08Sep 2017

A look at some of our favourite clips that include rope and restraints…

A Bit Tied Up

What happens when you give a trained martial artist a length of rope and a very disobedient sub who needs to be taught a lesson?

Our most popular bondage clip. In this extremely popular 20 minute video from our archives, the exceptionally strong Lady Carla is once again presented with bad behaviour from Angel, who needs to be put in his place. Wearing her sexy catsuit, she easily overpowers him using her martial arts skills, tiring him out before hog tieing him.

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A crush on Angel

The Serpent Rooms’ restraints are no match for Angel once he succumbs to Mistress Pussy Willow’s scissors…

If Mistress Pussy Willow challenges you to a wrestling match, what should you say? Remember this – she doesn’t believe in sympathy. She challenges Angel to take her on, with the conditions that if she wins (and she seems very confident), she gets to do whatever she likes to him in her playroom. Prepare yourself for some intense scissors. Angel certainly wasn’t expecting that! But then he wasn’t expecting a lot of other things that Mistress Pussy Willow did to him either…

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25Aug 2017

The summer’s final hurrah is here, and we’re getting ready to celebrate during the long weekend with this collection of enticing, kinky events happening in our capital. 

Friday 25 August

Club Femdom
10pm-4am, £30/£35, Lewisham

Club Femdom – Join London’s new Femdom Club, the club that celebrates the supremacy of the Female Dominant. The emphasis will be on style, glamour and high protocol service. ‘Club Femdom’ is back to continue its mission to provide a Femdom club that positively promotes, teaches and supports the Femdom lifestyle. Club Femdom is held on the first Friday of every other month.

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Saturday 26 August

Femdom Munch
5-11pm, free, Clerkenwell

Meet likeminded lovers of Femdom in a friendly, welcoming environment at London’s Femdom Munch, which takes place every last Saturday of the month in Central London. The setting is designed to leave room for conversations and added Ds. This munch is for everyone interested in the Femdom lifestyle, no matter if you are a nervous newbie, or experienced lifestyler!

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Mistress Workshop
1-5.30pm, £89, Hackney

Club Rub is back with another one of their popular Mistress Workshops. Places are limited to just seven so book in advance. Spanking demo and glass of Cava on arrival included.

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Club Bizarre Fetish @ Arousal
10pm-3am, £25, Luton

You may play, punish, chat, chastise, fantasise, fornicate, dress up, boogie down, chill out, take in a film, laugh, cry whatever your desire. A place to be free & uninhibited, to meet & socialise, watch & be watched whilst enjoying the atmosphere with like-minded people. Enjoy the club’s purpose built venue where areas are designed to cater for all comfort zones, fantasies & desires, to be explored at your leisure. They are relaxed, no pressure, no obligation where the emphasis is on fun.

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Sunday 27 August

Sacred Sex Sunday
10am-6pm, £65, Finsbury Park

A special women-focused event discussing and exploring the possibilities of conscious kink. Conscious Kink helps us expand our understanding of our bodies, our subconscious patterns, our sexualities and thus ourselves.

With a strong emphasis on boundaries and consent, Conscious Kink gives us a diverse set of tools that allow us to expand our sexuality, be more confident with our lovers and play partners, and become more empowered as self-aware erotic beings.

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Monday 28 August

Perves in the Park munch
2-6pm, Free, Highbury Fields

This Munch is intended as a jam and picnic in the park, where any musicians are encouraged to bring their instruments along, as we intend to have a jamming session. Previously we had guitars, ukuleles, percussion and even a trumpet and flute! Everyone is welcome, regardless of ability and/or the instrument(s) you play or don’t play, and everyone is welcome to join in, sing, dance, clap, etc. NO KINK TOYS – this is a kink-friendly event but NOT A PLAY EVENT.

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18Aug 2017

We know, we left you hanging with part 1 and part 2 (although we do like leaving you in suspense) , but here it is – part 3 of some of London’s best Mistresses.

Find out when and where they are taking bookings, what they’re up to, how they’re staying in shape, what they’re wearing, and of course, and the many hows, whys and ways they’re punishing their subs…  make sure you have a look at their Twitter pages, and follow them.

And don’t forget to follow The Serpent Rooms on Twitter as well.

