09Jun 2015
Review 20 The Serpent Rooms Dungeon for hire in London
I often stay overnight in London hotels but this time I decided to stay at The Serpent Rooms.  After all, it is less expensive than most hotels and has all the BDSM equipment you will ever need and much more. With free parking outside and the Seven Sisters tube station nearby, I saw no reason to use a hotel.
Mistress and I parked on the road right outside the dungeon.
We were greeted by the smiling, friendly owner who showed us around and answered any questions we had then left us to enjoy the premises overnight.
We decided to explore the premises and equipment before doing anything else.
Naturally we made for the main dungeon room first. This room is packed with bondage equipment, cages, restraints, hoists, whips, canes, floggers, electrics, needles etc., etc., etc.
We went upstairs and checked out the bedroom.  Apart from the freshly made up double bed, there is a cage and some restraint chains. With the lights out, the room is pitch black. The lighting is atmospheric.
There is a well padded wrestling room that we weren’t interesting in using but it’s there if you like wrestling.
There is a mini kitchen, toilet and shower.
Everything is spotlessly clean and sterilised. Very impressive.
We made something to eat and a cup of tea then set about enjoying a session in the dungeon. The session lasted for around 4 hours and we only used a fraction of the available equipment.
Due to the comfortable bed and the fact that the room is completely dark with the lights out, we slept like logs for the rest of the night.
In the morning, we showered and ate breakfast then let ourselves out, although I had a long lingering look around before leaving.
The night was special. The best night I’ve ever had in my life and that’s saying something.
From now on, whenever I spend overnight in London I will check to see if The Serpent Rooms are available first.  I would always rather stay there than in a hotel.
Thank you, you have created something of which you can be truly proud.
18Mar 2015

The Serpent Rooms London Dungeon Rental – Review 19

I visited The Serpent Rooms to do a photoshoot with a well known London Mistress who uses The Serpent Rooms to session in.

As a northerner, I don’t normally drive in London. I certainly wouldn’t drive in or anywhere near central London. I was advised by the lovely owner that getting there is easy and there is plenty of free parking. She was right. It didn’t take me long to get there from the M1, and there was indeed plenty of free parking in a nice area. I felt comfortable leaving my car on the road.

The Mistress I was taking photos of and I were greeted by the smiling dungeon owner, who spent time chatting with us and making us tea, before showing us around and explaining how the equipment worked. The owner is really friendly, and she has lovingly created a fantastic dungeon. There is a BDSM themed bedroom and a padded wrestling area for those who enjoy wrestling in their sessions.

The dungeon room is impressively kitted out with high quality equipment. You could easily spend all day and all night in there and not use everything. It is exactly the kind of place I would like to session in, and I will be doing that ASAP! 🙂

Everything is kept spotlessly clean and in its place. Although it is a dungeon, it is intimate, warm and inviting, unlike some of the cold clinical establishments I sometimes come across.

The bedroom contains a double bed with bondage accroutrements and there is a cage in the room too.

The padded wrestling room is ideal for anyone who enjoys wrestling, whether as part of a BDSM session or for more serious wrestling.

There is a kitchen with fridge and cooking area, so you could stay here all day or all night (or both!) and be self sufficient. Tea and coffee are provided. There are several types of tea, so clearly a lot of thought has gone into the dungeon and the people who use it.

At just £70 for 2 hours use of all the rooms, this is amazing value.

The Mistress and I had a fantastic photo shoot and we really loved the time we spent there.

If you want to hire a dungeon in London, I heartily recommend The Serpent Rooms

22Jan 2015

Review 18 The Serpent Rooms: Dungeon for hire in London

A joint review from Yorkshire’s Glamour & Sparkle.

Master Glamour says: I chose The London Serpent Rooms after reading some reviews online and exchanging emails with the Dungeon keeper. The dungeon is very convenient to the tube network and the booking process was simple with great communications all along.
On arrival I was aware that we would be met outside and this only meant a few moments loitering on the pavement. Our tour was brief but comprehensive and then we were left alone to explore and play. We booked 4 hours and this was perfect for a first visit. We had plenty of time to try out what we wanted to and everything was to hand and working fine. All in all two very satisfied customers emerged a few short hours later.

