Review 20 The Serpent Rooms Dungeon for hire in London
I often stay overnight in London hotels but this time I decided to stay at The Serpent Rooms.  After all, it is less expensive than most hotels and has all the BDSM equipment you will ever need and much more. With free parking outside and the Seven Sisters tube station nearby, I saw no reason to use a hotel.
Mistress and I parked on the road right outside the dungeon.
We were greeted by the smiling, friendly owner who showed us around and answered any questions we had then left us to enjoy the premises overnight.
We decided to explore the premises and equipment before doing anything else.
Naturally we made for the main dungeon room first. This room is packed with bondage equipment, cages, restraints, hoists, whips, canes, floggers, electrics, needles etc., etc., etc.
We went upstairs and checked out the bedroom.  Apart from the freshly made up double bed, there is a cage and some restraint chains. With the lights out, the room is pitch black. The lighting is atmospheric.
There is a well padded wrestling room that we weren’t interesting in using but it’s there if you like wrestling.
There is a mini kitchen, toilet and shower.
Everything is spotlessly clean and sterilised. Very impressive.
We made something to eat and a cup of tea then set about enjoying a session in the dungeon. The session lasted for around 4 hours and we only used a fraction of the available equipment.
Due to the comfortable bed and the fact that the room is completely dark with the lights out, we slept like logs for the rest of the night.
In the morning, we showered and ate breakfast then let ourselves out, although I had a long lingering look around before leaving.
The night was special. The best night I’ve ever had in my life and that’s saying something.
From now on, whenever I spend overnight in London I will check to see if The Serpent Rooms are available first.  I would always rather stay there than in a hotel.
Thank you, you have created something of which you can be truly proud.