Happy New Year! We’re back from our break feeling refreshed, and full of energy, not to mention motivation to make the most of these long dark nights… 

9 January

Club Domina Extended Bondage Day, £60 per hour, minimum of 2 hours

The perfect experience for the long-term bondage enthusiast. Dominas on duty are Goddess Cleo, Mistress Absolute and Mistress Tess, who will truss you up or tie you down before leaving you to contemplate your predicament. You may be sitting or laying on the floor tied in rope, chained, cuffed, straight jacketed, placed in a sleep sack, mummified in saran wrap, duct taped, tied into a chair, or even restrained in leather bondage belts. Additionally there is the sensory deprivation option utilising hoods, blindfolds or masks.

12 January

Toppers Club, ON THE DOOR: Singles £20.00 Couples £30.00, ADVANCE: Singles £15 Couples £25, Limited £10 earlybird tickets

Entry prices are reasonable and drinks are affordable. No themes, just fetish wear – it is not a kinky fancy dress party, but of course you are very welcome to dress up if you want to. Lovely House Dominants who enjoy spanking, caning, humiliation and generally playing. Feel free to approach them if they are not in the middle of a scene to enquire if they are available to play with you.

Music is played throughout the evening by DJ Debs Essex, and there is a small area to dance.

The partying takes place in the main open area earlier in the evening and if you are submissive then any one of the many beautiful House Mistresses may indulge you with some play you if you ask politely, or approach the hostess Miss G Vious or any of the friendly staff. The main area consists of a well stocked bar, DJ, playspace and small dance floor, ample seating and changing area.

13 January

Hitchin Bitches, £5 on the door (£1 for tea/coffee/cupcakes/cans, water is free).

Hitchin’ Bitches is a female positive space for learning and practicing rope. We try to run a mixture of technical classes which teach more formal/structured ties, and also exercises to help you develop the way you tie, along with giving you free time to just practice. This is also a peer to peer learning event, so if you see someone tying something that you’d like to learn then (after they’re done with their scene!) ask them politely whether they’d be happy to show you how.

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ZDR Presents – Seven Seas Of Pleasure, £28.55 to £65.00

The Seven Seas Of Pleasure comes to London for the first ZDR event of 2018!

After popular demand of the previous London parties, we’ve now found a new home – the legendary Scala in Kings Cross!

We’ll be transforming the downstairs of the venue into an underwater playground, so you wont have to worry about all the stairs.

Step into Poseidon’s realm & join us for an unforgettable evening of kinky fun!

Tickets going on sale in the coming week, to be the first to get your hands on the early bird tickets, sign up to our mailing list on www.ZDREvents.com

14 January

Twisted Bedford, £15 per person.

Join us at the sumptuous Vanilla Alternative, for an 8 hour monthly play event, every second Sunday of the month.

For those new to the event, you can expect the warmest of welcomes to a truly impressive venue. If you are new to the scene, let us know and we’ll do our best to help you settle in and tell you everything you need to know