19Dec 2017

Trying to do that last minute shopping for a special friend, but not entirely sure what to get them?

WOur wonderful swinghy not treat them to a once-in-a-lifetime booking at London’s friendliest dungeon, The Serpent Rooms?

Visit the Serpent Rooms

It’s guaranteed to be a totally unforgettable experience, not least of all due to our amazing collection of top quality equipment, which we regularly expand and of course, lovingly maintain for your pleasure.

We have several rooms for you to enjoy, from our padded room with restraints to two other fully equipped dungeon rooms complete with toys like our inversion table, our cage, our throne and our brand new, extra special bondage interrogation chair from Fetters.

An overnight stay at the Serpent Rooms starts from just £150, and includes a double bed with linen included – so why not skip the hotel and book yourself in for an unforgettable evening?

Our toys

Some of the things you’ll get to play with include

  • Brand new canes
  • Brand new paddles
  • Inflatable rubber hoods
  • Gas mask
  • Massage table
  • Hospital restraints
  • Folding double bed
  • Pussy/anal hook
  • Ropes, chains, cuffs
  • Spreader bars
  • Gags (jennings, inflatable, bits, ball)

Want to know more? Check our list of some of our top toys, or get in touch with us if you have a special request you’d like to check in advance.

How to get here

We’re located in a very easy-to-reach spot in North London, within walking distance of the Victoria Line with very fast links to central London. There’s also off-road parking.

When you arrive

When you arrive at the Serpent Rooms, you’ll be welcomed by your friendly host, and shown around the premises. When you hire us out, you have total, exclusive use of the entire building – so you’re free to relax, left to your own devices, for a totally private, memorable experience.

If you’re planning a longer visit, then there’s toilet and shower room as well as a mini kitchen and coffee making facilities, plus a double bed with bedding and sheets provided. Each room has music players with MP3 docking stations and a selection of music to chose from.


Two hour bookings are preferred and the cost for two hours for hire of all the rooms is £80.

Each additional hour is £30 per hour. So three hours is £110, four hours is £140, five hours is £170.

An all day booking (8 hours, 9am -5pm) can be arranged for £200 for the day. Longer bookings can be negotiated.


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02Dec 2017

A look back at some of our favourite House of Serpent clips featuring some of London’s most beautiful Mistresses, restraints, and sweet, agonising tickling.

The Ticklish Slave Girl Part 1

Mistress Pip doesn’t hold back when putting one of her poor slave girls through an intense tickle torture session

The slave girl’s arms are securely restrained above her head with suspension cuffs, and her legs are restrained with a spreader bar and so she is unable to offer any resistance, as Mistress Pip seeks out the most sensitive, ticklish spots. And just as you think it can’t get any more intense, Mistress Pip changes tactics to use a feather instead.

Tickling the Sub Girl

With Mistress Pip and Mistress Kali in control, we almost feel sorry for their helpless, totally restrained sub… 

Already secured to the bed, the two Mistresses start by silencing their Sub with a ball gag and a hood. At first, the sub girl tries to resist the ball gag, but that’s really not an option against one experienced Mistress, let alone two. And with the ball gag in place, they move to their next task and apply some incredible toe bondage, with each toe individually stretched back to provide maximum access to the sensitive soles.

Watch now

A Ticklish Situation

Totally secured and absolutely helpless, Henry doesn’t stand a chance against tickle torture expert Mistress Pip

With Henry securely strapped down with medical restraints in preparation for one of Mistress Pip’s famous tickling sessions, the outcome is a foregone conclusion. Henry struggles desperately to escape the relentless tickle torture but the restraints hold fast and there is nothing he can do. This is sensory overload at its finest and will appeal to anyone who wants to see a guy pushed to the limit by a beautiful mistress.

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Tickle Torture

Lady Carla and Mistress Pip show no mercy to their helplessly restrained sub. 

