It’s been a busy few months here at the Dungeon, and we’ve been looking forward to all of your visits. As well as fantastic sessions, visitors and dungeon fetish fun, we’ve been busy filming and producing new videos and uploaded thousands of photos to The Serpent Room’s very own Video Clip Store – The House of Serpent.  a face full of feet

A Face Full of Feet

Lady Carla puts on a brilliant display of barefoot trampling as she walks all over Henry’s chest and face, pushing her beautiful feet into his face and mouth. Watch the rest of the video on our clip store


The House of Serpent is the online media site for The Serpent Rooms, see the stunning Mistress Pip join forces with the muscular Lady Carla and a host of other pro-dommes and skilled wrestlers, as they destroy worthless slaves with what they do best from wrestling to whipping, from foot fetish to trampling; come and explore our wide range of fem dom media.


The Ticklish Slave Girl

Mistress Pip puts one of her slave girls through an intense tickle torture session. With the slave girl’s arms securely restrained above her head with suspension cuffs and her legs restrained with a spreader bar, the slave girl is unable to offer any resistance as Mistress Pip uses her fingers to seek out the most sensitive, ticklish spots.  Click here to watch.



The Wife’s Revenge 
Dennis has been seeing a lot of Lady Carla recently, but his wife, Gladys found out about it and hatched a plan. We can’t give too much away, but things are about to turn nasty for Dennis. This time when he shows up at Lady Carla’s flat with flowers expecting the usual romantic evening, he gets a shock. “What’s going on?” says Dennis as Lady Carla walks into the room wearing a leather catsuit. Before he can change his mind and leave, Lady Carla grabs him, twists his arm behind his back and forcibly takes him through to her dungeon. Watch the video here now.

Custom Videos

I’m happy to announce that we’ll soon be offering a Custom Video Service. Join as a member of the House of Serpent Website and we’ll be in touch soon to let you know how you can let us know what videos you want to see.  Until then we hope to see you soon at The Serpent Room’s Dungeon.