It’s all systems go as we approach the summer months here at the Serpent Rooms. We’ve been filming lots of new clips as well, with some of our favourite subjects… tickle torture, face sitting, ballbusting and oh so much more. We’ve also got a very exciting new video in the works involving a lucky puppy taken out for walkies in the countryside, so make sure you check back soon.

In the meantime, here are a few of our most recent additions that we think you’ll enjoy. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with all our clips, and of course, House of Serpent as well.

Wilfried’s in trouble

Harsh facesitting, razor sharp spike rollers and more…

Wilfried’s in trouble, real trouble. Amethyst has offered him a free session. He just can’t believe his luck and gladly lets Amethyst secure him to the bench using the inescapable hospital restraints. But all is not what it seems. You see, Wilfried’s wife found out about his secret sessions and this session isn’t free at all. Cruel Amethyst has been paid a lot of money by Wilfried’s wife to punish him and to capture everything on film.

Once Wilfried is restrained, she doesn’t hold back and sets about torturing him in a variety of different and painful ways. Watch him squirm under the shocking sparks from the violet wand and experience his pain as Cruel Amethyst runs a roller covered in razor sharp spikes across his torso. Oh and there’s some harsh facesitting as well.

The Ticklish Slave Girl Part 3

A masterclass in tickling from the wonderful Mistress Pip

Mistress Pip is back in this concluding part of a 3-part tickle torture session with one of her slave girls. This part follows on directly from F018A – A Ticklish Slave Girl – Part 2, and sees Mistress Pip getting even more creative with her restrained slave girl.

She has prepared well for the session and the clip starts with Mistress Pip brandishing an electric toothbrush while announcing to her slave girl that “this is for your feet, not your teeth”. She slowly walks to the other end of the tickle torture bench where she proceeds to use the toothbrush to tickle the slave girl’s feet…

Give me your pin code

Ballbusting and torment for a foolish sub to tried to dupe his Domme…

Oh dear, paying for your Domme’s services with fake money really isn’t on, but the unbelievable part is why Henry ever thought he could get away with it?  No-one messes with Cruel Girl Amethyst and gets away with it…  NO ONE!  And using her wide network of Mistresses, she tracked him down and him while he was sleeping. The clip starts with Henry already restrained at the London Serpent Rooms; his arms secured above his head with leather cuffs and chains. He is woken by Amethyst slapping his face.

When he comes round, Amethyst lays the charges before him, but to her astonishment he denies them, saying that he paid for the session with real money. Unfortunately for Henry, Amethyst has already anticipated his response, and she has a plan to get the money… a spot of ball-busting should do the trick.