outfits and do not talk about dungeons or The Serpent Rooms when arriving at the venue.

Looking forward to meeting you in 2016!


28Dec 2015

5 Best Fetish Friendly New Years Parties

Club Domina NYE Party 2015/16

North London Location upon request.

Club Domina brings you a truly erotic environment for serious BDSM players. This fantastic event brings you a place to worship or be worshipped. It’s always a night of fun for many Mistresses in London. The club attracts a wide spectrum of people and is especially welcoming to new members. This is STRICTLY a MEMBERS ONLY Club  not open to the general public. Details on how to join are on the web site.


£20 members £25 non members plus booking fee

Murder Mile Studio
E5 9NA London

For Decadence to put on it’s very first special NYE party. The debauched deviants of the Decadence Family are bringing you a New Year’s indulgence with all the potential to become your of the year!

Delight in our devious celebrations of the very special kind. Whether seasoned regular or curious BDSM novice, indulge with us and meet like-minded hedonists at our kinky festivities.The fantastic premises of Murder Mile Studio, are a feast for your senses providing a cornucopia of play spaces to cater to even your most depraved desires.

Hellfire Club New Years Eve Ball 

The Hellfire Club
Harris Way, Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey TW16 7EL
See in 2016 at The Hellfire Club; the most stylish of all UK Swingers Clubs!                                                                                                 Wood paneled walls, chesterfields, brilliant bespoke lighting, fires, dogging vehicle, cinema, massive dungeon and lots of clean comfortable playrooms!


443 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6TA

A Theatre venue with great music, affordable bar prices and an welcoming and friendly space for TGIRLS, TRANSVESTITES, CROSSDRESSERS & MALE & FEMALE ADMIRERS & COUPLES.