In this week’s blog we wanted to explore one of our most favourite fetishes that of foot worship, known as foot fetishism, podophilia and foot partialism.

Having a foot fetish is one of the most common and socially accepted fetishes out there. There are many famous celebrities who have openly talked about their love of feet including Quentin Tarrantino, Elvis, Dita Von Teese and Tommy Lee!

We love a beautiful foot, slender toes, high arches and painted pedicured toenails, many of the visitors to the Serpent Rooms Dungeon enjoy foot worship too.

Foot Fetish

Fond feelings for foot fetishism.

The beautiful feet in this photo belong to Mistress Hera, one of the Mistresses who regularly attends The Serpent Rooms with her slaves.

Mistress Hera demands pure dedication from her slaves and especially likes to have her feet worshipped  and adored.

Here’s a link to Mistress Hera’s foot worship photo gallery, a treat for all your fellow lovers of feet:

Foot Fetishism can exist in many different forms, in an excellent article from the author of the article Male Submission – Foot Fetish, Ted Subby writes;

“There is a lot more variety in the desire of a foot fetishist than you might think:

The person attached to the feet: while there are guys who may not care much one way or the other about the person they are interacting – the “disembodied feet” syndrome – I believe that is rare. I believe this surprises many who do not know much about the subject, the person attached to the feet are usually important. There are guys who pay women for the enjoyment of worshiping the women’s feet and from what I read it is a lot more enjoyable when the woman enjoys it, and even more enjoyable when the woman is nice to be with as a person. And for myself and the friends I have who also have a foot fetish, it is especially true that the person attached to the feet is much more important than the feet. I was very lucky over 15 years ago to meet a woman, my Princess, who has always enjoyed attention to her feet. Even before I met her, had I met someone who was neutral about it but let me satisfy my fetish I would not have received nearly as much enjoyment from it. As with everything in my view, mutual enjoyment equals magic.

Shoes, boots, socks, nylons, other footwear, tattoos, polish color, and/or bare: My fetish has always been for bare feet by far, although footwear is also a somewhat pronounced interest for me, so it was surprising to me to learn over the years that guys are all different in what they enjoy. Many guys have a specific preference about what, if anything, is worn on the feet and for bare feet many guys have a preference for or against polish or particular colors of polish. There are also guys who enjoy articles of footwear when there is no-one inside, and there are some guys who purchase used footwear from women, but often it is important for the footwear to be worn in order for the guy to enjoy it at the moment.

Size, shape, and feel: I have seen many guys post specific preferences for or against small feet, large feet, medium-sized feet, thin, wide, smooth, wrinkly, small toes, long toes, thin toes, wide toes, and even the size of the second toe relative to the big toe can be important to some. That said, I believe that many guys do not have strong preferences about most of these unless the shape or size is extreme, and some guys have only slight preferences.
Part of the foot: Toes, tops of the toes, pads of the toes, between the toes, arches, soles, ankles, tops, and heels, many guys have specific preferences. Whenever someone posts a photo of their feet it seems as though someone typically requests a different angle.”

If you want to read more about Ted’s thoughts on foot fetishism, you can read the full article here:

And for those of you who have yet to own up to your secret love of feet, here’s a practical guide on how to admit your foot fetish out loud and proud from online know how site , so now you really have no excuse not to feel fond feelings for feet!