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Here we look at how to be a good Slave

At the Serpent Rooms Dungeon many people come to explore the power play and the relationships between Mistress or Master and Slave

Its easy to have misconceptions about Master or Mistress and Slave relationships and the nature those who become involved in consensual slavery as the slave.

This month The Serpent Room explores the on-line resource of websites and blogs through which you can explore the realm of Master or Mistress and Slave relationships.

Helps Dominants out there, get the advice, useful knowledge and find a community. The dominant guide wants to help you find your voice, learn your skills and get in touch with your dominant mind so that you can be the best dominant you can be.

One exemplary article The Psychology of Slavery, understanding consensual slavery, gives you an in depth account of the history of the psychology of Master and Slave relationships.

Aims to to develop practical techniques which use detailed examination of a female slave’s thoughts, emotions and past experiences to establish and maintain a solid and inescapable state of ownership. In doing this, we wish to cut through the vague concept of “Slave Training” popular in BDSM fiction and websites.

We particularly enjoyed reading the “So you want to be a Slave” article by Miria’s which goes a long way to answering some common questions about what consensual slavery is actually like.

The Submissive Guide is a great on-line resource for all things Sub including blog posts, workshops, and more, but also contains some interesting articles about the differences between being a Submissive and being a slave.