Exploring Female Dominance in 2024:

The Role of Male Escorts in Empowering Women

Helping women unleash their inner domme


Female empowerment comes in many forms and it can be anywhere – from dominating in
the boardroom to dominating in the bedroom. Empowering women to be the best version of
themselves has become one of the biggest movements in modern society.

Empowering women in different areas of their lives gives them the freedom to express their
true power and confidence in settings that are generally occupied mainly by men.

All over the world, women are being praised for asserting their dominance in public spaces,
but unfortunately in these communities, women are still being shamed for feeling
empowered by their own sexuality. However, this is gradually changing, and we are ushering
in a world where women feel confident in their bodies and their own pleasure.

In this article, we look at women stepping into their dominant role and learning the ropes
about the BDSM scene and everything they need to know about unleashing their inner
domme. This is something that can be learned along with a long-term partner, or an escort
that is experienced and well-versed in the BDSM community.

What is female dominance?

Female dominance is when a woman feels empowered and confident enough in her abilities.
She is willing to take charge of her life to achieve her objectives. However, his is mostly
referred to in relation to employment in male-dominated fields.

Nowadays you are seeing more women in fields that were rife with men, this includes STEM
fields, leadership roles, and even the manual labour field.

In the same way, female dominance in a sexual setting is something that is becoming
increasingly popular as women find the confidence to prioritise their desires and needs.

Female sexuality and the history of subservience

Since the dawn of time, the pleasure women have experienced during sexual intercourse
has been downplayed. The role in marriage was narrowed down to the bearing of children
and being the homemaker – a lot of these beliefs are still prevalent in modern society.

Societal views on women’s bodies and their expression of sexuality tend to be rooted in
control, aspects like religion and morality were used as tools to govern the experience of
girlhood. These same aspects were not extended to men and boys.

Women have fought for equality on many fronts and have succeeded. However, the battle to
own their desires and bodies has faced a lot of pushback. In order to become more confident
in your sexuality and desires, you need to unlearn a lot of what you have been taught and
accept your needs and wants.

Women are still shamed, victim-blamed, and called prudish in the same breath. Other
challenges include reproductive health. In many parts of the world, women are still not
offered birth control for free or are taxed on menstruation products.

We are slowly witnessing change, and women need to take ownership of themselves and
express their truths.

How woman can express their dominance

When it comes to learning to be dominant in a sexual setting, you need to start by taking
ownership of your sexuality – either on your own or with a partner. You need to learn how to
have a healthy relationship with your body and be accepting of your sexual desires.

It is not easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to reach this point of acceptance
of yourself. You have to actively dismantle the internalised perceptions you have of sex and
what is deemed as acceptable by others – namely men.

Thereafter, you need to focus on your body and your own pleasure. Start on your own, as
you need to learn about yourself before expecting another to learn about what you like.

You can then explore what you like with others. Always speak up and ask for what you like.
In the same vein, don’t be meek and have the courage to say no when you don’t like your
experience or start feeling uncomfortable. By being vocal about your experience, you will be
able to lead the experience in a way you would like it to unfold.

This can be the start of your journey as a dominant.

Asserting dominance in a sexual setting

Being dominant in a sexual setting is about being confident and assured in yourself and your
needs and wants.

What makes a good dominant is listening and understanding your partner’s needs. It is also
about knowing when they may need a break and by respecting if they want to stop the
session. It is important to know that control is give and take in these situations and it requires
a lot of trust between you and your partner.

It takes some work to reach the point where you become dominant, but you can start by
taking small steps, such as being confident and straight up asking your partner about what
you want from them. As you progress, you will become more confident in asking for more
and exploring with a partner. Communication is key in these situations.

Exploring Kink safely

To learn more about kinks and dominance, you need to ensure that you always make the
safety of yourself and your partner a priority. As the dominant in the scene, it is up to you to
make sure that communication between you and your partner is always clear when you are
engaging in play. Communication is important when exploring kinks.

There are many ways to learn and explore kinks. There are erotic books that feature BDSM
as a major theme, but these need to be taken with a grain of salt, as these topics may differ
from how they play out in real life. Seek out sex workers who offer teaching and mentorship
in these areas.

Visit forums to meet like-minded people to discuss and learn more about the kink community
and the different types of kinks that you can possibly engage in. If you venture into learning
through pornographic materials, once again take it with a grain of salt as these don’t exactly
pan out in the same ways in real life – exaggerations may occur with what you see in
comparison to how it plays out.

