Padded rooms and wrestling fun at The Serpent Rooms

The reason we think The Serpent Rooms is the best Dungeon in the whole of London, is because The Serpent Rooms not only has a fully 2 fully equipped Dungeon rooms with fantastic facilities, but also has a fully padded mat room which comes as part of the exclusive hire of the Dungeon.

Why do we have a fully padded mat room? Because it’s a fantastic space for exploring wrestling fantasies, rough and tumble and also a handy space to pursue tickling torture.

If you fantasise about being pinned down, beat down, smothered or forced into a scissor-hold then our padded room is a dream come true for you.

It’s the perfect place to worship strong muscled Dominants, and submit to the power of quads, thighs and calves, holding you down and putting you in your place.




So what’s stopping you? Come to The Serpent Rooms and try out all three of our fantastic spaces!

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