This week, with our Halloween costumes fresh in our minds from the weekend, we’re thinking about latex – and specifically, rubber whips…

Have a look at the above collection of brand new arrivals to The Serpent Rooms! Latex and rubber whips of many sizes (plus a cat-o-four-tails…)

We just love our rubber and latex whips – they can sting when you need them to, or tease when you want to drag it out… you can give a good, sharp smack, without the risk of real damage.

The gorgeous Pussy Willow posing with a rubber whipThey’re perfect for beginners, or for those who want to expand their experience. Rubber can even give more of a sting than leather – and comes with the added bonus of being able to trail it over your partner’s body, before surprising them by changing to flicks and spanks…

We’ve got latex whips galore at The Serpent Room, which are yours to play with when you hire out the space. Maybe you can warm up with those, before moving onto something more intense.

Other toys for your pleasure… 

Our range of kit is something to be truly reckoned with. Just take a look.


  • Restraining table
  • Spanking/whipping bench
  • Standing metal cage
  • Under table cages
  • Metal sensory deprivation helmet
  • Leather hanging trap cage
  • 2 suspension winches
  • Seated suspension harness
  • 4 point harness
  • Ankle/wrist shackles
  • Back stock
  • Metal restraints
  • Sleep sacks
  • Straight jackets
  • Leather suspension mitts
  • Bondage/cbt chair
  • Inversion table
  • Throne
  • Violet wand
  • Rubber hoods (inflatable)
  • Gas mask/funnel mask
  • Massage table
  • Hospital restraints
  • Folding double bed
  • Pussy/anal hook
  • Canes, whips, floggers
  • Latex gloves
  • Ropes, chains, cuffs
  • Spreader bars
  • Gags (jennings, inflatable, bits, ball)

Want to hire out the Serpent Rooms? Get in touch, or have a look at the Mistresses.

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(Pic: The marvellous Pussy Willow)