13Jun 2022

Improving Intimacy Through Phone Sex with BDSM Talk

Improving Intimacy Through Phone Sex with BDSM Talk. BDSM is a very popular practice in 2022, and contrary to what many may think, nothing about this practice is unhealthy. If everything is consensual, of course. BDSM can be about learning how to be obedient, more patient, and humble. It can also be just about that sexy power roleplay, which excites and turns many people on. BDSM couples can just try a few kinks that belong to this practice, or they can be BDSMers at heart. They like all the fundamentals and are okay with more extreme sides of BDSM to boot.  

How to get intimate with your phone sex partner?

  1. Every BDSM relationship is unique
  2. Share your dirty secrets
  3. Choose the most enjoyable BDSM topics together
  4. Try new things your phone sex partner suggests

1. Every BDSM relationship is unique


BDSM sexting is maybe the mildest compared to all other acts that belong to this umbrella term. But it depends on what it includes. It is mild if it is only about your superior lover telling you when and how to masturbate. It can be more extreme if they don’t let you orgasm or command you to hurt yourself. But every BDSM relationship is unique and there are sex chat sites like Arousr out there to partner up with bdsm lovers. People choose what they like the most. 

2. Share your dirty secrets


Now, the question is how to improve intimacy through phone sex with BDSM talk? It’s simple! Just be who you are. What connects people and helps them build their intimacy? Revealing secrets and telling the truth. What are your dirtiest secrets bedroom-wise? Do you have kinks you would like to try, something you have never done before? Share everything with your phone sex partner. Never make them do things they are not comfortable with and never let them force you to do things you don’t like. But talking about everything that gets you off is always acceptable. And not just that – it is rewarding, gratifying, and connects lovers. In a BDSM relationship, one of the essentials is to be your true self and respect yourself and your partner.

3. Choose the most enjoyable BDSM topics together


To have a successful phone sex BDSM talk, you need to take care of both your own needs and the needs of the other person. You have to choose what arouses both of you. What kinks that belong to BDSM make both of you happy? Both of you must give and receive, listen to each other, and make an effort to please, not just each other, but yourselves too. BDSM phone sex is even more intimate than other types of phone sex.  The second you reveal to someone you are into it, you are sharing something very personal about yourself with them. Having phone sex is one thing, and vanilla sex is something everyone expects from everyone. But when you admit to someone that BDSM is your thing, you are revealing to them you are kinkier than others. Your needs are different, unique, and a bit unusual to others. 


That alone already builds intimacy. But if you had the courage to admit you were into BDSM, you will probably also have it to stay truthful to yourself. But don’t make it all about you! You also need to ask questions and try to learn all you can about your sexting preferences in the bedroom. No one becomes intimate if they don’t try to learn things about their partners.  You don’t have to burden them with too many questions, but keep the conversation going. If they have already asked you a question, this time you ask them. And it should be mutual. 

4. Try new things your phone sex partner suggests


It is also important to be open to hearing what they have to say. Maybe your sexting partner doesn’t have the same kinks, but they also like BDSM in general. Sometimes, to have a healthy relationship or just a good phone sex conversation with a stranger, you will have to open up to something new. Things you haven’t tried before. Maybe they suggest humiliation, and you are not okay with it. At first. But give it a thought. Try it, at least a milder version of it. Maybe you end up liking it. No one has to push you to anything, but you can try to broaden your mind. Experiment, give different things a go!


Intimacy is all about understanding the needs of that other person and letting them understand ours. It is never about persuading and manipulating others to do certain things just to be like us. It is more about opening up to someone else’s world so that we experience some things together. BDSM phone sex can be very enjoyable, but keep these things in mind! If you do, you will always know how to get intimate with your partner. 


