26Sep 2013

Myself and my partner have had several visits to The Serpent Rooms this year and cannot fault it. The management are indeed very friendly and respond very quickly to emails and it quickly became out favourite London based play space.

We were given a short tour on our first visit which explained how to use the vast array of equipment and answer any questions we had, before being left to explore on our own. We always really appreciate the privacy we have during our visits.

The main dungeon space is beautifully decorated with so many things to chose from. Trust me, you will need hours in this place! I was particularly impressed with the selection of metal devices, such as shackles, stock and helmet, as well as all our usual favourites, slings, benches.

The upstairs room has a bed in it with a wonderful choice of options to attach your partner to it. Whether you chain them down spread-eagled on the bed using the chains on all four posts, or kneeling on the bed, chained to the walls, you will not be disappointed.

For a wonderful atmosphere and excellent facilities, book The Serpent Rooms.



16Sep 2013

We had a great time at The Serpent Rooms. The space is atmospheric – an old commercial building which has been kitted out with the most amazing array of gear. Truly awesome just how much there was to play with – we spent the night but could have spent a week there just working our way through the full armory. Friendly, discreet, and fun – great music, all the stuff you’d expect – condoms, lube , even poppers, Thanks. We will be back.

09Sep 2013

This was my first visit to a dungeon, drawn to the convenience of the location as well as the very reasonable prices.

We had chosen to stay for the 12 hours overnight.

Booking was very straight forward and we were both impressed by the quick responses. Our questions were answered and upon booking we received a detailed list of directions. The location was very easy to locate from the station with shops on the way.

As a newbie to dungeons themselves, I was rather nervous on arrival.

We were introduced by a very down to earth woman, the conversation was relaxed and it was nice to have a little chuckle though at the same time the introduction was professional where needed. This definitely helped me to settle my nerves.

All our questions were answered honestly and time was taken to answer them with detailed, yet simple demonstrations.

The rooms are very well equipped, with a sensual and cosy feel yet atmospheric vibe.

A wide selection of whips, floggers, canes, gags, toys, ropes, candles and lots of additional padlocks and clips – which came in very useful!

Almost every item we had brought with us had already been thought of and was accessible to us.

We had packed towels, food, drinks etc and were very impressed to see how well thought out the rooms were.

Towels were provided, coffee, tea, a microwave oven, heaters, fans, condoms, lube, tape – there isn’t much need to pack as much as we did!

Everything we could possibly need was there for us.

Rooms are very clean, fresh bed sheets and fresh towels were provided on arrival.

The bed is surprisingly comfortable for a fold out bed!

I can’t fault anything about the rooms, I’m very impressed at how well the place is kitted out.

A huge thanks for such an enjoyable, easy going, relaxed experience.

We will definitely be coming back – I hope 😛


RK 2013

30Aug 2013

What a great time we had at The Serpent Rooms … from the first contact until the moment we left everything was just perfect. My initial email enquiry received a reply within less than an hour and making the subsequent arrangements was all straightforward and simple including directions for finding the venue. We met 15 minutes before the booking time for a brief tour and an explanation of the equipment & facilities and then we were left alone to play.

The dungeon is well equipped with a number of larger pieces of furniture – all of which can be seen on the website, we made good use of several of them! The room has a great atmosphere and is well laid out, we moved items around as needed during the session. Although we bought some of our own smaller items with us we didn’t need to as the selection of toys was comprehensive and wide ranging including a few surprises. Everything was clean and in good condition together with a selection of consumables.

We didn’t make use of either of the two additional rooms but they would make a longer stay even more interesting. The shower, toilet and kitchenette compliment this wonderful facility. I recommend it.


Robert – August 2013

27Aug 2013

I have used the Serpent Rooms on numerous occasions and as a Switch I have the interesting experience of viewing them from behind and beneath the whip, as it were.

My first experience was when my Master took me there for a night of punishment. It was lucky, that for this visit we had all night, as my Master had to spend a couple of hours among the dazzling array of whips, canes, and paddles alone,before settling upon ones to his taste. The result was that my flesh was already red and sore, a fitting appetiser for the main menu, when he started into more serious torture, where he was again spoilt for choice by all the cruel and interesting instruments on offer.