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be tickled relentlessly by two beautiful mistresses at the same time? Well, Tom is about to find out. Securely strapped down with the medical restraints, there is no escape, as Lady Carla and Mistress Pip search out the most ticklish parts of his body. And they just don’t stop! After what seems like an age (well for Tom at least), the two mistresses finally decide that their job is done and exit from the room leaving him restrained and promising that they will be back later to dish out yet more tickle torture.

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24Nov 2017

Like most people, we love a good party, especially now the nights are so much more deliciously longer. But sometimes we also like to learn a few new skills, meet some likeminded souls and explore the more conscious side of kink by attending workshops and munches.

Here’s a pick of some of the more mind-expanding events in London that you could head along to and learn a few new tricks. And after you’re finished, why not book a session at The Serpent Rooms for you and a special friend to explore your skills…

1 December

Coco de Mer Salons – Seductress in the Bedroom
7-9pm, £95, Soho

Burlesque star Miss Polly Rae has been thrilling audiences with her alluring brand of striptease for over 10 years. Well versed in the art, she excels in inspiring women to release their sexual inhibitions in a practical way that you can call on, time and time again.

Throughout the course of the Salon, you will explore your seduction techniques and learn the art in a relaxed, interactive environment, with plenty of Coco de Mer lingerie on hand to inspire and delight.

More information

2 December

Take the Reigns (weekend-long event)
2-3 December, £260-£180, Stoke Newington

Take an exhilarating journey into female erotic leadership and become the authentically dominant woman you’ve always dreamed of being. Join Marti at her first solo London workshop in London: a brand-new, carefully-tailored journey into power and surrender. They’ll use BDSM as a tool and explore its infinite depths to find the kind of empowerment which can reach way beyond your sex-life. Take The Reins is an invitation to take life into your own hands and take responsibility for your boundaries, pleasure and wellbeing.

This workshop is for women and all those with other identities such as non-binary and gender fluid, who are also subject to the challenges associated with being read as female in the world.

More information

3 December

London Alternative Market
12pm – 10.30pm, varies, The City

Back once again is everyone’s favourite shopping spot, the London Alternative Market or LAM for short. There will be stalls, stands and every manner of trader supplied with everything for all your kinky needs. Take part in the free prize draw, try some cake, meet like minded kinksters and stay for the afterparty…

More information

9 December

Under 35s munch
6-11pm, free, The City

The popular London Under 35s weekend drinkies crowd are busy again, inviting all friendly kinksters to come down, drink, eat and have fun with the loveliest crowd going. Everyone is welcome regardless of age, if your partner is under 35 and you are over, you’re still welcome to join.

More information

10 December

Peer rope sutton
2-7pm, £10, Sutton

A Sutton-based rope jam with plenty of floor space and multiple suspension points, heavy mats, rope and safety bits to buy and D620 will be able to take you through safety and rope basics, while Plus_1 and dilligaff will be around to lend some sage like advice for shibari.

More information


21 December

Wagging tails, wet noses
7-9.30pm, free, Warren Street,

This is the the munch for anyone who loves coffee, cake and pet play, so come on down if you like dressing as an adorable animal and getting cuddles, drinking coffee and eating cake whilst petting some nuzzly creatures, or you just want to relax after a long day of work!

Spend this evening in your finest pet play attire, and forget that you have work the next day and come along to Coffee, Cake and Kisses for a night of puuuuurfection!!! (Sorry, had to be done!)

Fun and games start officially at 7pm, but feel free to come early for some wonderful food and lovely service!

More information 


17Nov 2017

The weather’s on the turn again, which means even though it’s cold outside, the nights are long, dark and full of naughty ways to help us warm up… 

Here’s our pick of some upcoming fetish and kink events in London, November to December 2017. We’ve also included a few outside of London, because sometimes it’s worth going that extra mile…

19 November

Chardmore Society – Clothed Male – Naked Female
3pm – 8pm, £50 per couple, £25 per single woman, Sutton

This is an exclusive party for couples into “CMnf”. The men are all elegantly dressed in suits, evening wear or smart uniforms. Their women are naked, apart from high heels, stockings, etc. Very skimpy and revealing lingerie is permitted. Women may be on a collar and leash. The dress code is obligatory. No-one is admitted who is not properly dressed.

