Today we are exploring getting all tied up; the transfer of control and power.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than tying up your sub, lover or partner. Or perhaps you are the one who likes to be all tied up?

We’ve picked some of our favourite online bondage website resources as a guide for those who are interested in bondage, want to learn more about the art of Shibari, or indeed find others with similar interests. is a great website with some unusual features. It openly discusses the difficulties one might find in finding partners into bondage on online dating sites. The website provides information on bondage dating sites, with reviews and warnings about the good, the bad or the ugly. also provides a great bondage 101 with information and tips provided by the website editors from their own personal experience in rigging. is a great resource for those wishing to explore bdsm.
The rope bondage page of the website provides background information on the different types or styles of rope bondage.

The page includes information about the differences between american or western style, Japanese style or Shibari, suspension bondage, speed bondage as well as providing important information on bondage safety.

The page also has some great links to essays, websites and video tutorials.

A.M. Wyckid’s Erotic Word-Forge website, has a Shibari page called Jack’s Shibari Curriculum.
This provides great introduction page with information on safety, rope and knots.

Following the introduction, the website features techniques with five instructional sessions with photo’s and and detailed advice.

The website also provides a resource library of articles, links to books, links to suppliers and links to instructional web videos. is the website for a regular bi monthly Shibari workshop event’s which take place in London. Bound is produced to inspire enthusiasts of Japanese rope bondage (shibari) and increase the awareness of the general public of this increasingly popular performance art and means of erotic communication.

Bound is hosted by Esinem a renowned Shibari artist in conjunction with The Flying Dutchman(FDL) and artists Nina Russ, Gorgone and Mosaru.

Bound is a fantastic opportunity for those based in or around London to be able to get practical experience and phenomenal teaching in the art of Shibari, from expert teachers.

The next Bound workshop will be taking place on Friday the 5th of September, check the Bound website for more information.