Who’s got a¬†Leather Fetish at The Serpent Rooms Dungeon?

We do! That’s right. This week’s blog is dedicated to our LOVE for leather at The Serpent Rooms Dungeon. This month the Dungeon got it’s very own Leather Branded straps to keep you strapped down tight during tickle torture, spanking or any other delight you might experience here.



Leather really came into it’s own in costumes and clothing from the 1920’s with motorcycle and flying gear becoming more common in every day wear. Leather has been adopted by many alternative sub -culture fashion trends ever since, and has become not just a stable of the goth, punk and kinky fashion, but has become more, then just a clothing, it’s part of our identities, our enjoyment and lifestyles.


Now what else is it we LOVE about Leather? The smell of it. The noise when it slaps down on tight skin. But the best part about Leather? Being strapped down by it of course, and here’s one more photo of our beautiful branded Leather Straps in action….