06May 2014

Here are some of The Serpent Room’s Top Fetish Events in May and June, for great fetish event’s to attend over the next couple of months in London, but also featuring an excuse for a dirty weekend away in Brighton, at the Brighton Fetish Weekend at the end of June.

Club Pedestal

Pacha London

Thursday May 29th


Pedestal nights primarily provide for the entertainment and enjoyment of women, although no doubt our male guest will be glad they came! The layout of the club is large, spread across multiple rooms, with varying themes including a very popular playroom!


Union in Vauxhall London

17th of May and the 21st of June 2014


HARD ON is a gay mens fetish club where people can engage in their fetishes with like minded people. HARD ON has a strict dress code of leather, rubber, skinhead, boots, sports kit, jockstraps and naked. For more details on the dress code, check out the HARD ON Website, which also includes discounts for the club and Expectations mens Festish Shop, if you become a member.

London Fetish Fair

The Renaissance Rooms , Wandsworth Rd, Vauxhall,

June the 8th 2014


Fetish fashion, sexy lingerie and jewellery, dungeon furniture, SM equipment, one of the finest places to spend a day out shopping and partying. What’s your fetish? Free secure parking, gastro pub style lunch. Cabarets, workshops, come to the world’s first fetish fair and find euphoria. View all the fetish shops & news of what’s coming up at the next London Fetish Fair. This site contains adult images of SM, LATEX, Domination and slave activity. Fetish for real people. Sexy people.

27th – 29th of June 2014

Brighton Fetish Weekend – Various Locations in Brighton


The first, fabulous Brighton Fetish Weekend took place in June 2013. Both local and international visitors came, saw and conquered with non-stop partying, shopping and socialising.

This summer, the fascinating city of Brighton will once again be the UK seaside destination for all things fun and fetishy. With an even fuller programme than last year, you can expect an action-packed few days.

06May 2014

The Serpent Room’s beginners guide to BDSM: London Workshops

If you have always been interested in BDSM and have wanted to learn more, The Serpent Rooms would recommend you attend one of London’s fantastic BDSM workshops to explore your limits and gain confidence within your own BDSM play.

These workshops offer a great platform to learn from experienced practitioners within a safe environment, with other like minded Kinksters.

Then once you have gained more confidence, you can come to the Serpent Room’s to explore your limits further, with our three rooms of toys and fetish equipment.

Here are a few of our top workshops that we think are well worth attending:

Club Rub

BDSM Workshop


The Marksman Pub (upstairs), 254 Hackney Road                                                                                 12th July 2014

An interactive workshop for beginners who want to explore BDSM and gain confidence from knowing that what they are doing, or allowing to be done to them, will be hitting the right spot both in a trusting and consensual way.

A plethora of subjects will be covered, with loads of interaction and discussion. There will be anecdotes and cautionary tales, plus plenty of time for questions. Wherever possible, there will be demos showing how to work with floggers, canes and maybe even the crack of a whip!

Sacred Pleasures


Next Workshop: Introduction to Shibari (Japanese rope bondage)

Camden, London

Saturday 17th May

Sacred pleasure’s workshops aim to give you an experiential introduction to Ecstatic BDSM. Sacred pleasure’s host 4 levels of workshops from first level workshops which are clothes-on events with relatively low levels of participation, where you are led  into the treasure chest of our core interests: creative relating, Ecstatic BDSM, finding your deep true desire and shadow work.

Through to Level Four which are the most advanced they offer: intensives, retreats and ongoing groups. Here bringing everything together, leaving no stone unturned on the journey to empowerment and profound self-knowledge.

Sh! Store


Beginners Guide to Spanking

25th of June 2014

Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium, 57 Hoxton Square, London

SH! offer women only erotic learning classes, in this class, the  Sh! Girlz will enlighten, educate and inspire you with the bum-smackingly fun activity of safe, sane and consensual spanking. They’ll discuss the pleasures of pain, how (and where) to spank safely and sensually, the different feel and effect of floggers, crops, spankers, and hands, contrasting sensations and aftercare. For both spanker and spankee, this class will ensure you play your part confidently!

25Apr 2014

Review 16 The Serpent Rooms: Dungeon for hire in London

Not having hired a dungeon before we were really happy with the location and the equipment to hand, we had great fun trying out the toys, whips and furniture. It was great having access to a violet wand.
Will be recommending to friends and will book again.
Thanks Bella.

23Apr 2014

Name: Mistress Pip

London Mistress Pip

Location: London, often can be found with a Slave between her powerful thighs at The Serpent Rooms.

Mistress Pip Says :

“ If you are genuinely interested in exploring the world of BDSM then I am the person for you. My background is in wrestling so I am strong and toned, and being in control comes naturally and easily.

I love to clamp my slaves helplessly between my powerful thighs as I torture and tease them. I will have you grovelling at my beautiful feet and worshiping whatever I demand.

I enjoy a vast range of BDSM activities from exploring your limits of pain, to tying you up, depriving you of your senses and taking your mind on a journey.”

Website: Mistress Pip

Twitter: @MistressPip

Favourite activities

Wrestling, rope bondage, kidnapping, tickling, spanking, worship, CBT, double domination, foot worship.

