The Mistress Review

This month we wanted to talk about Mistress Bea, a fantastically strong, muscled toned dominatrix who loves to bring her dedicated submissive and slaves to the Serpent Rooms Dungeon.

Name: Mistress Bea of London

About: She is an elegant English lady with exotic origin.  Her memorising curves and feline eyes will lead you into a hypnotic like state far away from your day to day life.

Whether you are an experienced slave or new to the world of submission, she will gently guide you into the depth of your desires, so even those of you with a limited experience will submit to her will with no resistance.  She has an endless imagination for many different fantasies which she would love to share with the respectful, obedient masochists and submissives amongst you.

Being a strong and educated lady, I she loves to use her knowledge and skills of the human mind and body when she is humiliating you.  If you misbehave, you shall feel the punishment in the air right before you feel the whip against your skin. .

For the brave and discerning lady or gentleman looking for a powerful and alluring Mistress.

We especially love Mistress Bea’s forced fitness sessions; An intense session of ‘Forced Fitness’ incorporating all aspects of Fitness & Domination with Mistress Bea leading the way! 

For more information or to contact this beautiful Mistress go to:

Twitter: @MistressBea

Website: http://www.mistressbea.co.uk/