23Jun 2019

Interesting BDSM Clothing for Beginners

Interesting BDSM Clothing for Beginners

BDSM clothing can seem like part of a hardcore scene, only accessible once you’ve gotten into the lifestyle a bit. In fact, the BDSM scene has quite a bit of fun clothing that doesn’t quite stand out as much as you might think. If you’ve been interested in dabbling in BDSM, check out these introductory BDSM clothing options.

Thigh High Stockings

Plenty of people incorporate thigh highs into their ensemble, even if they’re not at all interested in BDSM. However, latex or leather thigh highs, whether made of real or faux materials, are a great way to move from general lingerie to a BDSM look. A complete beginner can just get a pair of faux latex stockings and put them on under a pair of heels to take their outfit to the next level; as you get more comfortable, you may want to look into real latex or extremely high heels.


Bodysuits come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them are great for more vanilla play. However, a leather or latex bodysuit, especially one with highly revealing fishnet accents, can be the perfect addition to a BDSM wardrobe. Pair them with garters and stockings to bring even more of a hardcore edge to your look, or put preexisting lingerie underneath to make your transition into BDSM clothing a little smoother.


Whether genuine or just a lookalike, corsets are one of the most recognizable pieces of BDSM clothing. With elegant lacing up the back and boning around the sides to create a more appealing shape, an over bust corset is one of the best ways to make yourself look and feel a bit sexier, especially as you introduce more hardcore elements into your play. You can even put on a corset over a sexy ensemble to be more risqué outside of the bedroom.

Strappy Lingerie

When it comes to lingerie, lace and satin are usually king. Not so with BDSM lingerie; the addition of straps and buckles can create a satisfyingly caged feeling that will easily lead into more intense play like collars and handcuffs. Take a simpler step by using a full-body strap halter that could pass for an intensely sexual swimsuit, or go all the way and buy something with chain details to delve more deeply into the world of ownership and caging.

No matter what level of interest you have in BDSM, there’s an option that you can use to feel both comfortable and naughty. That way, you can get started in the most comfortable way possible, then turn up the heat. Make your move into the world of BDSM clothing by utilizing these beginner-friendly options for your first purchase.

13Feb 2019
Chastity Device

A beginner’s guide to male Chastity play  

Chastity Device

Have you imagined yourself bound to someone where they literally have your sexual pleasure in their hands? Love the idea of giving control away and having your orgasms be at the will of someone other than yourself? If you have, you might like the idea of chastity play.  While it is referred to as play, it is quite a commitment to look your genitalia up and only be released when your key holder decides, but that is also part of the allure for many. Here are a few helpful guidelines before you jump right in to locking up your junk and giving away the key.

Have you tried to abstain from orgasm for a period of time? No, not the few hours you may be at work or visiting a family member. Actually abstaining for a week or more? If you cannot stop touching yourself or engaging in sex for a week at a time, you may find it very difficult to be confined to a chastity device for this long. Practice self control for a week or two until you are confident that you can abstain before you go ahead with chastity play.

Another extremely important aspect is getting a device that fits well.  To start off with you should look at a device that can be customized to fit. Cages that come with a variety of rings are the best options as that you can find a back ring that will fit you well. If the ring is too tight it can cut off circulation and cause harm. If the ring is too loose, it can rub and chafe and even slip off, which defeats the whole object. The more versatile and high quality device you can purchase the better.  You may eventually want to purchase a custom made device which is made to fit your exact specifications, but this is quite costly and not necessary when you are first starting out with chastity play.

There are a few different styles available as well from cages, to tubes to full belts of various designs and shapes. Make sure you stick to products that are body safe, easy to clean and disinfect and that will last you for a period of time while you are getting used to wearing chastity devices. For people that travel often and do not want to have to explain themselves when going through the checkpoints, they may want to wear a non-metal device or carry the metal device with them, along with a time delay lock or similar to cage up when they reach their destination. Dated, numbered locks work quite well for this instance as well. Where possible, purchase the best quality device you can which will end up saving you money in the long run as well. No device is 100% secure and will not prevent orgasm for someone who is determined enough to try and achieve one, so there is still a measure of discipline and plenty honesty required for chastity play.  

