Having a well-stocked toy box is something we take very seriously down at The Serpent Rooms. It’s essential for making sure you have a visit which is memorable, fun, and allows you to live out your wildest fantasies.

If you’d like to play, get in touch: our prices are affordable starting from £80 for 2 hours, we’re young run, friendly, hygienic and of course, completely private. There’s off street parking as well, and we’re easily accessible by tube in north London….


These are our metal stocks. Medieval in style, you can’t help but be rendered completely immobile when your hands are locked into the cuffs at either end, while your neck stays firmly in the centre…. what could happen next?


Our gas mask is perfect for setting the scene, and even better for games and sessions that involve sensory deprivation. Your breathing will echo in your ears, your vision obstructed and the sensation of rubber close against your skin…



Our humbler is one you might not have seen before – perfect for ball torture and control, it screws securely around the testicles and locks,  leaving your victim secured in a very vulnerable position.


We think handcuffs are an essential part of anyone’s toybox. Our collection at the Serpent Room will leave you spoilt for choice – which one will you go for?


Our pussy/anal hook. We rather enjoy attaching this one to the ceiling. As you can imagine, victims can be left in quite the predicament….