What are our most popular toys and play things at The Serpent Rooms dungeon we here you ask?

Well we thought we would right a blog about a few of our favourite things;

1. Our Original Magic Wand by Hitachi. Created back in the late 60’s the original Magic Wand was produced for  use as a vibrating  massager to release muscle tension. How ever over the years the product has become synonymous with being used as a sex toy. Here at the dungeon we love playing with it’s different vibration settings and driving our victims wild.



2. We’ve recently got some new Japanese Clover Nipple Clamps. We particularly love these because they far more painful then other types of clamps. We love to tug on the clamps chain to tease and we often like to add weights to the chain to increase the clamps tight bite. You can get your own nipple clamps, from one of the best London male bondage and fetish shops:


nipple clamps


3. One of our most popular possessions is our heavy leather sensory deprivation hood, perfect for depriving your sub of sight, sound. You can find similar masks here on one of our favourite bondage and fetish product sites;




4. Last but not least, our collection of wooden spanking and tickling toys. We could spend hours using our traditional wooden spanking paddles to leave a long lasting sting. We’ve got quite a collection of wooden toys which we have built up over the years, but you could start your collection with a a traditional wooden paddle from :