“I will not hesitate to use my strength to overpower and restrain you if you step out of line. And once I have you in my clutches you will become weaker than ever.”

Meet Lady Carla

“My passion for the human body has lead me to have an extensive knowledge of what feels good. One of my many specialties is to combine pressure points with bondage and massage which will give you a unique exploration through pleasure and pain.”

For November, our Mistress of the Month is the gorgeous, extremely powerful Lady Carla who will have you under her control in moments thanks to her muscular physique. A wrestling expert, Lady Carla has an innate understanding of the human body, and will not hesitate to take advantage of you. Her main speciality is foot fetish, and she won’t hesitate to use her knowledge of the feet to manipulate you in to a position of true submission.

She is a martial arts experts, and from a young age has studied Muoi Thai, Judo Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiujitsu.

She also offers Double Domme sessions with other London Mistresses, for a truly mind blowing experience.

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Lady Carla doesn’t waste any time in Pressure Point Pain, and tramples all over the helpless Slave M in A Face Full of Feet. You can also watch her in A Treat for the Feet, in A Bit Tied Up with Mistress Pip in Henry Gets Trampled

Carla in training

“Her expertly trained foot, poised in a sharp sword edge, catches him squarely on the bridge of the nose, as her powerful attack follows right through to the back of his head as she extends her limb fully on impact, his nose shatters and explodes with blood. Carla’s feet are small and the red painted toes make them look so cute, however, years of shattering blocks and training barefoot has made them into the hardest of weapons. She intended to show him that fact.

The guy was in a world of pain now, against the dojo wall now with his hands in his bleeding face, distracted and Carla would use that to her advantage. She gave him a right cross punch that collided to the abdomen of the guy.

Carla was furious now and she just didn’t want to stop…every blow made her wetter… down below ! She continued the attack with some crescent kicks with the inside and the outside of her dusty, solid feet. The guy just could not prevent them striking his face again and again. The impact of the bare feet knocked him sideward and back again, Whap, Whap !

Carla knows that she must finish him right now.

Without even looking through his beaten eyes, he launched a random kick… Carla easily caught hold of and held his foot in one hand and in a flowing movement she twisted it violently, using her leg to sweep his from under him…he crashed down onto the mat. Carla’s leg went up again, right up, vertically, she screamed out a KKIIIIIAAAHHHH and pulled her foot back and dropped a tough calloused heel onto his now vulnerable back. The crack was loud…. “OHHHH that must have hurt” she exclaimed!

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