“I will have you under my thumb in seconds. I will dominate you on all levels; physically, intellectually and of course through my wicked sense of humour.”

Come and Meet Mistress Kali….

“There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than dominating my subs, watching you squirm, and us both deriving pleasure from it. Because pleasure is my paradise.”

This week, we have a special guest blog from one of our favourite Dominatrixes, Mistress Kali. She’s managed to spare us some of her very precious time to tell us this story from her archives…

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The boy shuffled into my office, eyes to the floor, lips quivering

The room was hot from the harsh sunlight beaming through my window. He knew from the moment I instructed him where to stand, that it was going to be a thorough and testing detention.

I knew exactly what his misdemeanour had been; he had been caught spying on two young men spanking a young woman in the empty changing rooms of the sports hall after school had finished. Nevertheless I enjoyed watching him squirm and explain to me every sordid detail while I considered what his punishment should be.

There were numerous shades of waywardness in his description. The feelings of desire coupled with shame as he had as he spied around the corner, the decision not to help the female student, the sordid drawings in the front of his Maths book. There were also details that I had heard from the head of P.E, which the young man omitted from his description, a cause for further punishment.

I instructed that he pull his trousers down, maintaining eye contact with me at all times.

I lined up my canes, from thickest to sharpest. As punishment for the decision to leave out certain details in his description, we began by testing each of these canes on him. Five Lashes Each.

And so the punishment ensued…

The detention lasted for one hour. The young man was exhausted, stilled, visibly relieved that he had paid penance for such mischief. Guilt can eat you up, I warn you, and it is never a bad idea to pay penance in the hands of a strict and thoughtful Head Mistress.

Come and visit Head Mistress Kali. You know where my office is.

The Basics

Domination Tribute: 1h: 200 / 1.5h: 280 / 2h: 400 / 3h: 560 / 6h: 1000 / 12h: 2000 Certain activities will be extra (e.g Kidnaps/HS)
Wrestling Session: 1h: 150
You will need to pay a deposit of £40 by the end of the day of booking to secure the space and my time.

The session will be in Seven Sisters unless we arrange otherwise. I will send you details when the deposit is made.
Please be courteous and inform me of any changes. It takes just one minute to let me know if you no longer want a session: no excuses (except for lack of brain cells!)