Make sure you groom well (cut short, not necessarily shaved or waxed) before the device is fitted and lube up while fitting to ensure everything goes in smoothly. Some people use the stocking method to put everything where it belongs and then remove the stocking through the urination hole. You can try a few different methods to figure out what works for you. Start off with only wearing the device for an hour or two to start with, moving up to a full day including sleeping in the device and all other activities you usually partake in. Then move up to two days, gradually increasing to a week at a time. This will also allow you to get used to urination and cleaning properly while wearing the device. You may also want to ensure your bladder is empty and even achieve orgasm (if allowed) before fitting and wearing the device for the first time and especially for the first time sleeping in the device as this will make it a bit easier for the first go.

Once you have bought a device, fitted it and worn it for a few days at a time without too much issue, you can try going a week wearing the device permanently before removing it so that you can have a good clean up and disinfect the device as well.  After doing this for a couple of weeks, you may then be ready to hand over the keys and the control of your jewels to a key holder. Choosing a key holder is not a task to be taken lightly. You can choose to be your own key holder, posting yourself the key once a week or use time delay locks. You can look for an online key holder and build up some trust before handing over the keys. You can pay a dominatrix to hold your keys. Or if you have a partner, make sure you have the conversation around chastity play long before you lock yourself up and hand over the keys, just in case this is really not the kind of kink she would enjoy.  As with any kink or fetish, consent is key! Keep it safe, sane and consensual at all times!

Check out the wide range of chastity devices available at toys4naughtyboys.

27Feb 2018

Learn a new skill, make a new friend, and book yourself a visit to the Serpent Rooms to have fun with both at the same time this March…

Looking for a new playmate? Swap stories with like-minded souls? Want to broaden your horizons? Or maybe you’d like to take your skillset to the next level? Why not head along to one of these events in London, where the emphasis is on making friends and gaining new knowledge.

In a party mood this March? Here’s our pick of some of the best events in and around the Greater London area.

Wednesday 07 March

Under 35’s midweek kinky drinks/munch, Westminster

The under 35’s midweek kinky drinkies are a social get together for the young perves of London, successfully meeting monthly since October 2009, at the Waxy O’Connor Pub. There is no end time, some people usually move on towards Soho around 10ish, others stay longer. The turn up is usually between 80-120 people, this is a busy and fun event to attend. Vanilla venue and event – non-kink clothing only.

Saturday 10 March

(c) Hitchin’ Bitches

Hitchin’ Bitches, Camberwell

Hitchin’ Bitches is a female positive space for learning and practicing rope. We try to run a mixture of technical classes which teach more formal/structured ties, and also exercises to help you develop the way you tie, along with giving you free time to just practice. This is also a peer to peer learning event, so if you see someone tying something that you’d like to learn then (after they’re done with their scene!) ask them politely whether they’d be happy to show you how. This is an event for female* riggers / rope tops / dominants. Bottoms / bunnies can be of any gender. However, male bottoms / bunnies must arrange their top / rigger before the event.

Wednesday 14 March

Drinks for Dommes, central London

Ever wish you had more Domme friends? Someone to talk flogging techniques, pervertables from the £ shop or the best place to get a hot new corset? A laid-back gathering for female dominants to meet and connect with new like-minded friends, learn and discuss ideas.

Wednesday 28 March

DVS Newbies and Veterans Munch, east London

The Newbies & Veterans Munch is run by the crew at Club DVS, and is open to everyone! We particularly welcome Newbies looking for a friendly, fun, inclusive and accepting fetish-friendly vanilla-ish non-play event to attend, as well as inviting seasoned players to join and share their knowledge and experience with those who are more than willing and keen to learn. Vanilla venue, no nudity.

