This week we thought we would dedicate a blog to one of our most favourite types of Torture – Tickling – Knismophilia is a sexual fetish, in which individuals derive sexual pleasure and arousal from tickling or being tickled (and is also known as titillagnia).


Tickling can be a divine way to drive your sub to the point of no return. The skin is one of our most heightened and sensitive organs and through well placed strokes, tickles and touch a Mistresses can take her sub through agony and ecstasy.

Many people find tickling all over their body to be pleasurable, and knismolagnia can also involve being turned on by watching others be tickled. We love the feeling of being restrained and blindfolded whilst the anticipation builds before the tickling attack begins.

The reason we love tickling so much is because it can be fun for both the Tickling Top – Or Tickler and the Tickling Bottom or Ticklee, so much of a tickle torture session can involve giggling, laughter, screaming and begging, which makes it one of our favourite things to do.

Ticklish Slave Girl

If this blog has tickled your interest, don’t despair. We have amazing custom tickle fetish videos available to watch at The House of Serpent, featuring London’s most re-nowned Mistresses. Click here to explore the world of Tickle Torture