The Serpent Rooms London Dungeon Rental – Review 19

I visited The Serpent Rooms to do a photoshoot with a well known London Mistress who uses The Serpent Rooms to session in.

As a northerner, I don’t normally drive in London. I certainly wouldn’t drive in or anywhere near central London. I was advised by the lovely owner that getting there is easy and there is plenty of free parking. She was right. It didn’t take me long to get there from the M1, and there was indeed plenty of free parking in a nice area. I felt comfortable leaving my car on the road.

The Mistress I was taking photos of and I were greeted by the smiling dungeon owner, who spent time chatting with us and making us tea, before showing us around and explaining how the equipment worked. The owner is really friendly, and she has lovingly created a fantastic dungeon. There is a BDSM themed bedroom and a padded wrestling area for those who enjoy wrestling in their sessions.

The dungeon room is impressively kitted out with high quality equipment. You could easily spend all day and all night in there and not use everything. It is exactly the kind of place I would like to session in, and I will be doing that ASAP! 🙂

Everything is kept spotlessly clean and in its place. Although it is a dungeon, it is intimate, warm and inviting, unlike some of the cold clinical establishments I sometimes come across.

The bedroom contains a double bed with bondage accroutrements and there is a cage in the room too.

The padded wrestling room is ideal for anyone who enjoys wrestling, whether as part of a BDSM session or for more serious wrestling.

There is a kitchen with fridge and cooking area, so you could stay here all day or all night (or both!) and be self sufficient. Tea and coffee are provided. There are several types of tea, so clearly a lot of thought has gone into the dungeon and the people who use it.

At just £70 for 2 hours use of all the rooms, this is amazing value.

The Mistress and I had a fantastic photo shoot and we really loved the time we spent there.

If you want to hire a dungeon in London, I heartily recommend The Serpent Rooms