It’s no secret we just love facesitting, breast smothering… and every other kind of technique that allows a powerful woman to renders a poor sub into silent submission!

That’s why we’ve now got a new clip for you that’s all about breath denying, mixed wrestling and smothering.

Smothered into Submission from House of Serpent

In our latest clip from House of Serpent, we see Amazonian Chloe Davis take on Bert in a Mixed Wrestling and Smothering match. It’s really not a fair contest. Chloe Davis stands 6ft 3in tall (over 1.9metres) and well, Bert doesn’t. She towers over him. She’s bigger, she’s stronger and she’s also a pretty good wrestler, so Bert was always going to be in for a tough match.

But there is a twist to this match.

Chloe’s preferred means of making Bert submit is to smother him, either by using her very large breasts or by facesitting / reverse facesitting him. She is way too strong for him and there is nothing he can do to prevent Chloe from using her body to submit him whenever she wants and however she wants.

There are a couple of more traditional wrestling moves thrown in, such as body scissors (another submission) and head scissors (yet another submission), but it’s mainly breastsmothers and facesitting that rack up the score. At one point, she literally picks him off the mats, drops him down and sits on him.

She then ignores his futile struggles to push her off and she gets her breasts out and smothers him with an inescapable topless breastsmother. There is simply nothing Bert can do to prevent the onslaught.

Want to watch? Click here. 

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