London is home to some of the most beautiful and powerful Mistresses and Dommes in the whole world, many of whom we’re lucky enough to have worked with down in our private dungeon for hire.

If you’d like to keep up with many of these extraordinarily powerful, merciless women, including when and where they’re taking bookings, as well as what they’re up to (and how you can best please them), make sure you have a look at their Twitter pages, and follow them.

This is just part 1, so check back later for more…and don’t forget to follow The Serpent Rooms on Twitter as well.

Mistress Pip / @MistressPip

“I love to clamp my slaves helplessly between my powerful thighs as I torture and tease them. I will have you grovelling at my beautiful feet and worshiping whatever I demand.”


Mistress Kali / @KaliDomina

“I am a sensual, ruthless and experienced Dominatrix born and bred in London. I will have you under my thumb in seconds. ”



Mistress Hera / @MistressHeraUK

“Strikingly beautiful, North East London Mistress Hera will tower elegantly over you. She brings a creative imagination to her sessions and her enjoyment in humiliating men will quickly become apparent.”


Lady Carla / @TheLadyCarla

“Beyond my enchanting blue eyes and luscious blonde hair, I am a sadistic and talented London Dominatrix. As your London Mistress I will entice you into my world with my clever charm and have you following my every command.”


Mistress Pussy Willow / @Ms_Pussy_Willow

“Being dominant comes naturally to me, I have been taking charge for as long as I remember. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing my toys completely at my mercy on their knees, with that glazed look in their eyes… What bliss!”