Friday 31 March

Femdom Munch, Clerkenwell

The Femdom Munch takes place every last Saturday of the month in Central London in a friendly environment, a setting that leaves room for conversations and added Ds. This munch is for everyone interested in the Femdom lifestyle, no matter if you are a nervous newbie, or experienced lifestyler! We will be in the upstairs Apollo room. Look for the Kayleigh signs on the tables.

24Feb 2018

Looking for fetish and kink events in London this March?

(c) Club Pedestal

With spring surely just around the corner now, we’re looking forward to coming firmly out of hibernation and getting back into the party.

If you’re looking for something to help you ‘warm up’ after the winter freeze, try this selection of fetish and kink events in London this coming March – guaranteed to bring some heat into your life…

Saturday 10 March

Club Obedience, Dalston, single men £20, couples and single ladies free

This invite-only femdom club is limited to just 50 participants and takes place on the second Saturday of every month. It has a full bar priced well below club prices and a relaxed dress policy – all black is fine – and they’re currently seeking subs to obey their Goddesses and Mistresses… Invitations are available for non-members.

Saturday 17 March

Klub Verboten, north-east London, £15-25

Klub Verboten is a contemporary members only fetish night that explores and enables full body sensory desire. Born from the underground to live and breath in the pleasure dome: Through Sight + Sound. The night is fully focused on providing a visually & acoustically teasing platform for hedonistic exploration. Forward-thinking electronic sounds, kinky surroundings, respectful attitude, interesting people, freedom. No gender-related pricing, no table reservations, no VIP treatment, no photos.

Saturday 24 March

Elements, Camberwell, price TBA

Celebrating the solstice of each season with an upmarket play event, “Elements” is dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure, opulence, desire and delight. Join like-minded kinksters, fetishists and hedonists for an extravagant evening of luxury, indulgence, debauchery and gratification. There will be champagne, performances, and a very friendly crowd. VIP packages also available.

Friday 30 March

Club Pedestal, Lambeth, £25/20

A playground for the dominant woman, and those who worship her, providing for the entertainment and enjoyment of women, although no doubt male guests will be glad they came! The layout of the club is large, spread across multiple rooms, with varying themes.House slaves will be present to serve female guests, they’ll cater for everything from fetching drinks, to polishing boots (shoe shine equipment provided)! House slaves are easily identified by their red collars. Apply to be a house slave on their website.

Saturday 31 March

(c) The Gate Club

The Gate Club, north-west Kent £10-20

Now in its 28th year, The Gate Club holds events at a beautifully equipped dungeon and home in Kent. “Demonic’s Dungeon” spans four floors with two fully equipped dungeons with a Pandora’s box of toys for you to use and try out, including a suspension winch,  fully-equipped medical wing, complete with examination chair, glass-walled bathroom, a spacious social area with ambient lighting, chill out rooms; plenty of bathrooms; a free cloakroom; changing facilities and a beautiful courtyard garden/smoking area. Whether you are an experienced player or new to the world of fetish there is something for everyone.

10Feb 2018

A look at some of our favourite, custom clips featuring foot and boot worship, filmed in our delightful north London dungeon for hire.

Have a look, or get in touch to visit The Serpent Rooms yourself and live out your fantasies in the flesh….

Where are your balls? with Mistress Jade

In this 17 minute long video, Mistress Jade, wearing a sexy red leotard is ready for some ballbusting. Her victim, Dave, is collared and led into the dungeon whereupon he is chained to the dungeon wall. At first, Mistress Jade seems to have some difficulty locating Dave’s balls, but with a bit of perseverance, she finally finds them and sets to work, administering a lot of pain to Dave’s most sensitive parts.”I want to feel the pressure of your tongue through my boots”, she tells him. Of course Dave complies, but then with Jade standing over you, wouldn’t you?

The New Furniture with Lady Carla

Lady Carla is trying out some new chairs for her dungeon. Well, when we say chairs, we really mean Ricardo and Dennis (Lady Carla’s slaves). While one worships Lady Carla’s shoes, the other is the chair. Simple. There are some great shots of Lady Carla’s fabulous feet and calves.