Chantel Lane / @MissChanniLane

“Through my power and your subservience, I will open your mind, unlock your innermost repressed soul and take you to a level of deviance that you didn’t know existed”


Mistress Morana / @MORANA_DOMINA

“MORANA is a statement Dominatrix,- sophisticated, highly intelligent and well experienced in BDSM. Based in London, SHE plays with no safe word, but safely. SHE is the one who will take you to the very edge of your being.”


Goddess Thunder / @MsThunderLondon

“I will dominate you physically, mentally and spiritually. I will find a way deep into your psyche and rule you from within.”



Mistress Ika / @MistressIka

“A Goddess from a Royal lineage of Dominant African Queens and Kings…
I am busy person and some of what I do is off limits to lowly servants, sluts, slaves and minions. I know that deep down you want to serve ME, you crave to be in MY presence, your deepest desire is to be in the same room with ME, on your knees, worshipping…


Goddess Amara / @Goddess_Amara

“I am Goddess Amara, a seductive and sexy Mistress based in London. My sweet disposition is balanced perfectly with a sadistic streak. I am a playful and fun Mistress, but I am always in charge. I am strong and beautiful and demand the utmost respect from my submissives. I want you on your knees at me every command and worshipping me at all times.”


13Aug 2017

We love photos of vintage kink, fetish and BDSM. Typically, most people associate the good old days with shyness, and modesty surrounding all things sexual, which makes these amazing pictures feel all the more dirty. And plus, it just goes to show that behind closed doors, things were far from what they seemed.

Somehow it makes us nostalgic for a time that we didn’t experience the first time around… but we can’t imagine why.

Follow us on Twitter, where we’ll be sharing lots more yummy photos, scintillating video clips and links around the web that we know you enjoy…

Vintage kink and fetish gallery

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05Aug 2017

“I am incredibly strong in all ways, it will not be hard for me to break you. I am soft and loving and will look after you in your darkest moments. I am gorgeous, of course and deserve worship. My desire for kink is insatiable, I want more!”

Let’s play

Meet Mistress Pussy Willow

“Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing my toys completely at my mercy on their knees, with that glazed look in their eyes… What bliss!”

This week, we’d like to introduce the playful, powerful, unforgettable Mistress Pussy Willow. Not only is she fearsomely strong, but she’s also an ardent session wrestler  – and a skilled unicyclist. (No, really.)

“BDSM is not just my work,” she says, “but my life’s calling.” She offers all kinds of sessions, but particularly loves Puppy Play, and her speciality is acting out school room dramas as the stern Headmistress Willow…

We’re also delighted to share the news that Mistress Pussy Willow has announced she’ll be moving to London for a whole year before she makes her way to the USA, meaning you’ll have a much better chance of securing a session with her… Get in touch to find out how.

Watch custom clips with Mistress Pussy Willow

We love working with Mistress Pussy Willow to produce impressive custom clips where she ruthlessly dominates her slaves. Watch her in action in Face Standing, Foot Slut, Topless Thong Beatdown and more

“Why I love BDSM”

Want to find more? Read on for an excerpt of Mistress Pussy Willow’s account of how she discovered her life’s calling, or read the post in full on her website.

“The moment we stripped down to our smalls, got on our knees and started grappling, all my nerves disappeared. We giggled and smashed and before too long (less than a minute) I had his head in my very first scissor!

That feeling of strength, the incredible sensation of how powerful the muscles in my legs and body were, how they were straining with him squirming against them. Seeing how joyous and happy and thankful he was to be choking in the grip of a strong woman, I felt beautiful, powerful.

I had become the person I was always meant to be. A true Goddess with great Amazonian thighs. It was a truly incredible moment!”


28Jul 2017

We all love a good party, but sometimes it’s nice to come away from an event more than just fond memories and sore skin. These workshops, taking place in London this August 2017 will help you build on your skills, whether you’re interested in learning tips from top Mistresses to how to spank for pain and pleasure.

Drawn to rope

2 August, Peckham, £12

Rope studio Anatomie’s life drawing class led by InkyLayla. Bring your own materials and perch on one of the venue’s beanbags to draw beautiful shibari, and lovers of shibari. There’ll be free tea and coffee, and free street parking. Booking in advance is recommended.

For images from previous Drawn to Rope sessions, have a look at their Instagram .


London Alternative Market

8 August, £5, The City

L.A.M is back once again with their ever-popular market full of toys, costumes, and other delicious kinky treats for you to take home and enjoy. As usual, there’ll be several workshops on the day. For August, there’ll be three.Biological and physical responses during play, followed by Healthy Mental Practices and  finally, “Spanking” for pain and pleasure presented by Cosmic1.

