06Dec 2015

We’ve been having a very exciting and busy week here at The Serpent Rooms Dungeon, as you may already know earlier this year we launched our Fetish Video Clip website this website is dedicated to showcasing custom specialist videos featuring The Serpent Rooms Dungeon and some of the best Misteresses in London.



This week we launched a Twitter channel dedicated to providing updates about the new videos as they get hosted on both and Clips4Sale where you will be able to watch the latest videos we’ve produced.

To follow The House Of Serpent on Twitter just click here or find us @House_OfSerpent we also now offer to make custom clips, just get in touch and let us know what you would like to see.


Due to great demand The Lady Clara will also now be selling her used panties via The House of Serpent Website so why not pop by and order a pair as a special treat? Join The House of Serpent as a member and you will get special member videos and photos each and every week.

But don’t forget you can live out the real experience here at The Serpent Rooms Dungeon  which is available to hire 7 days a week and overnight.

21Sep 2015

Mistress of the Month

This month we wanted to introduce a new Mistress to The Serpent Rooms Dungeon, Mistress Monique.


A naughty English Caribbean Amazon Queen. Mistress Monique was raised by Matriarchs who ruled generations of useless men with an iron fist, she was schooled from a young age in the arts of dominating men. Through wrestling she realised her love for dominating men and her Mistress persona was born.

She is a stunning woman of colour,who will administer harsh discipline to ill mannered men and will put these worthless slaves in the place with her heavenly torturous sessions.

For more information about Mistress Monique’s spectacular seductive sessions find her website here and follow her on Twitter here



01Aug 2015

This month we wanted to introduce to you Mistress Chantel Lane, through her power and your subservience, she will open your mind, unlock your more repressed soul and take you to a deviance you didn’t know existed. Chantel loves to be in control, adored and worshipped.

Mistress Chantel Lane is a highly educated Mistress with degrees in both Law and Psychology. Descending from a Viking Bloodline she has striking blond hair, piercing blue eyes and a curvaceous hour glass figue which is often accentuated in PVC or Rubber Attire.

Mistress Chantel also appears on the Live Adult Babe channels on Sky TV and has an established reputation as a Fetish Model on the UK Fetish Scene.

For more information about Mistress Chantel, check out her website here and follow her on Twitter here @MissChanniLane .

22Jul 2015


A ticklish Situation

Photo from the Video – A Ticklish Situation

Hot new fetish videos on our Video Clip Store – The House Of Serpent

In April 2015, the Serpent Rooms Dungeon, launched our Sister Site House of Serpent Webstore. The House of Serpent allows you to buy and download video clips and photo’s featuring our favourite Mistresses and you can watch them play out bdsm scenes from the comfort of your own home, and if you really like what you see, perhaps you will be inspired to come visit the Dungeon which is available for hire day and night.

The House of Serpent video clips are updated every week and the website now hosts thousands of photos from live action fetish sessions and scenes as well as hundreds of video clips for you to download and watch.

Face full of Feet

Photo from the Video – A Face full of Feet

See the stunning Mistress Pip join forces with the muscular Lady Carla and a host of other pro-dommes and skilled wrestlers, as they destroy worthless slaves with what they do best from wrestling to whipping, from foot fetish to trampling; come and explore our wide range of fem dom media.

Join The House of Serpent as a Member and receive special privileges, the members’ area will be updated with new stills taken from our latest video shoots, and we will also upload several short video clips to the video library. In addition, we will be adding at least one new video to our Clips Store every week. Members should also check out our “Second Friday” feature and get the next instalment of a video.

Ticklish Slave Girl

Photo from the Video – Ticklish Slave Girl

Our videos are shot in Full HD using professional video and sound equipment and then carefully edited at our dedicated facility for your personal enjoyment.

Check out the site to watch videos and down load our photos, or contact us to hire the dungeon.

11Jun 2015

Return to London – Mistress Kali

We’re very excited to announce the return to London of international pro dominatrix Mistress Kali. After six months away travelling abroad, Mistress Kali returns to The Serpent Rooms to bring her unique sessions and specialist Kidnap Scenarios with Mistress Pip.


Mistress Kali was drawn back to London for its fantastic fetish scene and to her devoted slaves and subs, she is available between now and October for Sessions.