The Twisted Interview with Lady Carla

Another clip from the stunning Lady Carla. In The Twisted Interview, Ricardo arrives for a job interview but it’s not quite what he expected. Instead of the usual office environment. Ricardo finds himself in Lady Carla’s dungeon. To make matters worse, Lady Carla dispenses with the usual mundane interview questions and decides that the best test to see if he’s suitable for the job is to have him worship her shoes. He’s keen to get the job. Need we say more?

30Jan 2018

“Domination for HER is also the way of expressing HERSELF creatively, so be prepared to leave your box and walk the path that has never yet been walked before.”


Meet Mistress Morana, the statement Dominatrix

“HER sessions are energetic, lively, and loaded with a good sense of humour. Mistress MORANA loves to exercise the boundaries , both physical and psychological. SHE plays with no safe word, but safely. ”

For February, our Mistress of the Month is the wild and extremely kinky, sophisticated Mistress Morana,  a highly experienced Dominatrix, Fetishist and BDSM expert (7 years experience) who just loves to play BDSM and mind control games.

Her main specialities involve Japanese and predicament bondage, heavy breathplay, mummification, roleplay, scentplay, watersports, nippleplay, edging, teasing, foot fetish, medical play , caning, needleplay, catheterisation, face slapping, smoking fetish, nylon fetish, and human furniture.

Morana uses the best electrical equipment available on the market and loves sounds. She is a statement Domina who will take you to the very edge of your being and crack you open with her whip.
She will discuss the session in advance to find out about your limits.

Mistress Morana specialises in kidnapping, which is also available as a double session with the inimitable Mistress Pip. Find out more about the Kidnap Mistresses

“She plays with no safe word, but safely”

Specialising in Japanese and predicament bondage, Mistress Morana will use only the finest ropes to restrain you. Or if you like, caging or mummification can also be arranged.

Want a unique souvenir to remember your experience by? Mistress Morana is also a professional photographer, and so can document your session, including self-timer images with you in bondage for an extra charge.

“She loves having you on the floor in tight hogtie licking her platform heels!”

Although Mistress Morana is an expert in doling out pain and CP, lighter sessions are also possible. She also loves to be worshipped and adored, and will enjoy having you on the floor in tight hogtie licking her platform heels!

Mistress MORANA also welcomes novices,
conducts slave training sessions and accepts couples for play. She can train you to put your partner in bondage, some impact play and many more.

No same day bookings are accepted. Best contact is via e-mail mistressmorana@gmail.com

Outcalls to 4/5 star hotels, with or without her charming subgirl are also available.

22Jan 2018

After the indulgence of the Christmas season, and the hibernation of January, we’re leaping into February with a renewed energy and the desire to meet some like minded souls.

(c) 2018 Tripadvisor

Here is a selection of some of the meetups and munches happening in London for February 2018. And if you meet someone you like, why not book yourself in for a visit to the Serpent Rooms for some play time? Book now.

Saturday 3 February

London Singles Munch, Holborn

We are the new way to meet people, safely, on the kink scene. Our Munch is for single people (individuals) who want to meet with others of the same mindset. Also, if you are looking for more than friends you might find kindred spirits. We are an all inclusive event for anyone wanting to make honest connections.

Tuesday 6 February

Queer Emphasis Munch, The City

The munch is open to queer identified people of all varieties to come meet other queer kinksters and relax with a drink. Friends, partners and allies are also very welcome to come join. We aim to create a friendly, safe, caring and welcoming environment for new and experienced kinksters to socialise and connect with others. The organisers will be present and will be happy to chat to and make introductions for any new or nervous attendees.

