SR present’s The Mistress Review – October

This month’s Mistress The Lady Carla is a regular visitor to The Serpent Room’s bringing her slave’s to enjoy the finest selection of dungeon equipment and toys.

Name: The Lady Carla


Beyond her enchanting blue eyes and luscious blonde hair, she is a sadistic and talented dominatrix. She will entice you into her world with her clever charm and have you following her every command.

The Lady Carla, takes great pride in her role as a dominant woman and she loves the power exchange that occurs between people.

With a physique as muscular as hers, she is the epitome of a powerful woman. The Lady Carla will not hesitate to use her strength to overpower and restrain you if you step out of line.  Once she has you in her clutches you will you become weaker than ever.

Her passion for the human body has lead me to have an extensive knowledge of what feels good. One of her many specialities is to combine pressure points with bondage and massage which will give you a unique exploration through pleasure and pain.

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