Enjoyed part 1 of London’s top mistresses?

Find out when and where they are taking bookings, what they’re up to, how they’re staying in shape, what they’re wearing, and of course, and the many hows, whys and ways they’re punishing their subs…  make sure you have a look at their Twitter pages, and follow them.

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Cruel Girl Amethyst  / @CruelAmethyst

“Amethyst is not like other dommes at all – she just loves dishing out brutality and consensual, loving violence, without any of the clichés of the saturated dominatrix world! She’ll be the cruellest, coolest, most fun girlfriend you have ever had!
Amethyst does things HER way!”

Eris Bent / @Eris_Bent

“You will be striped of inhabitation. I will wave my magic wand. Now tell me what I’ve turned you into: a fiend, a fallen angel, a naughty brat, a hero, a greedy beast, a pet, a shameless hussy, a warden or an inmate?

I will make you everything you can become.”

Madam Black Soul  / @Madam Black Soul

“I have a sensual but authoritative approach in my sessions. My dark and alluring eyes will make you weak at the knees as you completely submit in my presence.”


Mistress Tatiana / @TatianaMistress

“If you are looking for the ultimate combination of beauty and power, then look no further. She is the perfect Mistress for you. With a perfectly toned and muscular body and trained in mixed martial arts, Brazilian jujitsu and wrestling she will control you physically as well as mentally.”


Anastaxia Domina / @AnastaxiaDomina

“No matter what your BDSM kink or fetish is, no matter what level you have played at, no matter if you are a pure masochist or a gentle sissy boy, no matter how buried or secret your desires are, London Dominatrix Goddess Anastaxia will find them, she will use them, she will exploit them and she will exceed them!”