What’s happening in London this April? Oh, so much… here’s our pick of the fun, filthy workshops we think you might enjoy.

And if you meet someone you like, or want to practise your new skills, why not book yourselves in for an unforgettable visit to The Serpent Rooms?

08 April

The Big Jam from Anatomie
£12, Peckham, more information

The Big Jam is a monthly rope gathering from Anatomie, who run lots of rope workshops, which is open to everyone and to all levels. It it set roughly two weeks after from Peer Rope London, and is ideal for those who need their rope fix. Beginners welcome! Or if you fancy being tied up yourselves, you can get along to their free Rope Bottom’s roundtable earlier in the day.

Wax play workshop
£35, Hackney, more information

Delight at all the different ways wax can be used if a fun, creative, BDSM and erotic session. The Wax Play demonstration will take you through safe use of wax and fire. There are many places that wax can be used on the body. The sensation of hot wax dripped onto skin can be both torture and sensual, it can also be alternated with ice cubes or cold metal implements for added effect…

9 April

Impact play workshop
£50, Hackney, more information

Club Rub’s Miss Kim leads a journey through almost everything you can do with CP. Ideal for fans of spanking, whipping and more…

21 April


Oral sex masterclass from Coco De Mer Salons

£95, Soho, more information

The upmarket lingerie seller’s latest event is in fellatio. Led by Professional Dominant and sex expert Master Dominic, there’ll be advice on how to break taboos and embrace open discussion, how to incorporate hands, eye contact, lubrication and the age-old question “spit or swallow?”

24 April

Empathy injection
Pay what you can, Warren Street, more information

Learn to connect better with those around you, and work on feeling understood and energised, understand your relationship dynamics and discuss scary honesty, flirting with heart and how to create a sanctuary space at this sexual energy workshop. Sessions will involve empathic listening and participants are said come away feeling all zingy and zesty from having a boosting dose of empathy that will support you in your daily life.