In the dungeon, they have a cage, a sybian, a handheld f-machine, monkey rocker, orgasm tower, etc. Trusted rope bondage master David E will be on hand to help and advise as required.

More information

25 November

(c) The Gate Club 2017

The Inner Circle at Demonics Dungeon
9pm – 3am, £20 per couple, Dartford Crossing

The Inner Circle is a new strictly Dom Male/sub female event from The Gate Club team. “Demonic’s Dungeon” spans four floors with two fully equipped dungeons with a Pandora’s box of toys for you to use and try out. That includes a suspension winch (alongside many other items of adult furniture and a good selection of toys), while their top floor play space is a fully-equipped medical wing, complete with examination chair and a glass walled bathroom – which doubles as a wet room for showers, watersports and anything else you can think of!

More information

25 November

(c) London Alternative Market 2017

London Alternative Market
12pm – 10.30pm, varies, The City

Back once again is everyone’s favourite shopping spot, the London Alternative Market or LAM for short. There will be stalls, stands and every manner of trader supplied with everything for all your kinky needs. Take part in the free prize draw, try some cake, meet like minded kinksters and stay for the afterparty…


More information

15 December

Club Femdom
10pm – 4am, £30 adv/£35 otd, Lewisham

Femdom lovers take note – this one is for you. The Femdom Club celebrates the supremacy of the Female Dominant. The emphasis will be on style, glamour and high protocol service. ‘Club Femdom’ is back to continue its mission to provide a Femdom club that positively promotes, teaches and supports the Femdom lifestyle. Dress code is fetish or glamour – minimum smart black for the boys (with collar!)

More information

17 December

Pan People – Afternoon Play Party – Christmas Spank Off
3pm – 8pm, £15 entry, £5 membership, Camden

A new, queer members only play party. If you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, asexual, queer, male, female, transgender, transvestite, cross dresser, two spirit, androgynous, gender fluid, intersex, pangender, non binary, other, a panty wearer or identify as a doughnut, as long as you’re a nice person, you are welcome to come and play with like minded people. Bringing kinky and sexually liberated people together in a social and sex positive environment. Join them for their Christmas Spank Off!

More information

14Nov 2017

“I will not hesitate to use my strength to overpower and restrain you if you step out of line. And once I have you in my clutches you will become weaker than ever.”

Meet Lady Carla

“My passion for the human body has lead me to have an extensive knowledge of what feels good. One of my many specialties is to combine pressure points with bondage and massage which will give you a unique exploration through pleasure and pain.”

For November, our Mistress of the Month is the gorgeous, extremely powerful Lady Carla who will have you under her control in moments thanks to her muscular physique. A wrestling expert, Lady Carla has an innate understanding of the human body, and will not hesitate to take advantage of you. Her main speciality is foot fetish, and she won’t hesitate to use her knowledge of the feet to manipulate you in to a position of true submission.

She is a martial arts experts, and from a young age has studied Muoi Thai, Judo Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiujitsu.

She also offers Double Domme sessions with other London Mistresses, for a truly mind blowing experience.

Watch Lady Carla on Clips4Sale

Lady Carla doesn’t waste any time in Pressure Point Pain, and tramples all over the helpless Slave M in A Face Full of Feet. You can also watch her in A Treat for the Feet, in A Bit Tied Up with Mistress Pip in Henry Gets Trampled

Carla in training

“Her expertly trained foot, poised in a sharp sword edge, catches him squarely on the bridge of the nose, as her powerful attack follows right through to the back of his head as she extends her limb fully on impact, his nose shatters and explodes with blood. Carla’s feet are small and the red painted toes make them look so cute, however, years of shattering blocks and training barefoot has made them into the hardest of weapons. She intended to show him that fact.

The guy was in a world of pain now, against the dojo wall now with his hands in his bleeding face, distracted and Carla would use that to her advantage. She gave him a right cross punch that collided to the abdomen of the guy.

