Unique and engaging fetish activities happening in London… London’s best kept secrets.

At the Serpent Room’s we love opportunities to explore the London fetish scene and we want to share with you our Dungeon friends, these excellent events and activities, where you can explore, learn and grow within your passions and passtimes.

Here’s our top three tips for unique and engaging activities happening in London;

Not Knots Salon



17th October 2014

Explore shibari, the art of Japanese rope bondage, with Esinem, a leading authority on this traditional practice. The salon will feature a breathtaking demonstration of rope bondage techniques by Esinem and his partner, delivered in his inimitable style of classical shibari mixed with sadism and sensuality. Afterwards Salon attendees will be taught basic knots, and techniques on how to bind limbs safely and elegantly. There will also be time to practice your newly acquired skills under Esinem’s tutelage.




Sat 11th Oct, 12pm – 7pm
Sun 12th Oct, 12pm – 6pm

An experiential introduction to subjugation games led by Frank T. Khani and Sheila Crux
Camden, North London.

Subjugation scenarios are among the most widespread and elementary erotic fantasies. Yet only a few of us act on them and create real-life scenarios where our partner’s playful resistance is overcome in a sensual manner.
Frank T. Khani and Sheila Crux are leading this 2-day introductory workshop to kinky martial arts practices that offer a different way of exploring dominance and submission games with your partner.


London Mistress School


The London Mistress School offers complete training and teaches you all the skills you will need to set yourself up in your own right as a Mistress.
Lessons include hands on teaching allowing you to try out what you are learning.

The main thing students need is a willingness to learn and an open mind as you are dealing with peoples fantasies. Mistressing is not a sexual service, but you do have to be comfortable with client nudity.

The Course covers everything from client consultation, handling your equipment and how to project yourself to all the inside information on how to market your business correctly. The course or lessons are always one to one training as this is the best way to learn.

The London Mistress School will offer you continuing support when you training has finished. This is an ideal opportunity to train for a rewarding career that allows you to be your own boss in every way.