Make Your Fantasy Come to Life with Fetish Escorts in London


Fetishes can be a healthy part of your sex life. From bondage to role-play, fetishes are more common than you realise. However, learning about them often feels intimidating, especially for the inexperienced. 

That’s where fetish escorts come in. 

Highly experienced and professional, fetish escorts in London can help you uncover your raunchiest sexual desires or live out your fantasies in a safe and consensual environment that is free from any judgment. They are well versed in a wide array of kinks and fetishes. 

If you want to dive into this world, here are some of the most common fetishes that you should absolutely know about.



Roleplaying in fetishism involves acting out a fantasy while engaging in sexual activity. Each person usually plays a different persona. Although roleplaying covers a wide range of sexual scenarios and activities, it mostly involves power play, such as boss-and-employee or doctor-and-patient scenes.

Depending on your desires, costumes can be a part of role-play as they make the scenarios seem more lifelike. 

In real life, you probably don’t want to get sexy with your doctor because that is unprofessional and strange. But in a fantasy scenario, that taboo heightens the eroticism. Dressed up as a doctor, a fetish escort can indulge in your fantasy in a consensual way.

Other role-play scenarios might feel more taboo. The classic professor-and-student scenario is one such example.



BDSM is short for Bondage, Discipline, Submission and Masochism. It can be a more intense form of roleplaying, involving pain, humiliation, advanced bondage and more.

One partner takes on a dominant role and has control over bonding, whipping or spanking. The other partner takes on a more submissive role. 

Fetish escorts in London can take on either role, depending on their partner or the sexual scenario. You just have to express your desire in detail. Since BDSM can get quite intense, it’s important to find a partner or partners who respect your limits. 

Hiring a fetish escort can help you explore your sexual desires in your own terms. Whether through a formal contract or verbal agreement prior to the act, a professional escort can make you feel pleasure without threatening your safety. 



Strap-on sex is a common fetish enjoyed by men who identify as the submissive in the BDSM world. A fetish escort not only has the know-how but the tools to help you explore new sensations like anal pleasure.

A lot of men who love strap-on sex find accessories and activities that aren’t associated with conventional sex enormously appealing. For others, the pain and vulnerability that they feel in these scenarios are the most arousing.

High-end escorts can help you explore different fantasies without disrespecting your boundaries. Trust is important in strap-on sex as it places the submissive in a very vulnerable position. This is also why it’s such a popular fetish in the world of BDSM.


Foot Fetish

Second only to genitalia, the feet are the most commonly fetishized body part. Foot fetish, also known as podophilia, is suprisingly common as other types of fetishes. 

It refers to sexual interest in feet, ankles or legs. Some might get aroused by nails or jewellery. Others might find stockings, high heels and accessories that cover these areas sexually appealing.

Depending on your type of foot fetish, an escort could wear the garments that you find the most arousing. She could also engage in foot play – whether it be tickling, rubbing or massaging. 


Dominance and submission

A person can have several fetishes, which sometimes overlap. Take dominance and submission for example. It can overlap with role-playing, strap-on sex, foot fetish or spanking. No matter what the scene is, one person usually has power over the other. The submissive follows the orders and is the recipient of the sensations.

If you like dominance, feet could be part of that scenario. You might find it arousing when a sexual partner worships you at your feet.

If you have a foot fetish and you’re into submission, it might be the other way around. You might like it more when you kneel at your partner’s feet.

Dominance and submission can involve accessories and toys for binding or spanking. It can also involve kinky acts like slapping or humiliation. 

An escort who is well versed in fetishism can help you figure out your deepest desires by exploring different erotic scenarios. 

At London Prive, you’ll find gorgeous and seductive fetish escorts in London that you can trust with your deepest and kinkiest secrets. These escorts can help you learn how to embrace your erotic desires and feel comfortable with your fetishes in a safe way.