While we love to party, and we love to meet new people we also love learning new skills to play with behind closed doors, especially ones that we can use with our friends in The Serpent Rooms..

Here are some workshops in London that are worth a visit.

Sensory deprivation, London Alternative Market

After you’re done shopping for costumes, toys and other delightful kink items, you can stop into one of LAM’s workshops. This time around at 2pm, they’ll be investigating sensory deprivation, how and why to use it and the practical and safety factors. 5 Feb, £10 (or £5 when bought with market entrance), Bank

Impact play workshop, Club Rub


If you’re interested in impact play, this is the place to go. Promising a journey through all forms of CP (corporal punishment), this will be an excellent primer for those who want make their impact play more intense. 8 Feb, £50, Hackney 

Beginner’s rope jam, Anatomie

Get to grips with the basics of Shibari at this beginner’s rope jam from Anatomie, who’ll be leading an introductory 1.5 hour lesson in their gorgeous studio. 9 Feb, £7, Peckham

Latex workshop, Club Rub

This is a one-on-one workshop all about the joys of latex, and it’l include making your own eye patch, collar, lower face mask and apron. You’ll also learn how to mend and repair your latex, and other crafting skills, but this isn’t for beginners, and you’ll need to have quite a bit of kit already. Available during the week, email for details. £140, email to book