For more information about Mistress Kali check out her website here:

For more information about unique Kidnap fantasy experiences check out: 

And for news, photos and updates follow Mistress Kali on Twitter:


04May 2015


Photo Blog exclusive from The House Of Serpent

This week we thought we would give you a little sneak peak of some of the exclusive photos that you can gain access to, by joining the very special Member Area  goodies on our House of Serpent clips site.

Each week Members not only receive access to exclusive clips but also can enjoy new photos and this week the photos feature from one of our favourite wrestlers, Poisoned Ivy.

Watch how Poisoned Ivy pins down and effortlessly controls and dominants her victim.


To watch more videos and see more photos you can go to where you have two great options, one to download clips you love and the other to join and become a Member to received weekly new videos and specialist content.


If that’s not enough for you, you can even join us in the flesh for our first public Wrestling event, taking place next month in conjunction with our sister venue

Join us for live girl on girl wrestling action: tickets are £50.00 in advance or £60.00 on the door. Email for paypal or bank payment details. Location: An East London wrestling venue. The Resistance Gallerr, Poyser Street. Close to Bethnal Green tube station.

26Mar 2015

This week, Mistress Pussy Willow has very kindly written a Guest Blog for the Serpent Rooms. Mistress Pussy Willow has been recently frequenting The Serpent Rooms Dungeon with her Subs and Slaves and been making good use of our Padded Room, with specialist wrestling matts, where she has been practicing her wrestling and tickle torture skills.

Here’s the Guest Blog from the pages of her dairy where she likes to write about her dirtiest and deepest desires:


  A steamy photo from Mistress Pussy Willow’s Wrestling Session at The Serpent Rooms Dungeon.


I wanted to tell you a little story about myself. Isn’t it nice to have this time to get to know each other? Yes you are very lucky indeed. So let me set the scene… I was in America last year having some delicious adventures. I had just got the hang of the fact that even though I’m lady shaped I really am happiest when I am in charge and not acting out the traditional role of ‘girl’ to someone elses ‘man.’ My my my was I having a lovely time of it! I was very busy seeing various humans and helping them act out their devious fantasies (and a few of my own wink wink) when a chap contacted me (we shall call him Mr Scissors for now) and asked if I had ever had a go at wrestling before.

Now this did set my mind a’ thinking. For as long as I remember I have always loved a bit of rough and tumble, as the youngest with two older brothers I had had plenty of opportunity for this. My brothers would often have their friends over after school and gosh was I a saucy little tart with them, pulling out all of my best annoying little sister tricks just to provoke them into having a fight with me. How I loved that thrill of physical contact, the feeling of being strong, that great release of the inner ‘GRRRRRRRRRRR.’ How I hated losing!

There was one boy who used to visit, he was quite large and always wore a long leather jacket. I don’t know why but whenever I saw him I just had this overwhelming desire to bite his jacket. I would wait until he least suspected it then leap upon him like a monkey baby and not let go! The pleasure I felt as I sunk my teeth into his leathery jacket and felt him squirm between my young strong legs was just. so. satisfying!
So with this in mind, and not being one to miss out on a new experience, of course I messaged back Mr Scissors and we arranged our first session. I was a little nervous, as I often am when trying a new thing. Not bad nervous, but that thrilling sort of nervous that sets me all a quiver with anticipation. But I had a feeling in my belly gut like I was going to enjoy it… a lot.

What I liked most about Mr Scissors was his energy and enthusiasm, unlike a lot of the men I’ve dealt with in the past who are little snivelly twitchy sort of things, Mr Scissors positively bounded in with such energy and enthusiasm and a huge grin. In our pre-session talks he was very supportive and helpful knowing I had little experience in wrestling and was so thrilled that I had spent some time doing research on the various moves and watching plenty of videos before we met.

The moment we stripped down to our smalls, got on our knees and started grappling, all my nerves disappeared. We giggled and smashed and before too long (less than a minute) I had his head in my very first scissor!
How can I express what an important moment this was for me? I shall try, but we have to step back in time for a moment.

I have always been incredibly strong. A sentence that has rung in my ears since I was a wee nipper is ‘you are so strong…. for a girl.’ I loved being strong, but I hated the extra clause ‘for a girl.’ It made me want to smash!
So when I was an awkward teenager, all long limbed and big titted I used to have such terrible problems with this. I did not want to sit at the side with the girlies and talk about hair and make-up, I wanted to run and jump and climb and grapple with the boys. I wanted to show them that I was stronger than them, better than them, sexier than them. This was not a popular move as you can imagine. I did try desperately hard to fit in as a girly girl but it just did not come naturally.

