Name: Mistress Pip

London Mistress Pip

Location: London, often can be found with a Slave between her powerful thighs at The Serpent Rooms.

Mistress Pip Says :

“ If you are genuinely interested in exploring the world of BDSM then I am the person for you. My background is in wrestling so I am strong and toned, and being in control comes naturally and easily.

I love to clamp my slaves helplessly between my powerful thighs as I torture and tease them. I will have you grovelling at my beautiful feet and worshiping whatever I demand.

I enjoy a vast range of BDSM activities from exploring your limits of pain, to tying you up, depriving you of your senses and taking your mind on a journey.”

Website: Mistress Pip

Twitter: @MistressPip

Favourite activities

Wrestling, rope bondage, kidnapping, tickling, spanking, worship, CBT, double domination, foot worship.

Comments about Mistress Pip

“In Mistress Pip’s presence normal time and belief are suspended and one enters into a blissful submissive state utterly under her spell”

“Mistress Pip is one of my favourite dommes. As soon as I’m in her presence there is a natural transference of power, and I feel completely helpless as I stare into her penetrating blue eyes”

“Mistress Pip is the best possible combination of young wrestler and dominatrix that anyone could remotely hope to find in London”