04Sep 2014



Get excited, London Fetish Weekend is here! When we’re not busy dusting the whips, shining the dildos and hanging up the gags, there’s nothing the SR team love more then strutting our stuff at London’s best fetish events and this weekend is one of the best for a fantastic variety of fetish and bdsm community, clubs, pubs, play time and hook ups.

In its 7th year, the London Fetish Weekend hosts 4 days of the best fetish event’s. Here are some of the event’s which The Serpent Room’s recommend for kinky fun this weekend!

Friday 5th September, Torture Garden,  Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens St London EC1V 1NQ10pm – 5am. Nearest tube: Angel, Tickets: Advance: £29

Saturday 6th September, London Alternative Market, The Galleon Suite, Imperial Hotel, Russell Square, London WC1B 5B 12pm – 6pm.  Nearest Tube: Russell Square. Tickets: £6 adv/£8 otd

Sunday 7th Sept, Kinky ‘Kodak Moments’ Bus Tour, On a special London Bus with an onboard bar!! –pick up and drop off at The Bar, 1 America Square, London, EC3N 2LS, Bus LEAVES at 4.30pm – 6.30pm return. Tickets: Adv: £20 (includes a free glass of bubbly on board).

For more information about the great event’s happening all weekend head on over to: http://www.londonfetishweekend.com

27Aug 2014

There’s nothing we love more than devoted fans of The Serpent Rooms and in this blog we wanted to share with you how to become a Dungeon Devotee.


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13Aug 2014

Today we are exploring getting all tied up; the transfer of control and power.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than tying up your sub, lover or partner. Or perhaps you are the one who likes to be all tied up?

We’ve picked some of our favourite online bondage website resources as a guide for those who are interested in bondage, want to learn more about the art of Shibari, or indeed find others with similar interests.


tiemeupnow.com is a great website with some unusual features. It openly discusses the difficulties one might find in finding partners into bondage on online dating sites. The website provides information on bondage dating sites, with reviews and warnings about the good, the bad or the ugly.

tiemeupnow.com also provides a great bondage 101 with information and tips provided by the website editors from their own personal experience in rigging.


submissiveguide.com is a great resource for those wishing to explore bdsm.
The rope bondage page of the website provides background information on the different types or styles of rope bondage.

The page includes information about the differences between american or western style, Japanese style or Shibari, suspension bondage, speed bondage as well as providing important information on bondage safety.

The page also has some great links to essays, websites and video tutorials.


A.M. Wyckid’s Erotic Word-Forge website, has a Shibari page called Jack’s Shibari Curriculum.
This provides great introduction page with information on safety, rope and knots.

Following the introduction, the website features techniques with five instructional sessions with photo’s and and detailed advice.

The website also provides a resource library of articles, links to books, links to suppliers and links to instructional web videos.


Bounduk.net is the website for a regular bi monthly Shibari workshop event’s which take place in London. Bound is produced to inspire enthusiasts of Japanese rope bondage (shibari) and increase the awareness of the general public of this increasingly popular performance art and means of erotic communication.

Bound is hosted by Esinem a renowned Shibari artist in conjunction with The Flying Dutchman(FDL) and artists Nina Russ, Gorgone and Mosaru.

Bound is a fantastic opportunity for those based in or around London to be able to get practical experience and phenomenal teaching in the art of Shibari, from expert teachers.

The next Bound workshop will be taking place on Friday the 5th of September, check the Bound website for more information.

14Jul 2014

The Mistress Review


The Serpent Rooms presents Mistress Review – July. In June Mistress Kali returned to the UK, after some time abroad, and here at The Serpent Room’s Dungeon we have been very excited about her return to London and our fetish community.

Here is some more information about the beautiful Mistress Kali:

Name: Mistress Kali

About : Mistress Kali has been a dominatrix for 8 years and has recently returned to London after 3 years abroad. Mistress Kali has worked her subs, in London, New York, Paris and Berlin. Mistress Kali is a ruthless and experienced dominatrix and nothing gives her more pleasure than inflicting pain and humiliation on her subs.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KaliDomina

Website: http://www.mistress-kali.co.uk/



23Jun 2014

Great Fetish and BDSM blogs for beginners

If you are new to the fetish scene or have recently been exploring your fetish and bdsm fantasies you will be able to find some great websites and blogs on-line, which can help you explore the fetish world and community.

Here are some of our favourite blogs which give information, videos, tutorials, advice and tips for those of us who have left their vanilla life behind to go beyond the kink!

A Submissive’s Initiative:

“The goal of A Submissive’s Initiative is to make BDSM approachable, understandable and fun through practical daily advice, accessible educational resources and a warm, family-style atmosphere.”

A blog which was started in 2012, A Submissive’s Initiative is an on-line resource, containing fun and educational information and articles for those who are BDSM curious.

We personally enjoyed photo articles such as their rope bondage tutorials and the blog collections such as BDSM for Beginners and BDSM basics.


The Kink Academy

“Whether you’re single or a new couple looking to set the foundation for a life-time of hot kinky experiences or you’ve been together for a long time and want to find new activities and inspirations.”

The Kink Academy is a website, which hosts an on-line video tutorial library, webinairs and articles, to guide you through sex, kink and bdsm. The videos are straight forward, up front and educational. There are also a wide range of exotic interests and edge play video’s so everyone can find information on all area’s that interest them.


