Spanking has got to be one the most versatile and fun kinks to play with… you can keep it simple at home bent over a knee, or go more extreme, shackled to a wall, strapped to a St Andrews cross or in even more devious device bondage.

A good, sharp smack can increase blood flow to the area making it extra-sensitive, and more receptive to touch, boosting endorphins and stimulating nerve endings (which can feel wonderful). It can also be more than that – punishment for subs and pain sluts that need to be put in their place, and can be great fun for dominants too.

But it can be more complicated than simply smacking someone’s buttocks, if you prefer. There’s all kinds of different pressures, rhythms and games that can turn spanking into a delicious game that can last all night. Different positions can change things dramatically too – we particularly like spanking someone who’s helplessly trapped in stocks…

House of Serpent spanking clips

In this clip, Mistress Pussy Willow dishing out some brutal, over-the-knee spanking to her sub in Topless Facesit Wrestle

In The Lashing, Mistress Pussy Willow is so displeased with her sub that she decides the only treatment is a hard spanking, followed by a caning.

Spanking resources

If you’d like to learn more about spanking, here are some resources

Uberkinky – The beginner’s guide to spanking

  • Detailed run down of the practical elements of spanking, including lots of important advice on safety. Remember – never hit the coccyx, the spine, or anywhere near the kidneys.

Your Tango – Spanking for beginners

  • A good overview of why people love spanking and how to introduce it to your relationship

Best Slave Training – How to spank your slave

  • Plenty of good ideas on different positions, with many you can do around the house

A Kinkster’s Guide – Places to Hit, Spank, Bite, and Where Not To!

  • A highly informative post that also covers biting, pinching and other forms of impact play.