As you may have guessed from our Twitter, we’ve been extra-busy lately filming all kinds of clips and videos down in our private dungeon. You can see them all on House of Serpent, which is dedicated to showcasing the custom, specialist clips that we produce with some of the best and most powerful Mistresses in London.

Some the things we really like doing include

  • Tickle torture
  • Foot worship
  • Trampling
  • Caning
  • Forced facesitting
  • Female domination
  • Wrestling
  • Bondage
  • Ball busting

…and quite a lot more. We’ve listed some of our most popular recent below.

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The Ticklish Slave Girl

Watch Mistress Pip putting one of her slave girls through an intense tickle torture session. The slave girl’s arms are securely restrained above her head with suspension cuffs, and her legs are restrained with a spreader bar and so she is unable to offer any resistance, as Mistress Pip seeks out the most sensitive, ticklish spots. And just as you think it can’t get any more intense, Mistress Pip changes tactics to use a feather instead.

There is an initial look of fear in the Slave Girl’s eyes as she squirms and tries to pull away from the feather, but there’s no escape and she soon erupts into laughter again as Mistress Pip continues the tickle torture with the feather. If you’re a fan of tickling, or simply a fan of the beautiful Mistress Pip, you’ll love this.


Amazonian Killpussy takes on Andy in a Topless Mixed Wrestling match. Killpussy really is a force to be reckoned with. Standing 5ft 10 inches tall (177cm) and tipping the scales at 175 lbs (79Kg), and with many years of wrestling experience behind her, it’s only brave men who take her on. But Andy rises to the challenge and so they take to the mats.

It really isn’t much of a contest. Andy gets thrown around like a rag doll at times and is forced to submit on numerous occasions (so many that we lost count). Killpussy uses her powerful thighs to inflict as much pain as possible on Andy. There are numerous body scissors and headscissors throughout, and Killpussy also pins, chokes, squashes and squeezes Andy for most of the match. Killpussy also expertly applies Rear Naked Chokes, a Camel Clutch, Sleeper Holds, and of course some good old fashioned Schoolgirl Pins and Facesitting to subdue Andy.

If the holds aren’t enough, then don’t forget that this is topless wrestling and maybe this distracted Andy too much from fighting back. But the reality is that he wouldn’t have stood a chance even if Killpussy wasn’t topless. If you like to see a true Amazon dominating a smaller guy then you’ll love this video.

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