Carla was furious now and she just didn’t want to stop…every blow made her wetter… down below ! She continued the attack with some crescent kicks with the inside and the outside of her dusty, solid feet. The guy just could not prevent them striking his face again and again. The impact of the bare feet knocked him sideward and back again, Whap, Whap !

Carla knows that she must finish him right now.

Without even looking through his beaten eyes, he launched a random kick… Carla easily caught hold of and held his foot in one hand and in a flowing movement she twisted it violently, using her leg to sweep his from under him…he crashed down onto the mat. Carla’s leg went up again, right up, vertically, she screamed out a KKIIIIIAAAHHHH and pulled her foot back and dropped a tough calloused heel onto his now vulnerable back. The crack was loud…. “OHHHH that must have hurt” she exclaimed!

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03Nov 2017

One of the things that sets The Serpent Rooms apart from other dungeons, (and no doubt helped earn us a spot in Fetish.com’s top 10 dungeons in London, is our exquisitely stocked, and diligently maintained, toybox.

Here are just a couple of our most recent additions.

Don’t forget, you can see a more extensive list of the kind of kit that we offer on this page. Make sure you follow us on Twitter for more updates on our equipment.

Follow @theserpentrooms on Twitter

13 new canes

First up – 13 amazing new canes. Perfect for short sharp strikes to backs, thighs, or anywhere else you can think of. Oh, we just love spanking….

13 new canes for your enjoyment….

New butt plugs, paddles and restraints

We’ve just added these wonderful new paddles, restraints and butt plugs to our arsenal of gear. Believe us, you can have a lot of fun with these things – particularly if you’re using them all at the same time….

Which of these would you like to play with the most?

And finally.. our incredible new bondage/interrogation chair

Our favourite new piece of equipment in the Serpent Rooms has to be our brand new bondage/interrogation chair from Fetters. There’s so much fun you can have with this one… particularly if you like roleplay.


20Oct 2017

It’s getting darker out and Halloween is approaching. Head along to one of London’s many fetish nights this October to celebrate… 

(c) 2017 Legs 800

Friday 21 October

Hellfire Club – SWISH SWIngers & fetISH
9.30pm-3am, Couples £45, Single ladies £15, Sunbury-on-Thames

Hellfire Club brings together swingers together in an atmosphere where they can realise their erotic fantasies. Perfect for occasional swingers or just curious, as long as you have an open mind, you will have a great time.

If you are first timers, there is no need to worry, we are all friendly and there is never any pressure to participate!

More info

Saturday 26 August

Night of the Cane
9pm-3am, £20, New Cross

The Firm’s celebration of severe corporal punishment, with school classes, workshops, and the competition for the Annual Golden Cane Award.

The evening will include: School Classes, Teaching Workshops, Annual Caning Competition with Celebrity judges, and lots more, including Bonfire Night Buffet and fireworks!

More info

Thursday 26 October

Legs800 Club
9pm-3am, T Girls £10, Admirers £15 , Walthamstow

Legs800 is a place for all T girls and Admirers to relax and party the night away .. and is hosted by “Terry & Stuart” Full changing facilities for all T girls, private lockers and plenty of lovely mirrors to look your best!

More information

Friday 27 October

AcadaMay Underground
6-10pm, POA, Baker Street

AcadaMay Underground is a very private FemDomme event held in a secret subterranean location.The dungeon is a very discreet designer space just a short walk from Baker Street. It is well equipped with separated play areas, clean but austere. Imagine a custom built interrogation block in pre-war Germany.

Every Domme is asked to bring their own sub/s. They can be shared by all the participating Mistresses if so desired.

There will be a couple of places for single subs, male or female. They will be able to book a slot or attend for the whole duration.

More information

Saturday 28 October

Torture Garden – Halloween Ball @ Coronet
10pm-3am, £25, Elephant and Castle

The world’s largest fetish club Torture Garden is back with another huge party. Events feature 3 – 6 themed rooms, radical performance art, body ritual, fashion shows, burlesque cabaret, live music, art installations, eclectic music and an enforced fantasy dress code.

