Myself and my partner have had several visits to The Serpent Rooms this year and cannot fault it. The management are indeed very friendly and respond very quickly to emails and it quickly became out favourite London based play space.

We were given a short tour on our first visit which explained how to use the vast array of equipment and answer any questions we had, before being left to explore on our own. We always really appreciate the privacy we have during our visits.

The main dungeon space is beautifully decorated with so many things to chose from. Trust me, you will need hours in this place! I was particularly impressed with the selection of metal devices, such as shackles, stock and helmet, as well as all our usual favourites, slings, benches.

The upstairs room has a bed in it with a wonderful choice of options to attach your partner to it. Whether you chain them down spread-eagled on the bed using the chains on all four posts, or kneeling on the bed, chained to the walls, you will not be disappointed.

For a wonderful atmosphere and excellent facilities, book The Serpent Rooms.