Mistress Pip….

It’s been a little while since we have had a Mistress of the Month here at The Serpent Rooms, so we thought we would honour the legendary Mistress Pip as our November Mistress.


Who is Mistress Pip?

If you are genuinely interested in exploring the world of BDSM then Mistress Pip person for you. She is one of London’s most sought after and experienced Mistresses on the scene. Her background is in wrestling, she is strong and toned, and being in control comes naturally and easily.

Mistress Pip will explore your limits of pain, from tying you up, depriving you of your senses and taking your mind on a journey. She is based in North London, which is quickly and easily accessible from central London.

Read all about Mistress Pip here on her website www.mistress-pip.co.uk

Watch Mistress Pip!

Mistress Pip stars in many of our exclusive fetish and BDSM videos on our sister website- The House of Serpent. Our current favourite includesThe Ticklish Slave Girl.


Mistress Pip puts one of her slave girls through an intense tickle torture session. With the slave girl’s arms securely restrained above her head with suspension cuffs and her legs restrained with a spreader bar, the slave girl is unable to offer any resistance as Mistress Pip seeks out the most sensitive, ticklish spots. Want to watch the video? Watch it here at our House of Serpent site http://houseofserpent.com/

Mistress Pip’s Kidnap Sessions

Mistress Pip has a speciality that is near impossible to find anywhere else in the UK. She offers fantasy Kidnap sessions…….

It’s late and it’s dark. You’re alone and scared. Every slight noise sends shivers down your spine as you wait in fear and anticipation of what lies ahead. You see some car head lights that appear to be coming towards you, closer and closer, your heart beats faster and faster. Not knowing what will happen. It was nothing, the car passes. You take a deep breath, until….

Watch the Video and read more here http://www.kidnapmistresses.co.uk