The Submissive Guide

“Mentoring, self help and submissive exploration”

The Submissive Guide was set up to provide practical advice, self taught training and information for submissives and those interested in learning more about BDSM. The Submissive guide contains articles, links to other blogs, videos and reviews. 


The Dominant Guide

“Dominant Guide hopes to help the many Dominants out there get the same sort of advice, useful knowledge and community. We want to help you find your voice, learn your skills and get in touch with your dominant mind so that you can be the best dominant you can be.”

Inspired by the success of the Submissive Guide, The Dominant Guide website was set up to provide a similar resource of information for Dominants. Dominant Guide is all about helping you to: Learn about BDSM and D/s relationships, gain knowledge in your favorite play  activities, share advice and knowledge with other dominants, work through the struggles and difficulty that comes with being dominant and connect with your inner voice to touch your dominant mindset










15Jun 2014

When we’re not busy working and playing in the Dungeon, all of us here at The Serpent Rooms, enjoy going out and meeting other like minded Kinksters on the London Fetish Scene.

London fetish social event’s such as Munches, are a great way to introduce you to the scene and fetish community, meet like mined people, make new friends and explore new relationship and interactions.

Here are a few great fetish social event’s we think are well worth going too;, London Fetish Munches and Gatherings.

The Putney Munch

If you live in South or South West London there is a great regular Munch meet up on the first Thursday of every month at the Bricklayers Arms in Putney.

The Munch is held at a regular pub, and is very much a casual, non play, social event to meet like minded friends. As the Munch does not have exclusive use of the bar, the organisers ask that you dress appropriately, and leave the latex and fetish gear at home for the night!

Those who attend the Putney Munch are a very welcoming group and this is definitely a great event to attend.



The Docklands Munch

The Docklands Munch is held every second Monday of the month at The Ledger Building, West India Quay in South East London.

The Docklands Munch has been running for over 9 years, and is a regular meeting place for Kinksters based around South East London and other parts of London too!

The Docklands Munch is non play, informal event to bring the fetish community together. The group meet in a pub and have a booked room, where the Munch is held.

After running for 9 years, the Docklands Munch has built up a great community of friends and is a wonderful way to meet others, ask questions and get information about the fetish scene in London.



Fetish Week – London

Fetish week London, is the biggest Gay Fetish Week in the UK. Running from the 8th to the 14th of July, a whole host of different events are hosted in Venues in central London.

Fetish Week event’s include social pub meet ups, workshops and club events. This week is a great introduction to the London Gay Fetish scene and there is definitely plenty of fun and opportunities for play.


The Camden Crunch

The Camden Crunch meet on the third Friday of every Month at Lock17

The CRUNCH’s raison d’etre is to be a flippin good night out. It is completely not for profit, and exists for the good of the kink/fetish/alternative community. In 2010 the CRUNCH founders had an idea for event that was basically what they wanted from a good Friday night out.

The Camden Crunch, is not a Fetish Club, or a Munch, but something a little bit in between. Hence the name “Crunch”. It is both a social experience and a party.










09Apr 2014

The Serpent Rooms is based in London, a great city which has a busy and active Fetish and
BDSM community as we have decided The Serpent Rooms visits London’s best Fetish shops.  As well as London’s great  fetish clubs and social munch events, we are also surrounded by some excellent fetish shops and  we have compiled our top 5 London based fetish and sex shops that we think are well worth a visit.

1.  Expectations
Shorditch, London

Trading now for over 30 years in the Shoreditch district of London, Expectations is the
Capital’s largest and most popular store for leather and rubber mens wear gear, sex toys
and accessories. Renowned for its service standards and wide range of products, the
store also offers a unique and unrivaled made to measure service.

2.  Sh!

Hoxton Sq.London

The first ever female-­focussed sex shop in the UK ( and the first boutique ­style erotic store
too!) Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium was established on 1st April 1992 as an antidote to
sleazy sex shops and has since trail blazed the way for the whole of the sex industry to
take a giant u-­turn in how it views women’s sexuality.

3.  Breathless

Euston, London

A great store for all lovers of latex couture and alternative fashion. This store is dedicated
to men’s and women’s latex fashion and accessories. Where you can try things on, get
honest and friendly advice, and use the fitting and made to measure services, to fine tune
your personal design.

4.  Honour

Waterloo, London

Established since 1988, Honour is now a world leading brand.  Honour has a huge range
of affordable fetish fashion, costumes,  accessories and sex toys. The shop stocks
costumes and fetish fashion in a great range of sizes going up to Size 26. So there is
definitely something for everyone.


5.  Coco de Mer

Covent Garden, London

Coco de Mer is London’s leading luxury erotic emporium. Celebrating sexual liberation
with an eccentric British heritage and renowned for quality style, beautiful products and
provocative offbeat expression. The shop has designer lingerie and fetish accessories,
bejewelled sex toys and a book range including vintage pornography and erotica.


6 .Regulation

Angel, London

Regulation has over 20 year experience in manufacturing and retailing male fetish clothing & accessories in the UK. Established in 1991, they specialise in high quality latex & leather clothing, bondage equipment, toys and first rate customer service.