Now shh, come closer, let me tell you a secret… You may find it unbelievable now, but one of my main teenage insecurities was related to the size of my thighs. Honestly I hated them, they were so big and didn’t look at all like those skinny little twigs poking out of dresses in the movies. I would only ever wear wide trousers to hide their size and never a short skirt or shorts. I used to wish so much that they were different and would wonder if any man could find them attractive.

Luckily I got over that feeling fairly quickly! I have always sought self acceptance and comfort in my skin so I pursued life modelling, then sexy dancing, then erotic massage, then domination. I soon found that there were very few men who didn’t go a bit silly over my epic thighs. But still I found those words ringing in my ears… ‘you are strong… for a girl.’

Let us now come back to that session with Mr Scissors, we had just left at the moment my thighs were round his neck for the first time. His face was going red, he looked blissful and was making a most entertaining noise (strangled cat-duck). I felt at this moment a deep sense of peace, like the stars had aligned and the natural order of things was finally restored!

That feeling of strength, the incredible sensation of how powerful the muscles in my legs and body were, how they were straining with him squirming against them. Seeing how joyous and happy and thankful he was to be choking in the grip of a strong woman, I felt beautiful, powerful. I had become the person I was always meant to be. A true Goddess with great Amazonian thighs. It was a truly incredible moment!
After we had finished, he told me that he had never felt such powerful scissors in his life and he bounded off with a big grin on his face. In the post wrestle afterglow I could feel every single muscle in my body, even ones I didn’t know existed and it was such a good feeling!

I had a notion that I had just found a new favourite thing…
Pussy Smash!!!

So let me raise my cup of tea to you Mr Scissors for seeing my hidden talents and opening the door to the pleasures of wrestling! My thighs and I are very good friends now. Now we just want to be stronger and bigger and smashier. Who wants to help?

If you want to learn more about Mistress Pussy Willow’s adventures as a Mistress and Wrestler in London, check out her website here or follow her for live updates on Twitter here

02Jan 2015


It’s the new year, and we wanted to introduce you to a new Mistress to the Serpent Rooms, Mistress Tatiana.

January’s Mistress of the Month

Name: Mistress Tatiana


If you are looking for the ultimate combination of beauty and power, then look no further. She is the perfect Mistress for you. With a perfectly toned and muscular body and trained in mixed martial arts, Brazilian jujitsu and wrestling she will control you physically as well as mentally.

Mistress Tatiana enjoy’s engaging with her slaves on an intoxicating level. She will know exactly what you want and how to extend your boundaries in a totally encompassing and wildly intoxicating way.

It will be Mistress Tatiana’s  pleasure to take you on a journey through BDSM, however experienced you are, she will  open your mind to my world and invite you to experience things beyond your wildest imagination.

For more information or to contact this beautiful Mistress go to:



23Apr 2014

Name: Mistress Pip

London Mistress Pip

Location: London, often can be found with a Slave between her powerful thighs at The Serpent Rooms.

Mistress Pip Says :

“ If you are genuinely interested in exploring the world of BDSM then I am the person for you. My background is in wrestling so I am strong and toned, and being in control comes naturally and easily.

I love to clamp my slaves helplessly between my powerful thighs as I torture and tease them. I will have you grovelling at my beautiful feet and worshiping whatever I demand.

I enjoy a vast range of BDSM activities from exploring your limits of pain, to tying you up, depriving you of your senses and taking your mind on a journey.”

Website: Mistress Pip

Twitter: @MistressPip

Favourite activities

Wrestling, rope bondage, kidnapping, tickling, spanking, worship, CBT, double domination, foot worship.

Comments about Mistress Pip

“In Mistress Pip’s presence normal time and belief are suspended and one enters into a blissful submissive state utterly under her spell”

“Mistress Pip is one of my favourite dommes. As soon as I’m in her presence there is a natural transference of power, and I feel completely helpless as I stare into her penetrating blue eyes”

“Mistress Pip is the best possible combination of young wrestler and dominatrix that anyone could remotely hope to find in London”