Why have fun with one Mistress, when you could have fun with many?

This week at The Serpent Room Dungeons, we’ve been getting cosy with some group Mistress sessions, tormenting and torturing one lucky slave. As much as we love one on one sessions, there’s a certain electric buzz and energy that is created in the group sessions here in the Dungeon.

So we thought we would dedicate this week’s Blog to  our favourite Mistresses in London, and introduce you to why they are definitely the BEST Mistresses in London.

Mistress Pip


Mistress Pip is London’s Premier Domintatrix.

Her background is in wrestling so She  strong and toned, and being in control comes naturally and easily.

She loves  to clamp her slaves helplessly between her powerful thighs as she tortures and teases them.She will have you grovelling her beautiful feet and worshipping whatever she demands.

Mistress Pip enjoys a vast range of BDSM activities from exploring your limits of pain, to tying you up, depriving you of your senses and taking your mind on a journey.

Have you ever fantasized about being kidnapped? Her kidnapping session is an experience you will not be able to achieve anywhere else. You’ll be completely helpless to Mistress Pip and her helpers.

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The Lady Clara


The Lady Clara is a sadistic and talented dominatrix. She will entice you into her world with her clever charm and have you following her every command. She takes great pride in her role as a dominant woman; with a muscular physique, she is the epitome of a powerful woman and will not hesitate to use her strength to overpower and restrain you.

Her passion for the human body has lead The Lady Clara to have an extensive knowledge of what feels good. One of her many specialities is to combine pressure points with bondage and massage which will give you a unique exploration through pleasure and pain.

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Mistress Hera


Strikingly beautiful, North East London Mistress Hera will tower elegantly over you. She brings a creative imagination to her sessions and her enjoyment in humiliating men will quickly become apparent. From Eastern Europe, Mistress Hera is also very strong and assertive. As a professional wrestler she enjoys physical sessions, as well as torturing her slaves. You will leave feeling overwhelmed and gagging to come back for more.

Do you have a Foot Fetish? Mistress Hera’s feet are beautiful and deserve your worship. Mistress Hera has given us a special treat, and created a Foot Fetish Gallery with recent photos taken of her feet. Click here for a special Feet Treat.

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Mistress Thunder London


Mistress Thunder is an international domination specialist. From New Zealand Mistress Thunder is everything you could want. Mistress Thunder is consistently popular and attracts many repeat customers. This is because she really goes out of her way to cater to all session requests are second to none. Also as many of you have found out, she is exceptionally sexy, fun, kinky. Mistress Thunder is a true GODDESS in every way. A regular on the fetish seen Mistress Thunder innately understands your filthy needs.

Mistress Thunder is a phenomenally well trained Wrestler, she can also teach you the art of Domina Wrestling and with her incredibly strong Muscular body she can tame any slave.

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Mistress Bea of London



About: She is an elegant English lady with exotic origin. Her memorising curves and feline eyes will lead you into a hypnotic like state far away from your day to day life.

Whether you are an experienced slave or new to the world of submission, she will gently guide you into the depth of your desires, so even those of you with a limited experience will submit to her will with no resistance. She has an endless imagination for many different fantasies which she would love to share with the respectful, obedient masochists and submissives amongst you.

We especially love Mistress Bea’s forced fitness sessions; An intense session of ‘Forced Fitness’ incorporating all aspects of Fitness & Domination with Mistress Bea leading the way!

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