A look at some of our favourite, custom clips featuring foot and boot worship, filmed in our delightful north London dungeon for hire.

Have a look, or get in touch to visit The Serpent Rooms yourself and live out your fantasies in the flesh….

Where are your balls? with Mistress Jade

In this 17 minute long video, Mistress Jade, wearing a sexy red leotard is ready for some ballbusting. Her victim, Dave, is collared and led into the dungeon whereupon he is chained to the dungeon wall. At first, Mistress Jade seems to have some difficulty locating Dave’s balls, but with a bit of perseverance, she finally finds them and sets to work, administering a lot of pain to Dave’s most sensitive parts.”I want to feel the pressure of your tongue through my boots”, she tells him. Of course Dave complies, but then with Jade standing over you, wouldn’t you?

The New Furniture with Lady Carla

Lady Carla is trying out some new chairs for her dungeon. Well, when we say chairs, we really mean Ricardo and Dennis (Lady Carla’s slaves). While one worships Lady Carla’s shoes, the other is the chair. Simple. There are some great shots of Lady Carla’s fabulous feet and calves.


The Twisted Interview with Lady Carla

Another clip from the stunning Lady Carla. In The Twisted Interview, Ricardo arrives for a job interview but it’s not quite what he expected. Instead of the usual office environment. Ricardo finds himself in Lady Carla’s dungeon. To make matters worse, Lady Carla dispenses with the usual mundane interview questions and decides that the best test to see if he’s suitable for the job is to have him worship her shoes. He’s keen to get the job. Need we say more?