Kitten Sparkle says:
I was lucky to visit the serpent rooms with my master as a treat and loved the layout of the dungeon. The wall shackles and spanking bench were definitely my favourite. The collection of whips, rope, and especially toys was amazing and I felt spoilt for choice 🙂
The serpent rooms also came with its own mini kitchen for a tea break and shower room for afterwards. There was also a bedroom upstairs which looked nice but we didn’t get chance to use it.
I definitely want to visit again and would recommend to people who need some private space for playtime 🙂

25Apr 2014

Review 16 The Serpent Rooms: Dungeon for hire in London

Not having hired a dungeon before we were really happy with the location and the equipment to hand, we had great fun trying out the toys, whips and furniture. It was great having access to a violet wand.
Will be recommending to friends and will book again.
Thanks Bella.

16Apr 2014

Being a relatively new thing for us, we wanted to explore bdsm/ sub/dom play a bit more and thought we needed a new environment to encourage us further and to also provide us with new things and apparatus to try.

After being let down by numerous other places who wouldnt even respond to an email(to the point we had pretty much given up) we came across The Serpent Rooms.  From first contact we were put at ease and told a 2 hour session would be a great way to explore – so we took the advice and booked just that.

Upon turning up we were given instructions to call and were met near the venue.  The venue itself is hidden away from prying eyes so no need to worry about people watching your comings and goings.

We were led into the venue and given a brief tour of the place and had a few bits and pieces explained to us.  This was extremely important as it was our first ever visit to a dungeon and there were a wild array of things to try – the intro def calmed our nerves as i could imagine being sent in alone would have been a bit overwhelming.

Once we were alone we started to explore and play – and yes being in such an environment DEF brought out a different side to our play as we used the various toys (of which there are many) to enhance and challenge our sexual behaviours.

We have a real issue with cleanliness – but The Serpent Rooms were absolutely spotless, and the equipment all well maintained.  In terms of equipment, there was a huge variety of items for us to try – and having things there that we had never seen before (let alone used) definately sparked the imagination.  Our belief is that the environment your in changes the way you play – and the environment in The Serpent Room was calm and relaxed, but left you in no doubt that this was a dungeon designed for sexual deviancy.

We learnt huge amount about ourselves and our likes from the 2 hours (which was the perfect amount of time for our first time) and definately want to return to push our boundaries further.  We have been together over 2 yrs, but can safely say our time in The Serpent Rooms has made a huge impact to our private time – and things we discovered that day we want to explore further.

As newbies to the scene, i couldnt recommend it highly enough and reading other reviews before we booked it would appear the needs of others who have been in the scene for much longer are very well catered for too.

Sam & Cat

02Apr 2014

My sub partner and I booked 3 hours in the Serpent Rooms, thanks to traffic we were a bit delayed but the dungeon keeper agreed we could stay a bit longer. Dungeon is exactly as described on the website, dungeon room itself, a padded wresting room and a bedroom. There is also a small kitchen, shower and loo.

Very good quality equipment, we used the spanking bench, cage, winches and a lot of the floggers, canes and other pieces. Everything is well presented and very clean.

I’ve used a few other dungeons and definitely recommend this one.



24Mar 2014

Having never used a dungeon before and being new to the scene, I was quite apprehensive about making contact and trying out a booking at The Serpent Rooms with my play partner. We normally meet up every few weeks for a session at my place or a hotel so a new venue that we could meet at during the day with the added benefit of a whole heap of kit to explore was exciting. Neither of us was sure that it was particularly our thing but were both up for trying some things out.

From the first email ‘The Serpent’ was efficient and very helpful and put me at complete ease, explaining what to expect, what to bring, etc. On the day of the visit we were met by the manager who was helpful with a very easy manner explaining how everything worked before leaving us for the session. We stayed in the downstairs room for the two hours, trying out and enjoying the various toys, slings, paddles etc. Everything was clean and well maintained and a lot of fun was had. We have been back for another session and have one booked too.

Would recommend thoroughly. For the price of a Premier Inn, I know where I will be playing instead in the future….



11Mar 2014

I booked The Serpent Rooms in January 2014 .
I paid £70 for 2 hours , which I found very reasonable .
You have to pay a small deposit via paypal to secure the booking , if you are a first timer .

The Landlord is young friendly, cool and relaxed and makes guests feel welcome and at ease .
There is an introduction and tour included before you begin your booked time.

The place itself is very clean, kind of cosy, discreet, all what I needed really and enough gear to play and explore …

Overall rating is very good. I would recommend to others and will book again myself hopefully soon ….

13Jan 2014

My partner and I had a great time at the Serpent Rooms the other night, very discreet, friendly service and excellent amenities, clean and very well equipped dungeon and various other playrooms, enough to keep me busy far longer than the two hours I booked for! Everything I could want all in one place…. Will book for the whole night next time! Thanks to the owners of The Serpent Rooms.

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