Last year, we decided to reward our fans and followers with a naughty pre-Christmas treat – a sumptuous video featuring the gorgeous Mistress Pip and her close friend Mistress Kali.

You can expect all kinds of delicious games from the duo, from tickling to face-sitting, and even some clothes pegs. What starts as simply getting ready for a fun night on the town quickly degrades into something much more fun….

Mistress Pip describes what happens:

Kali is the first to initiate play and begins to tease me with her long tickling fingers, poking and provoking me. As many of you are aware, we are both huge tickle fanatics and there was no way I was going to let Kali get away with it. Before we knew it both our bath towels had come off, we were both topless on the bed and the tickling commenced. Because Kali is more ticklish than I am, she needed to resort to other tactics. Suddenly she had tied me up and was face-sitting me wearing nothing but a skimpy thong. I tried to resist, although we were both having too much fun to fight back that much! At one point we both end up with clothes pegs on our nipples! How did that happen 😉 ? We love to play with each other, now is your chance to get an insight into the close and special relationship we have. Mistresses as you’ve never seen them.

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