More information

Femdom Munch
5-11pm, £65, Finsbury Park

The Femdom Munch takes place every last Saturday of the month in Central London in a friendly environment, a setting that leaves room for conversations and added Ds. This munch is for everyone interested in the Femdom lifestyle, no matter if you are a nervous newbie, or experienced lifestyler!


More information


28Sep 2017

“I love to clamp my slaves helplessly between my powerful thighs as I torture and tease them. I will have you grovelling at my beautiful feet and worshipping whatever I demand.”

Meet Mistress Pip

“If you are genuinely interested in exploring the world of BDSM then I am the person for you. My background is in wrestling so I am strong and toned, and being in control comes naturally and easily.”

This month, our Mistress that we’d like to shine the spotlight on is none other than Mistress Pip. Highly trained in wrestling and a natural dominant, Mistress Pip is an expert in mental and physical manipulation and will have no trouble taking complete control of you. She specialises in speciality sessions, particularly kidnapping and of course, tickling.

Kidnapping sessions

Mistress Pip specialises in a number of sessions, particularly kidnapping, where you will be captured and taken away, and interrogated along with another strict, beautiful Domme.

Watch custom tickling clips

Mistress Pip is also a highly trained expert in tickle torture – one of our favourites here in the Serpent Rooms. You can watch her in action in The Ticklish Slave Girl, Tickling the Sub Girl  and The Intruder Gets Punished

“See you later, sissy”

What’s it like when you visit Mistress Pip?  Read on for an excerpt of a silly, late sissy who foolishly ran late, or have a look at more on Mistress Pip’s website. 

“My regular slave came through the door.
“I’m running late,” I said. “I’m going to take a shower and get ready. You may as well make yourself useful and clean the toilet”

“Don’t forget I have high standards and you’ll be punished if I’m not happy”

I undressed and happily took my shower knowing that he was eagerly trying to please me by scrubbing the toilet next door; a job well suited to a slave like him.

I took my time getting myself ready and picked a lacy black and pink lingerie set with stockings.

His mouth dropped to the floor when he looked up at my body which towered threateningly over him. “I’ve missed you” he whimpered.

I inspected the toilet. “Still as useless as ever, I see…. STRIP!” I ordered.

“Now hoover all the floors” I grabbed a paddle and took great pleasure in slapping his white arse as he tried to redeem himself with the cleaning tasks.

I laughed as he chased around the room with the hoover flinching every time I struck him. Once I had had my fun here I decided it was time for the real punishment to commence and so we went through into the dungeon.

I punished his arse and back and legs hard with several different canes and floggers and in various positions. Slave took the beating very well, for once, it seems like this slave has turned over a new leaf for the new year and is taking his submission to his Mistress Pip more seriously than ever.
Good boy.

I kicked him out the door once I was satisfied than he, arse was red and purple enough for my liking.
“See you next week, sissy.”


17Sep 2017

One of our favourite events is back….

(c) Femdom Ball

The Femdom Ball 2017 is back once again on 7 October, and we couldn’t be more excited. Not only will many of our favourite Mistresses be there, including several that we work with, but this time around we’ve been promised a human raffle, plus a sinful after party with automatic entry for everyone who was in attendance at the ball.

Gentlemen who have a ticket can also show their devotion by signing up to sponsor a Mistress from the list on this page. The process will involve providing their Mistress with a ticket, and arranging her transport to and from the venue.

That’s in a secret location, but more information will be revealed to ticketholders as the night approaches, and you’ll all be welcomed with a glass of champagne from the slaves and maids in waiting.

Slaves will be required to wear their collar and leash at all times, and masks – until given permission to remove them. Of course, slaves will not be allowed on the furniture at any time, and may only speak when spoken to.

Entertainment is TBC, but if the previous years are anything to go by, you won’t be disappointed.

Only a few weeks to go. Perhaps we’ll see you there.