16Aug 2013

“Young, friendly run dungeon space” the website says.

Well that was just what we sought for an afternoon of enjoyable and relaxed d/s. The girl was coming from the South, I had to travel some way from the North so it seemed a sensible location.
The arrangements, by e-mail, were simple enough and the tone set then was indeed friendly. A small deposit via PayPal, the rest in cash on the day. And a very reasonable £100 for a generous three hours with extra time added-on for the new-user briefing.
It is possible to park on the road directly outside, where we were met by the lovely dungeon keeper and her huge smile. The ‘friendly’ part is very true. The entrance is discrete enough and once inside you can only marvel at how much kit has been packed into its compact space.
Three rooms are available, with a kitchen area, shower and loo. We used only the main room downstairs, partly because there were so many intriguing devices that getting round them all in three hours is totally impractical, partly because on this, the hottest day of the year, it was the most comfortable.
You do need the briefing, there’s a lot to take in. But once complete, the place is yours to use as you wish.
We aren’t “lifetyle” d/s, in truth we just share an interest and meet for a few hours pleasurable enjoyment away from our everyday lives. The Serpent Rooms is ideal. You will never run short of inspiration, with the bountiful supply of ropes, shackles, devices and furniture.
Looking for somewhere to play?
You’ve found it.
George (July 2013)
15Aug 2013

It has been a busy year so far and I wanted to thank all those who have paid our wonderful venue a visit and especially those who have submitted us such excellent reviews. The reviews will be uploaded very shortly.

We really appreciate your feedback from your experiences at The Serpent Rooms and welcome any suggestions. It’s all about continually improving and adding to our collection so if there’s something we have missed, any thoughts or improvements, don’t hesitate in emailing us.

We pride ourselves in being a relaxed and friendly venue where you can feel comfortable, and in total privacy,  to enjoy the equipment and atmosphere in The Serpent Rooms. There is no one sitting in the room next door while you play!

Watch this space for up to date news and reviews.

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