More information

Club Rub Mistress Workshop

(c) Club Rub

26 August, £89, Hackney

The inimitable Club Rub is holding yet another of their popular Mistress Workshops. Places are limited to just seven participants, who all receive a glass of cava upon arrival and will be treated to a special spanking workshop over lunch. Insight and guidance on how to conduct a playful session, and bring out your natural dominance.

See website

Sacred Sex Sundays: Getting Conscious with Kink: The Women’s Edition

27 August, £65/75, Finsbury Park

This Conscious Kink workshop, focused on women is designed to help expand with understanding of bodies, subconscious patterns, and sexualities. With a strong emphasis on boundaries and consent, Conscious Kink aims to give a diverse set of tools to allow participants to expand their sexuality, be more confident with our lovers and play partners, and become more empowered as self-aware erotic beings.

More information

Wax play workshop

2 September, Gatwick, £10

Okay, technically this one isn’t in August, but we wanted to give it a mention anyway. This wax play  workshop will give you ideas on how to get creative, either adding elements of temperature play into your regular scene or creating a whole scene based on temperature.

Candles, fire and (blunt) blades will all be demonstrated and head games will be discussed. There will be the opportunity to try out techniques under guidance, so bring your candles and kit! Items will be available to buy on the day if you do not have them already

More information


13Jul 2017

Celebrate the summer being here by getting out and about in London, home to some of the best fetish events in the world.. Here’s our pick of 5 of the most fun fetish nights in and around London this June.

Femphasis, 15 July

Secret location

Femphasis is a fetish night, dedicated to creating a comfortable space for queer, femme identified humans, of all genders and anybody those queer femmes would like to bring along with them! There’s only 70 tickets available for the event though, so if you’d like to attend get in touch with the organisers who’ll chat to you to find out more about why you belong at Femphasis. Find out more via the link below.

Hellfire Club – SWISH SWIngers & fetISH, 15 July

Couples £45, Single ladies £15
Secret location

First timer looking to get into swinging? Hellfire Club provides an atmosphere where swingers can realise their erotic fantasies, and all are welcome, from occasional swingers to those just starting out. Everyone is encouraged to come along and enjoy the night, as long as you have an open mind.

Pup Out at The Three Tuns – Fetish Week Special, 15 July

(c) Pup Out

£5 or £3.00 with Puppy Pride ID free cloak room
Three Tuns, 36 Jewry Street, London, EC3N 2ET

An afternoon out for those who enjoy puppy play. To celebrate the tail end of London Fetish Week, the team are going all out with a matted area with a ball pit, lots of doggie toys, plenty of treats and a raffle to boot with special prices. Don’t forget to bring your Puppy Pride ID card, which will allow you to get a discount.

La Rose TS Club, 15 July

(c) La Rose

TV/TS £10, Gentlemen £20
Dalston, N16

Kinky Dolls launch party for T Girls and their fans. T Girls are encourage to come dressed, or changed at the venue. Perfect for newbies or experienced visitors, La Rose guarantees that they’ll make you feel at home in no time in their friendly crowd. Now in a new discreet venue a short walk from Dalston Station, there’ll be private rooms, a dancing area, a chill out lounge, a licensed bar and smoking area.

AcadaMay at Le Boudoir – Summer Ball, 20 July

Free for Mistresses, slaves pay!
Le Boudoir, E1

Return to AcadaMay’s beautiful venue at Le Boudoir, where you can pass the night away being served by their loyal slaves, swan around in ball gowns and dinner jackets, sipping drinks, nibbling delicacies from the finger buffet, and posing for professional photographs. ( with your permission of course!) Every sub is guaranteed private 1 to 1 time with every Mistress with a chance to explore their own personal fantasies

The dress code is black tie for men, with gowns preferred for the Mistresses but no one will turn you away if you turn up in Steampunk, Victorian or Goth attire. Just remember to be smart and splendid.

29Jun 2017

“I will have you under my thumb in seconds. I will dominate you on all levels; physically, intellectually and of course through my wicked sense of humour.”

Come and Meet Mistress Kali….

“There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than dominating my subs, watching you squirm, and us both deriving pleasure from it. Because pleasure is my paradise.”

