A look back at some of our favourite House of Serpent clips featuring some of London’s most beautiful Mistresses, restraints, and sweet, agonising tickling.

The Ticklish Slave Girl Part 1

Mistress Pip doesn’t hold back when putting one of her poor slave girls through an intense tickle torture session

The slave girl’s arms are securely restrained above her head with suspension cuffs, and her legs are restrained with a spreader bar and so she is unable to offer any resistance, as Mistress Pip seeks out the most sensitive, ticklish spots. And just as you think it can’t get any more intense, Mistress Pip changes tactics to use a feather instead.

Tickling the Sub Girl

With Mistress Pip and Mistress Kali in control, we almost feel sorry for their helpless, totally restrained sub… 

Already secured to the bed, the two Mistresses start by silencing their Sub with a ball gag and a hood. At first, the sub girl tries to resist the ball gag, but that’s really not an option against one experienced Mistress, let alone two. And with the ball gag in place, they move to their next task and apply some incredible toe bondage, with each toe individually stretched back to provide maximum access to the sensitive soles.

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A Ticklish Situation

Totally secured and absolutely helpless, Henry doesn’t stand a chance against tickle torture expert Mistress Pip

With Henry securely strapped down with medical restraints in preparation for one of Mistress Pip’s famous tickling sessions, the outcome is a foregone conclusion. Henry struggles desperately to escape the relentless tickle torture but the restraints hold fast and there is nothing he can do. This is sensory overload at its finest and will appeal to anyone who wants to see a guy pushed to the limit by a beautiful mistress.

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Tickle Torture

Lady Carla and Mistress Pip show no mercy to their helplessly restrained sub. 

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be tickled relentlessly by two beautiful mistresses at the same time? Well, Tom is about to find out. Securely strapped down with the medical restraints, there is no escape, as Lady Carla and Mistress Pip search out the most ticklish parts of his body. And they just don’t stop! After what seems like an age (well for Tom at least), the two mistresses finally decide that their job is done and exit from the room leaving him restrained and promising that they will be back later to dish out yet more tickle torture.

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