Review 18 The Serpent Rooms: Dungeon for hire in London

A joint review from Yorkshire’s Glamour & Sparkle.

Master Glamour says: I chose The London Serpent Rooms after reading some reviews online and exchanging emails with the Dungeon keeper. The dungeon is very convenient to the tube network and the booking process was simple with great communications all along.
On arrival I was aware that we would be met outside and this only meant a few moments loitering on the pavement. Our tour was brief but comprehensive and then we were left alone to explore and play. We booked 4 hours and this was perfect for a first visit. We had plenty of time to try out what we wanted to and everything was to hand and working fine. All in all two very satisfied customers emerged a few short hours later.

Kitten Sparkle says:
I was lucky to visit the serpent rooms with my master as a treat and loved the layout of the dungeon. The wall shackles and spanking bench were definitely my favourite. The collection of whips, rope, and especially toys was amazing and I felt spoilt for choice 🙂
The serpent rooms also came with its own mini kitchen for a tea break and shower room for afterwards. There was also a bedroom upstairs which looked nice but we didn’t get chance to use it.
I definitely want to visit again and would recommend to people who need some private space for playtime 🙂