This week, we have a special guest blog from one of our favourite Dominatrixes, Mistress Kali. She’s managed to spare us some of her very precious time to tell us this story from her archives…

Find out more about Mistress Kali

The boy shuffled into my office, eyes to the floor, lips quivering

The room was hot from the harsh sunlight beaming through my window. He knew from the moment I instructed him where to stand, that it was going to be a thorough and testing detention.

I knew exactly what his misdemeanour had been; he had been caught spying on two young men spanking a young woman in the empty changing rooms of the sports hall after school had finished. Nevertheless I enjoyed watching him squirm and explain to me every sordid detail while I considered what his punishment should be.

There were numerous shades of waywardness in his description. The feelings of desire coupled with shame as he had as he spied around the corner, the decision not to help the female student, the sordid drawings in the front of his Maths book. There were also details that I had heard from the head of P.E, which the young man omitted from his description, a cause for further punishment.

I instructed that he pull his trousers down, maintaining eye contact with me at all times.

I lined up my canes, from thickest to sharpest. As punishment for the decision to leave out certain details in his description, we began by testing each of these canes on him. Five Lashes Each.

And so the punishment ensued…

The detention lasted for one hour. The young man was exhausted, stilled, visibly relieved that he had paid penance for such mischief. Guilt can eat you up, I warn you, and it is never a bad idea to pay penance in the hands of a strict and thoughtful Head Mistress.

Come and visit Head Mistress Kali. You know where my office is.

The Basics

Domination Tribute: 1h: 200 / 1.5h: 280 / 2h: 400 / 3h: 560 / 6h: 1000 / 12h: 2000 Certain activities will be extra (e.g Kidnaps/HS)
Wrestling Session: 1h: 150
You will need to pay a deposit of £40 by the end of the day of booking to secure the space and my time.

The session will be in Seven Sisters unless we arrange otherwise. I will send you details when the deposit is made.
Please be courteous and inform me of any changes. It takes just one minute to let me know if you no longer want a session: no excuses (except for lack of brain cells!)

23Jun 2017

We love this new clip from the always impressive Pussy Willow…

Pussy Willow in Foot Slut

Watch as she dominates her foot slave, Jerome in this 11 minute video. First she sits on him and instructs him to clean her dirty feet with his tongue. He must remove all the dirt from her feet and from in-between her toes. Her requirement is that her feet should be sparkling at the end. But it seems that he’s not quite as good at it as she expects, and there are consequences.

First she decides to see if he can deep-throat her feet almost making him gag in the process and when he still doesn’t get it right, she starts face-slapping him hard using the soles of her feet. But then she moves on to one of her favourite pastimes face-sitting.

If you’re a fan of the wonderful Pussy Willow, you will enjoy the close-ups of her toned ass and thighs.

Watch here, follow Pussy Willow on Twitter or visit her website. Plus – coming soon, an amazing new clip where Pussy Willow takes her slave out and about in the countryside. Don’t forget, you can keep up with all our latest clips by following House of Serpent on Twitter, or having a look at our Clips4Sale page..

Got something specific in mind? Get in touch with us. We love filming custom videos for our fans, and making their fantasies come to life. Email theserpentrooms@gmail.com.

18Jun 2017

Having a well-stocked toy box is something we take very seriously down at The Serpent Rooms. It’s essential for making sure you have a visit which is memorable, fun, and allows you to live out your wildest fantasies.

If you’d like to play, get in touch: our prices are affordable starting from £80 for 2 hours, we’re young run, friendly, hygienic and of course, completely private. There’s off street parking as well, and we’re easily accessible by tube in north London….


These are our metal stocks. Medieval in style, you can’t help but be rendered completely immobile when your hands are locked into the cuffs at either end, while your neck stays firmly in the centre…. what could happen next?


Our gas mask is perfect for setting the scene, and even better for games and sessions that involve sensory deprivation. Your breathing will echo in your ears, your vision obstructed and the sensation of rubber close against your skin…



Our humbler is one you might not have seen before – perfect for ball torture and control, it screws securely around the testicles and locks,  leaving your victim secured in a very vulnerable position.


We think handcuffs are an essential part of anyone’s toybox. Our collection at the Serpent Room will leave you spoilt for choice – which one will you go for?


Our pussy/anal hook. We rather enjoy attaching this one to the ceiling. As you can imagine, victims can be left in quite the predicament….