The different types of kink

The umbrella term BDSM is broken into three main categories but encapsulates the entire
kink community. Firstly the BD can refer to Bondage and Discipline, while the SD can refer
to Dominance and Submission, and lastly, the SM refers to Sadism and Masochism
It is important to remember that while the BDSM community primarily deals with aspects that
are sexual in nature, not every act performed requires or results in intercourse. It mainly
focuses on establishing trust between partners and an exchange of power based on this
trust. Consent is key for this relationship and what makes it widely acceptable.

Some acts people in BDSM can engage in include biding partners up through cuffing,
muffling, rope play, or any other means to restrict movements.
The submissive partner is required to follow the orders that the dominant one gives. They
can set up rules during a scene, and these rules are to be followed strictly by the
submissive, otherwise they will receive a consensual punishment.

When it comes to these rules you can see instances of dominants giving orders, brat taming
their submissive, or engaging in financial dominance. Sometimes the dominant can exhibit
sadistic behaviour like engaging in edgeplay, spanking or impact play, and even using wax
during the scene. The submissive on the receiving end can be considered a masochist as
they revel in their humiliation and pain.

There are certain instances where a person displays tendencies of both dominant and
submissive. They are known as a switch and can take on their role based on how they feel
at the time of the scene.

Communication is key

As it is in any part of life, communication is a key factor in making any kind of relationship
work. The same applies to BDSM relationships and people engaging in scenes.

It is common for play to take place between two people only, and between them, there is a
set of rules with limits that both persons introduce. These limits are separated into hard and
soft limits.

Soft Limits are a list of acts that the parties are not entirely comfortable with, while hard limits
are acts that are completely unacceptable to perform.

During play, there are ways to check in with your partner to make sure that they are okay
and enjoying the session. The most common way to check in with your partner is by using
the traffic light system. When you check in, your partner will tell you how they are based on
the colours of the traffic light. Green means everything is okay, and red means to cease play
as something is wrong. Yellow or orange means to be careful as it might end up being too
much and may need to stop altogether.

Another way to communicate is through using a safeword. Both partners should have a
safeword. It should be a word that is easy enough to remember, but something that won’t
normally be said during play. When a partner says this, it is similar to calling out the red of
the traffic light system. Something is wrong and play needs to stop immediately.

Sex and relationships

BDSM and being dominated is not for everyone – non-kinky sex is known as Vanilla, and that
is perfectly okay too.

That is why when you are getting in touch with your inner domme, you need to chat with your
partner about wanting to express this side of yourself so that you both will be mentally and
physically prepared for non-vanilla sex.

As you venture into the BDSM community, your tastes may elevate but your partner may not
feel the same way. Sometimes discord can happen, but being compatible is very important
in the kink community because you absolutely can’t engage in play with a person who is
unwilling, and neither can you coerce them into engaging.

Unless your partner is comfortable with learning with you, you may have to seek out like-
minded people to engage with instead. Setting rules and boundaries with your partner in this
regard is very important for the sake of your relationship.

Finding people to engage with

There are many ways to meet with people from the community. When members of the
BDSM community meet up for a social gathering in a public setting, it is called a munch.

There are also forums and BDSM-dedicated chatrooms where you can meet new people.
These forums and chatrooms will help you become aware of events, clubs and expos that
may be happening close to where you live. You can attend and learn more about the
community nearer to you.

The different types of escorts and which
acceptable in different situations

Looking for someone to engage in play with, needs to be assessed properly, as there are
services which offer male escorts, but their services are purely social and do not include any
sexual services.

On the other hand, in the kink community, there are escorts that provide services that are of
the BDSM nature. While their services are of a risque nature, it doesn’t have to involve

Do thorough research about the type of escort that you wish to utilise and services the offer
before making a booking.

Kink-related rentals and other equipment

For the kink community, getting the necessary equipment will not always be easy, as you
need to make sure that they are made from reliable materials that won’t hurt your partners.

There are dedicated BDSM stores where you can purchase the necessary items from. There
are also online stores that will provide you with your needs while also being discreet about
their service, ensuring your privacy.

While your home may be a space you are comfortable in, there isn’t always the room or
privacy that you need to engage in certain kink activities, there are spaces that offer up
dungeons to be rented, and equipment that can be used in your play.

The bottom line

In order to channel your inner dominance, you need to be able to become more confident
with yourself and move with assurance in your sexuality and desires.

The kink community is large with many acts and plays that you can engage in, but in order
to be a good and caring domme, you need to practice care and attention to detail to keep
your partner’s trust.

Sharing and learning about BDSM with your partner can be a great way to learn about each
other sexually while gaining confidence in yourself and what you enjoy in the bedroom.