Comments about Mistress Pip

“In Mistress Pip’s presence normal time and belief are suspended and one enters into a blissful submissive state utterly under her spell”

“Mistress Pip is one of my favourite dommes. As soon as I’m in her presence there is a natural transference of power, and I feel completely helpless as I stare into her penetrating blue eyes”

“Mistress Pip is the best possible combination of young wrestler and dominatrix that anyone could remotely hope to find in London”


16Apr 2014

Being a relatively new thing for us, we wanted to explore bdsm/ sub/dom play a bit more and thought we needed a new environment to encourage us further and to also provide us with new things and apparatus to try.

After being let down by numerous other places who wouldnt even respond to an email(to the point we had pretty much given up) we came across The Serpent Rooms.  From first contact we were put at ease and told a 2 hour session would be a great way to explore – so we took the advice and booked just that.

Upon turning up we were given instructions to call and were met near the venue.  The venue itself is hidden away from prying eyes so no need to worry about people watching your comings and goings.

We were led into the venue and given a brief tour of the place and had a few bits and pieces explained to us.  This was extremely important as it was our first ever visit to a dungeon and there were a wild array of things to try – the intro def calmed our nerves as i could imagine being sent in alone would have been a bit overwhelming.

Once we were alone we started to explore and play – and yes being in such an environment DEF brought out a different side to our play as we used the various toys (of which there are many) to enhance and challenge our sexual behaviours.

We have a real issue with cleanliness – but The Serpent Rooms were absolutely spotless, and the equipment all well maintained.  In terms of equipment, there was a huge variety of items for us to try – and having things there that we had never seen before (let alone used) definately sparked the imagination.  Our belief is that the environment your in changes the way you play – and the environment in The Serpent Room was calm and relaxed, but left you in no doubt that this was a dungeon designed for sexual deviancy.

We learnt huge amount about ourselves and our likes from the 2 hours (which was the perfect amount of time for our first time) and definately want to return to push our boundaries further.  We have been together over 2 yrs, but can safely say our time in The Serpent Rooms has made a huge impact to our private time – and things we discovered that day we want to explore further.

As newbies to the scene, i couldnt recommend it highly enough and reading other reviews before we booked it would appear the needs of others who have been in the scene for much longer are very well catered for too.

Sam & Cat

09Apr 2014

The Serpent Rooms is based in London, a great city which has a busy and active Fetish and
BDSM community as we have decided The Serpent Rooms visits London’s best Fetish shops.  As well as London’s great  fetish clubs and social munch events, we are also surrounded by some excellent fetish shops and  we have compiled our top 5 London based fetish and sex shops that we think are well worth a visit.

1.  Expectations
Shorditch, London

Trading now for over 30 years in the Shoreditch district of London, Expectations is the
Capital’s largest and most popular store for leather and rubber mens wear gear, sex toys
and accessories. Renowned for its service standards and wide range of products, the
store also offers a unique and unrivaled made to measure service.

2.  Sh!

Hoxton Sq.London

The first ever female-­focussed sex shop in the UK ( and the first boutique ­style erotic store
too!) Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium was established on 1st April 1992 as an antidote to
sleazy sex shops and has since trail blazed the way for the whole of the sex industry to
take a giant u-­turn in how it views women’s sexuality.

3.  Breathless

Euston, London

A great store for all lovers of latex couture and alternative fashion. This store is dedicated
to men’s and women’s latex fashion and accessories. Where you can try things on, get
honest and friendly advice, and use the fitting and made to measure services, to fine tune
your personal design.

4.  Honour

Waterloo, London

Established since 1988, Honour is now a world leading brand.  Honour has a huge range
of affordable fetish fashion, costumes,  accessories and sex toys. The shop stocks
costumes and fetish fashion in a great range of sizes going up to Size 26. So there is
definitely something for everyone.


5.  Coco de Mer

Covent Garden, London

Coco de Mer is London’s leading luxury erotic emporium. Celebrating sexual liberation
with an eccentric British heritage and renowned for quality style, beautiful products and
provocative offbeat expression. The shop has designer lingerie and fetish accessories,
bejewelled sex toys and a book range including vintage pornography and erotica.


6 .Regulation

Angel, London

Regulation has over 20 year experience in manufacturing and retailing male fetish clothing & accessories in the UK. Established in 1991, they specialise in high quality latex & leather clothing, bondage equipment, toys and first rate customer service.


02Apr 2014

My sub partner and I booked 3 hours in the Serpent Rooms, thanks to traffic we were a bit delayed but the dungeon keeper agreed we could stay a bit longer. Dungeon is exactly as described on the website, dungeon room itself, a padded wresting room and a bedroom. There is also a small kitchen, shower and loo.

Very good quality equipment, we used the spanking bench, cage, winches and a lot of the floggers, canes and other pieces. Everything is well presented and very clean.

I’ve used a few other dungeons and definitely recommend this one.



26Mar 2014

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24Mar 2014

Having never used a dungeon before and being new to the scene, I was quite apprehensive about making contact and trying out a booking at The Serpent Rooms with my play partner. We normally meet up every few weeks for a session at my place or a hotel so a new venue that we could meet at during the day with the added benefit of a whole heap of kit to explore was exciting. Neither of us was sure that it was particularly our thing but were both up for trying some things out.

From the first email ‘The Serpent’ was efficient and very helpful and put me at complete ease, explaining what to expect, what to bring, etc. On the day of the visit we were met by the manager who was helpful with a very easy manner explaining how everything worked before leaving us for the session. We stayed in the downstairs room for the two hours, trying out and enjoying the various toys, slings, paddles etc. Everything was clean and well maintained and a lot of fun was had. We have been back for another session and have one booked too.

Would recommend thoroughly. For the price of a Premier Inn, I know where I will be playing instead in the future….