I would advise anyone visiting for just a few hours, to avail of the facility of viewing beforehand, otherwise valuable torture time could be lost, testing and choosing, though this can be exciting in itself.

The night, for him, my Master told me, flew, as he romped enthusiastically, between the whipping stool, the torture bench,sling, wince, and the inversion table. For me, as for all victims of the torture chamber, the night was deliciously interminable, as I suffered merciless caning and flogging on the stool and shackled, uncomfortably against the stone wall, cbt, trapped like a fly in the swaying sling, hours of hooded misery on the winch, being subjected to long periods of exciting sexual teasing interspersed with short, sharp and unexpected periods of intense pain.

Then, in the final hours remaining, where my master strapped me face down securely on the  torture bench for systematic beating of every  inch of my body, from soles of feet to shoulders,with a heavy leather strap, piercing and probing with sharp torture needles, before turning me for his favourite, alternating between hot needle torture and  hot wax on the nipples and genitals.
For his finale, he excelled, moving the wheeled bench beneath the winch, he attached my nipple clamps and gradually stretched my nipples by pressing idly on the electric remote,as he worked enthusiastically on my genitals with clamps, weights, needles and wax.
After this long and rigorous session he released his sore and broken slave and took me upstairs for some pleasure and cuddling on the soft comfortable bed, as my reward. I was about to turn into the pillows to sleep the sleep of the exhausted, when the gentle lighting exploded into blazing interrogation style brilliance, I was kicked from the bed,which folded into a St.Andrew’s Cross, to endure more whipping, nipple and genital torture, until the morning saved me. It only goes to show, there’s no such thing as a free cuddle.
My Master had the time of his life, and I derived great satisfaction from my night long ordeal, in the atmospheric and smaller dungeon room, which is the perfect setting for the pain and misery we all enjoy. I would definitely recommend the Serpent Rooms for a few hours at a rate of £100 and certainly for an all night session at £130, great value.
My subsequent visits have been every bit as satisfying and my time as Master, gave me ample opportunity to revisit my own ordeals on someone else. Suffice it to say, when I asked my very tired and sore slave, why he wasn’t sitting on the tube on the way home, he simply said, he didn’t think he’d be sitting for some time. He still asks about a return visit to the Serpent Rooms.

16Aug 2013

“Young, friendly run dungeon space” the website says.

Well that was just what we sought for an afternoon of enjoyable and relaxed d/s. The girl was coming from the South, I had to travel some way from the North so it seemed a sensible location.
The arrangements, by e-mail, were simple enough and the tone set then was indeed friendly. A small deposit via PayPal, the rest in cash on the day. And a very reasonable £100 for a generous three hours with extra time added-on for the new-user briefing.
It is possible to park on the road directly outside, where we were met by the lovely dungeon keeper and her huge smile. The ‘friendly’ part is very true. The entrance is discrete enough and once inside you can only marvel at how much kit has been packed into its compact space.
Three rooms are available, with a kitchen area, shower and loo. We used only the main room downstairs, partly because there were so many intriguing devices that getting round them all in three hours is totally impractical, partly because on this, the hottest day of the year, it was the most comfortable.
You do need the briefing, there’s a lot to take in. But once complete, the place is yours to use as you wish.
We aren’t “lifetyle” d/s, in truth we just share an interest and meet for a few hours pleasurable enjoyment away from our everyday lives. The Serpent Rooms is ideal. You will never run short of inspiration, with the bountiful supply of ropes, shackles, devices and furniture.
Looking for somewhere to play?
You’ve found it.
George (July 2013)
15Aug 2013

It has been a busy year so far and I wanted to thank all those who have paid our wonderful venue a visit and especially those who have submitted us such excellent reviews. The reviews will be uploaded very shortly.

We really appreciate your feedback from your experiences at The Serpent Rooms and welcome any suggestions. It’s all about continually improving and adding to our collection so if there’s something we have missed, any thoughts or improvements, don’t hesitate in emailing us.

We pride ourselves in being a relaxed and friendly venue where you can feel comfortable, and in total privacy,  to enjoy the equipment and atmosphere in The Serpent Rooms. There is no one sitting in the room next door while you play!

Watch this space for up to date news and reviews.

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