Wednesday 7 February

Under 35s midweek kinky drinks/munch, Soho

The under 35’s midweek kinky drinkies are a social get together for the young perves of London, successfully meeting monthly since October 2009. There is no end time, some people usually move on towards Soho around 10ish , others stay longer. The turn up is usually between 80-120 people, this is a busy and fun event to attend. If in doubt ask for the booking for ‘Melanie’

Monday 12 February

Video Games munch, Stoke Newington

Munch for all of you out there that enjoy video games, board games, dice games, card games and everything in between, with a whole floor dedicated to games and only for us. Great bar with game themed drinks and cocktails and only 10 mins away from Dalston Kingsland station. For more info join the group (Videogame Munch London) or talk to me (CaptainDeeDee)

Saturday 24 February

Femdom munch, Clerkenwell

The Femdom Munch takes place every last Saturday of the month in Central London in a friendly environment, a setting that leaves room for conversations and added Ds. This munch is for everyone interested in the Femdom lifestyle, no matter if you are a nervous newbie, or experienced lifestyler. If you can’t find us or are too shy to walk in on your own, send me a message to arrange a meet & greet!

Wednesday 28 February

DVS Newbies & Veterans Munch, The City

The Newbies & Veterans Munch is run by the crew at Club DVS, and is open to everyone! We particularly welcome Newbies looking for a friendly, fun, inclusive and accepting fetish-friendly vanilla-ish non-play event to attend, as well as inviting seasoned players to join and share their knowledge and experience with those who are more than willing and keen to learn.


12Jan 2018

Anna enjoyed her visit so much the first time around that she couldn’t help but come back for a second helping with her Mistress. Here’s why she loves The Serpent Rooms…

“It was my second time to book The Serpent Rooms. The booking process was extremely straightforward with excellent communication throughout, which really helps. Money was sorted beforehand, which is also a great bonus. The rates are very reasonable. The Rooms are situated near a Tube station in a quiet street. We were met at the appointed time by a friendly lady inside the Serpent Rooms and shown around.

The rooms are amazing. First, there is a small but well appointed kitchen area with a fridge, a microwave oven, cooking facilities and a sink. There is also a great shower and toilets. There is enough equipment in the Dungeon downstairs to fill many sessions.

My favourite pieces of equipment would be the fucking bench, the impressive collection of toys, the shackles and handcuffs and the winches. Upstairs, the bedroom is well appointed with a cage, a double bed and lots of rings to tether a slave. I did not go into the padding room as I am not interested in wrestling but the room looks spacious for this kind of activity.

We booked for a VERY long session (23 hours) and had an absolute ball. Mistress told me she slept very well in the bed upstairs and I had a good night in shackles in the cage downstairs. Time absolutely flew and we did not use all the possibilities these amazing rooms have to offer. My mind is already bubbling for the next session.

I would recommend the Serpent Rooms unreservedly to anyone who wants to explore their kinks in a fantastic atmosphere

Book the Serpent Rooms now

09Jan 2018

Last year, we decided to reward our fans and followers with a naughty pre-Christmas treat – a sumptuous video featuring the gorgeous Mistress Pip and her close friend Mistress Kali.

You can expect all kinds of delicious games from the duo, from tickling to face-sitting, and even some clothes pegs. What starts as simply getting ready for a fun night on the town quickly degrades into something much more fun….

Mistress Pip describes what happens:

Kali is the first to initiate play and begins to tease me with her long tickling fingers, poking and provoking me. As many of you are aware, we are both huge tickle fanatics and there was no way I was going to let Kali get away with it. Before we knew it both our bath towels had come off, we were both topless on the bed and the tickling commenced. Because Kali is more ticklish than I am, she needed to resort to other tactics. Suddenly she had tied me up and was face-sitting me wearing nothing but a skimpy thong. I tried to resist, although we were both having too much fun to fight back that much! At one point we both end up with clothes pegs on our nipples! How did that happen 😉 ? We love to play with each other, now is your chance to get an insight into the close and special relationship we have. Mistresses as you’ve never seen them.

Download now from Clips4Sale